Local Family History


This page lists information (images AND text) on local family history.  This information is provided to assist in deciding whether a visit to the History Centre may benefit your research. However, please do not assume that it is either complete or accurate.

Images (which may be clicked on to enlarge) are provided as they often convey more information than the text that follows . The images may also help with locating information within the History Centre.

The text below is divided into a number of sections. The first section covers family histories normally found in purple folders in the History Centre. The second section covers family profiles which are normally short runs of a family tree (3-4 generations) and usually from correspondence book. Family profiles will normally be found in green folders in the History Centre. Following these sections is Other information.

Blakeney Remembers: World War 1 Armistice Centenary 2018.

Click here to view. The brochure lists the names of those who gave their lives in the Great War and those who came back.

Parkers, Pashleys, Stangrooms, Morgans

Judy Dickinson (née Stangroom) has created a website with information on these families. Click here to visit.

A-Z Family History Records & Articles

Compiled by History Centre Blakeney Volunteers, 2017

In this section each family history starts with the name of the main family within the family history. This is then followed by the names of other families identified within the family history.

ANDERSON Collection family history, Volumes 1-5

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates
Volumes 1 to 4 cover 1837-1909 and Volume 5 covers 1910 onwards (please note viewing is by application only for Volume 5).

  • These certificates relate to the Baker family of Wells and should be used in conjunction with the Baker Family History Folder.
  • Certificates are sorted alphabetically by surname.
  • Each surname is then arranged with birth certificates first followed by marriage and death certificates, with each section presented in date order.
  • Marriages are filed under the groom’s surname.
  • Presented by Mr M J Anderson, 2009

Volume 1: Aldred, ANDERSON, Attenborough, Baker (births only)

Volume 2: Blower, Cart, Crisp

Volume 3: Death, Dew, Dixon, Earl, Gooch, Gotts, Grimmer, Grix, Hall, Jones, Lay, Leeder, Lehman, Lincoln, Mann, Nott.

Volume 4: Pearson, Postle, Potter, Rowlinson, Simpson, Skelton,  Spooner, Stevens, Tait, Temple, Thompson, Turner, Tyler, Upfold, Wainwnght, Wakeling, Waller, Woods.

Volume 5: Covers 1910 onwards (viewing by application only)

BAKER of Wells and Blakeney, 1662-1900s. (with photographs)

Presented to the BAHS History Centre by Michael Anderson and M & J Thompson, 2007

Adams, Beresford, Blinco, Bloom, Blower, Body, Bottrill, Boxford, Bretton, Bristow, Brown, Buckley, Butler, Cadamy, Cant, Carroway, Chappell, Cook, Cooper, Corr, Dakin, Death, Dennis, Dew, Dixon, Dowling, Dye, Earl, Ellis, Farrow, Firmage, Forsdick, Fortens, Gooch, Gotts, Grimmer, Hall, Hayhow, Hulme, Hunt, Hurt, Kean, Kerrison, Kirk, Johnson, Lapraik, Large, Lay, Leeder, Leeman, Lincoln, Lumb, Lynch, McDonald, Mclnnes, Mann, Marchant, Mindham, Nicholls, Nott, Ottway, Pearson, Pinchen, Pithouse, Poole, Porritt, Potter, Richardson, Robson, Rowden, Roy, Sheppard, Simpson, Skinner, Smith, Spooner, Swann, Tait, Tanner, Thompson, Turner, Tweddle, Tyler, Upfold, Wainwright, Waller, Warnes, Woodhouse, Woods.

BISHOP, Rev. Hugh Arthur 1799-1858. (with photographs)

Armstrong, Beks?, Cooper, Cornwell, Fawcett, Firth, Gatliff, Goodwin, Grimer, Larke?, MacKintosh, Master, Neal, Ngahorai, Randall, Roberts, Stewart, Tayler, Torriano, Yate.

