The Cooke Posts at Blakeney

The Cooke Posts, either side of Blakeney Channel ‘Cut’, commemorate Nicholas Cooke.  He was the youngest son of Dr Arthur Cooke, a Surgeon at Addenbroke’s, and his wife Viva.   Nicholas loved sailing and, in 1934 just short of his 21stbirthday, he represented Britain as crew for Peter Scott in a 14 foot dinghy called Eastlight.

Subsequently, Nicholas joined the RAF where his sailing skills transferred to flying.   In WW2 he flew Defiant fighters and was awarded a DFC for his part in a battle near Dunkirk on 29th May 1940.  Two days later he set off on an evening patrol over the North Sea but, tragically, never returned. 

Photos:  1) Nicholas &Peter Scott (at the helm) sailing Eastlight at Cowes, IOW. 2) One of the pair of Cooke Posts situated either side of the New Cut channel and frequently used by Blakeney Sailing Club for race starts.