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Website Issues

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Microsoft Edge Browser

Recent changes to the website have shown up a problem with the Microsoft Edge their new browser designed to replace Internet Explorer. Unfortunately when displaying some pdf files you may have a problem. We use pdfs as the format for displaying newsletters, Glaven Historian's and other documents on the website.

If, when you click on a pdf, you see the following then you need to use one of the two workarounds below.

Can't open pdf in microsoft edge

Workaround One

In Edge, near the top right corner there is an ellipsis (...) below the X that closes the browser. Click on this and choose 'Open with Internet Explorer' then you may view the pdf using the browser that Edge was supposed to replace!

Workaround Two

Use an alternative browser such as Google's Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple's Safari where this works fine. If you only have one browser on your Windows system it may be wise to download another for two reasons. Firstly, like in this situation sometimes something works in one browser and not another. Secondly, if you have a fault with a browser and it will not load correctly then having another browser still means you can browse and find a solution to the problem with the first browser.