BISHOP (and BRETT) of Cley (with photographs)

Atkinson, Baker, Barber, Barnard, Barrett, Bayliss, Bear, Bloye, Boddison, Benwick, Bradley, Brett, Brindle, Broughton, Campbell, Caston/Castor, Chan, Charnley, Clark, Claxton, Cooper, Cornwall, Dix, Dovall, Dowell Dyson, Edwards, Eggleton, Elphick, Everitt, Fleming, Fraser, Fryar/Fryer, Fuller, George, Gills/Sills, Gooch, Gorst, Gravelin, Green, Hart, Hazel, Hicks, High, Hollinsworth, Hornigold, Hulme, Hunnisett, Ives, Jackson, Jarrett, Jeary, Kendle, Kent, Kniveton, Laws, Le Duc, Lewis, Lloyd, London, Mansfield, Masterson, Mitchell, Moore, Noel, Oliphant, Oliver, Partington, Pepper, Piggott (Piggott/Pigot/Pigott), Pitcher, Powell, Preece, Ramm, Roberts, Robertson, Roche, Rogers, Sandiford, Sills/Gills, Smith, Smithwhite, Stapleton, Statham, Stone, Storey, Taylor, Timney, Todd, Trebale/Trebble/Treble, Todd, Tottenshall, Wayman, Welch, Well, Whisker, Wisker, Woodhouse, Wordingham and possibly Blicket, Bucket, Duncan and Garrett.

(BISHOP and) BRETT(S) of Cley and Letheringsett

Ashman, Barnard, Bastard, Bear, Bircham, Buckle, Copping, Davey, Dorkings, Drinkwater, Friend, Goward, Hill, Hillen, Ives, Lodge, Lowe, Mountain, Penny, Pert, Pigott, Platten, Proudfoot, Ramm, Rush, Spratt, Starling, Susman, Twiddy, Wheatley, Woodhouse.

W. J. BOLDING  of Weybourne


CADAMY of Cley

Aaron, Baker, Brown, Chastney, Coe, Cutler, Dapling, Drozier, Futter, Gidney, Graveland, Grey, Gravelin, Griffen, Harvey, Jairy, Jeckel, Laws, Lewis, Lubbock, March, Mayes Mickleburgh, Pitcher, Potter, Powell, Shepherd, Stangroom, Weeds, Wells.

CHAPMAN of Salthouse

Blount, Clasper, Lews, Lincoln, Moy, Thompson, Thrift, Ward, Walker.


ELLIS, Samuel 1765-1842 of Wells

Presented to BAHS History Centre 2008

Allen, Baker, Baldry, Cann, Chapman, Curlow, Davidson, Douthie, Eastough, Elgar, Glazebrook, Glen, Horkings, Hore, Hutchins, Jones, Kershaw, Lake, Leiton, Lord, Marshall, Matthews, Paton, Pugh, Rament, Ratten, Rogers, Russels, Smith, Tooley, Trengrove, Wells, Whittick, Wright, Yoaks.


Compiled by History Centre Volunteers, 2010

Including descent from William Emery (1595) of Beckham, Thomas Wrench grocer, freeman (1563) of Norwich and several Butter/s families of Morston.

Able, Boyd, Bugdill, Burton, Butter/Butters, Clarke, Coxford, Curson, Eagling, Emery, Everard, Franklin, Frowhawk, Haylett, Hill, Jary, Kemp, March, Minns, Newark, Proudfoot, Smithen, Springall, Thirtle, Wood, Wrench.

FOX, Captain James 1831-1906 of Cley

Beckham, Beith, Boase, Boyce, Brown, Carr, Clarke, Cook, Craske, Dew, Harrison, Herring, Jarvis, Jary, Porter, Waller.


Allen, Barrow, Barry, Bartram, Bennet, Betts, Bice, Biggs, Bignell, Bond, Braham, Bucks, Burrows, Bursey, Cartwright, Davenport, Derham, Dolamore, Durrant, Easter, Emmerson, Engledow, Evans, Fletch, Gallipeau, Garnham, Gayton, Granados, Hamilton, Haynes, Herring, Hodgkens, Holman, Houghton, James, Jarvis, Jones, Jordan, Kiff, Kimpton, Kingham, Knight, Leggett, Ling, Mattin, Mills, Monument, Morris, Newson, Nunn, Packman, Pawsey, Peers, Perkins, Pope, Randall, Rooper, Sargeant, Sawer, Shorter, Skillet, Spearing, Sucher, Sutherland, Thompson, Wan, Webb, Welch, Wilkinson.


Allen, Atkinson, Baker, Balding, Bell, Bishop, Brady, Bunting, Carrison, Clarke, Elsegood, Fox, Gamble, Gilroy, Griffiths, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Lee, Lemon, Lewis, Long, McGregor, Massingham, Master, May, Patrick, Pigott, Priest, Randell, Rigby, Schollar, Sconce, Sharrig, Smith, Spooner, Stiff, Thompson, Trouse, Usher, Waller, Walker, Warnes, Watson, West, Woodhouse.

