Subscription Increase

As agreed at last year’s AGM the BAHS subscription rates are increasing. For 2018-19 the membership year is 1st July 2018 until 31st August 2019 (14 months) and from 2019 the membership year duration is 12 months from 1st September each year.

Next Event

Tuesday 25 September

400 Years at Holkham
Christine Hiskey

7:30pm at Harbour room, RBL, Blakeney

All welcome

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Glaven Historian 16 (2018)

The next issue of the Glaven Historian, the Journal of The Blakeney Area Historical Society (BAHS), is being prepared for publication later this year.

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New Website

We have launched our new website with many changes but most significant are:

An interactive guestbook and interactive news.

Much more on the content of the History Centre.

A website search option.

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Welcome to the website for the Blakeney Area Historical Society (BAHS). The website provides information on the activities of the BAHS including our regular events. A particular focus of the website is providing information on the History Centre collection operated by the BAHS.

The History Centre may found at the back of the Blakeney Village Hall (it is part of the Village Hall but has a separate entrance) and is open to the public on a regular basis.  The collection held at the History Centre is extensive and the website provides a small insight into it.

IMPORTANT: To get the most from the website, please click here to find out about what’s new and also click here for tips on using the new website.