Accessions Pre-2002


This page lists information (images AND text) on the accensions from before 2002. This information is provided to assist in deciding whether a visit to the History Centre may benefit your research. However, please do not assume that it is either complete or accurate.

Images (which may be clicked on to enlarge) are provided as they often convey more information than the text that follows . The images may also help with locating information within the History Centre.

WARNING: The accession records are rather informal in nature and it is possible for a reader to ‘read’ into or expect rather more about an accession entry than may actually exist. If something is found in the records that is of interest we advise the reader to make enquiries with the society before making a visit to the the History Centre.

[This page is under development – the information in the images is currently being transcribed and will be made available on completion.]

Accessions are items (typically documents) gifted to the BAHS. If you think you might like to gift an item (photo, postcard, deeds, …) or allow the BAHS to make a copy then please click here for further information.

The following information is based on the BAHS files for these accessions and reflect what was being described at the time so must be read with this in mind.

BAHS REFERENCE LIBRARY (Last revision : September 2001)

NOTE: The  majority of the Society’s dowments are photocopies held in files labelled C through to H whose titles give a general idea of their contents. Any document can be described by reference to the File letter and the document number within the File (for example: F.3). ln Files E, F, G and H the individual headings indicate the nature of the document (e.g. Port Books) and the second column gives the reference number of the original in the Norfolk Record Office (unless a different source is indicated in brackets). In Files C and D the abbreviation NRO indicates a Norfolk Record Office source. In all Files the source references may be incomplete or outdated, and the end columns contain notes for ‘office use’.

File B is merely a collective title for publications held by the Society, while File A is for admin use only.

As well as the Files B — H there etc also some other files containing photocopies of some large records for the most part held privately. These are as follows:

J.1 Langham fields strips by tenement, (NRO), late 16thC

K.1 Blakeney Harbour Company account book, 1859 – 1882

L.1 Blakeney School Log Book, 1863 – 1896

L.2 Blakeney School Log Book, 1896 – 1952

       Blakeney School Managers Minute Book, 1903 – 1978

L.3 Blakeney School Admissions Register, 1864 – 1933

M.1 Property deeds, the Smith family of Wiveton, 1599 – 1796

M.2 Property deeds, Leatherdale Yard, Blakeney, 1763 – 1985

2Local HistoryBibliographies and sources
3Family HistoryMiscellaneous sources
4NRO R.150.AThe Hamond Deposit (Blakeney etc 1975)O
5NRO PD.6l9The Blakeney Parish Deposit (inc Hamond Deposit I990)O
6NRO MC.106Index to the Kenneth Allen papers (1984)OC
7J.C.BarringerList of Blakeney NCC wills & Blakeney/Cley inventoriesOC
8J.WrightList of local maps in NRO 1996 Ba. BI. Cl. Ke. La. Mo. Sa. St. We. Wi.O