LINCOLN of Litcham and Blakeney

Anderson, Booty, Baines/Bains, Baker, Bird, Craske, Drew, Eggate, Fulcher, Gibbs, Hearn, Hurn, Knights, Loads, Middleton, Rix, Sands, Seaman, Shikel, Thompson, Wright.


Alcock, Boyce, Bray, Coe, Danby, Davis, Glass, Hall, Harvey, Johnson. Massingham, Nelson/Neilson, Searles, Starling, Stebbing.


Adcock, Anderson, Bailey, Bilby, Butler, Cademy, Copeman, Davis, Godfrey, Grimes, Hall, Harmer, Hurn, Jackson, Jordan, Keeler, Kerrison, Keymer, Lewis, Lincoln, Lovely, Manser, Massingham, Monsey, Page, Rodgers, Sands, Smith, Spence, Starling, Taylor, Thompson, Wells, Wisker.


Baker, Barnes, Bowman, Browne, Coleman, Cook, Fiddyman, Fortescue, Harvey, Jackson, Ness, Rose, Temple.

NURSE of Weybourne, Kelling, Salthouse and Australia

Abraham, Barber, Batho, Boulter, Cook, Duffield, Jarvis, Keymer, Platten, Randel, Rice, Riches, Robinson, Tomlin, Williams, Wordingham.

PIGOTT of Salthouse; descendants of Robert and Ann PIGOTT.

A Family Tree of photographs

Allen, Beard, Brooks, Burton, Cooke, Copling, Craske, Cutler, Dack, Dawson, Dennis, Dix, Duffield, Dutchman, Easter, Felgate, Gravelling, Hancock, High, Holman, Howell, Ives, Jarvis, Kendle, Larkman, Layton, Lightup, Johnson, Matthews, Mileham, Moy, Payne, Porter, Pull, Round, Runningham, Spence, Talbot, Thirtle, Watson, Williams, Wright.

PINCHEN of Cley & Blakeney

Barnes, Bastard, Crowe, Curie, Cushion, Dennis, Elderton, Emens, English, Forsdick, Girdlestone, Godby, Handley, Loades, Lord, Matthews, Scantlebury, Thompson, Waller.

PLUM/B & PYMAN of Blakeney

Andrews, Bains/Baines, Boorne, Broughton, Bullard, Craske, Crofts, Gaskin, Gibbs, Gorskin, Hipkin, Jeary, Jordan, Kerry, Murrell, Ramm, Thompson.

POND of Blakeney & Canada

Coleman, Davies, Dickerson, Dodd, Earl, Green, Howard, Hudson, Hutchings, Jennings, MacKerell, Massingham, Piggott, Seely, Shearing, Southgate, Starling, Terry, Thompson, Tuck, Wigle.

POWDITCH from Volume 3, ‘Norfolk Vacated’ by John Algar 1989

Allen, Bardwell, Beale, Beer, Boreham, Bowden, Brightmer, Button, Carey, Carney, Dorr, Dowdy, Earl, Fairweather, Fodder, Fraser, Funnel, Garritt nee Cook, Hall, Hill, Holden, Horrex, Isles, James, Kendle, Lack, Levett, Longman, Lord, Matthews, Metcalfe, Mussitt, Nichols, O’Brien, Oldman, Pond, Rumbles, Seel, Shaul, Stephens, Stepney, Stowger, Thomasson, Thompson, Tingey, Tun, Turnaley, Webb, Wells, Wilson, Woods, Vignes, Vincent.


Allen, Angus, Armstrong, Arnold, Atthill, Bacon, Baker, Bartle, Beckett, Bell Belson Bevers, Blog, Brown, Buck, Bullock, Bussey, Cameron, Cannel, Charlton, Child, Cook, Cotton, Courtice, Cox, Crane, Crask, Daplin, Davidson, Dove, Dunnett, Easters, Easthaugh, Ewing, Faint, Field, Gaff, Girdlestone, Golding, Grierson, Groom, Hall, Harmer, Harper, Harvey, Hase, Hendrey, Hewitt, Holmes, Hudson, Jarminy, Jeary, Joyce, Keeler, Kiddell, King, Knowles, Lee, Leech, Lewis, Loads, Mace, Neale, Nesbit, Neve, Newman, Nice, Overton, Pegg, Pert, Phillips, Platten, Poll, Pycroft, Reavley, Rice, Riches, Robins, Sampson, Sayers, Squires, Sunman, Thaxter, Thurtle, Trotter, Wearmouth, Wells, Whitaker, White, Williams, Woods, Wright.

SHEPHERD of Houghton St. Giles

Beginning with John Shepherd and his wife Ann Sizeland
Allies, Bassham, Buck, Bush, Clarke, Coe, Dady, Dawson, Green, Lown, Moore, Purdy, Rook, Sizeland, Slinn.


Arger, Barlow, Bell, Blunt, Bond, Boyce, Bradley, Brinn, Bugg, Butter, Ellis, Fidgett, Firington, Frankling, Green, Hall, Harvey, Hornsblow, Howes, Jones, Legal, Mulcock, Pinchen, Pinchon, Race, Ramm, Simpson, Smith, Southgate, Taylor, Trower, Tut or Tusk, Wright.

TEMPLE of Blakeney

Beverley, Booth, Browne, Childe, Coldham, Drury, Fleming, Fortescue, Gay, Horne, Humphrey, Peterson, Robberds, Rose, Wright.

TEMPLE of Morston

Buck, Bullimore, Cook, Lay, Mann, Olsen. Patterson, Potter, Rollason, Scott.

THOMPSON Volumes: Descendants of John Thompson and Sarah Ramm

In 5 volumes.

THOMPSON Volume 1: John Thompson, his Infant sons Robert (1809-1811), Henry (1811-1811) and Henry Luke (1815-1830). Sons, Robert (1817-1888) and Edward (1822-lost at sea).

Asseter, Bullard, Cubitt, Ducat, Faraday, Loads, McPherson, Mill, Moy, Ramm, Shaul, Starling, Thorn.

Daughter Mary Ann Thompson (1805-1877)
Anthony, Baldwin, Bilby, Brown, Fox, Reynolds, Rowe, Sands. Starling.

THOMPSON Volume 2: Descendants of William Thompson (1802-1873)

Adcock, Anderson, Athey, Baines, Bantock, Bills, Bloom, Boyce, Bullen, Burnett, Butler, Cann, Chapman, Coulthard, Day, Drew, Grant, Green, Hipson, Hunton, Hurn, Hutchinson, Johnson, Jopling, Keogh, King, Kirton, Knudson, Legg, Lewis, Massey, Massingham, Mitchell, Murray, Otway, Parker, Parsons, Pond, Preston, Ramsey, Rayner, Reay, Robertson, Robson, Row, Smith, Starling, Stewart, Tucker, Walford, Warford, White, Wick, Yallop.

THOMPSON Volume 3: Descendants of James Thompson (1804-lost at sea) with Australian connections through his son James Starling, born 1828.

Anderson, Aspinail, Barnes, Bennett, Budd, Cubitt, Coulson, Eilender, Elliot, Eves, Fowle, Fox, Gardiner, Hall, Heron, Hood, Lawson, Lencke, Lloyd, McKene, Mansfield, Nield, O’Conner, O’Keefe, Oliphant, Ramsey, Rumbles, Thorn, Watson, Wilkinson.

THOMPSON Volume 4: John Thompson (1807-1869) and his descendants

Asseter, Brown, Crouch, Du Vere, Embleton, Frost, Holness, Medlycott, Reid, Tattam, Vaux, Vickers, Whitfield, Wood.

Howard Thompson (1812-1873) and his descendants
Barnes, Barrett, Bycroft, Faraday, Goff, Head, Johnson, Shaul, Smith, Spalding, Warns.

Charles Thompson (1819-1884) and his descendants
Adshead, Forrest, Hepple, Howard, Jackson, Liddle, Moy, Robson, Woodhouse.

THOMPSON Volume 5: Descendants of George Thompson (1820-1912)

Baker, Barras, Bloom, Brett, Firmage, Forsdick, Gidney, Loads, Massingham, Newham, Payne, Pinchen, Pinks, Pond, Pyman, Reynolds, Richards, Skinner, Snaith, Stone,
Storrier, Watson,


Barras, Couth, Gidney, Hipkin, Libbenham or Tibbenham, Loades, Malcolm, Pyman, Ramm, Sire or Syre, Storrier, Wrightson.


Bale or Dale, Boyce, Burrell, Campbell, Carraway, Cletheroe, Cozens, Daplyn, Dew, Drury, Gidney or Gedney, Hammond, Howman, Ireland, King, Leverett, Loose, Massingham, Matthews, Nurse, Rodgers, Sands, Twiddy, Wnght.

Family Profiles

Unlike the preceding section of family histories this section are referred to as family profiles which are normally short runs of a family tree (3-4 generations) and usually from correspondence book.

  • Astley (of Melton Constable)
  • Baines
  • Bastard
  • Bayfield
  • Beavis
  • Bishop
  • Boyce
  • Cubitt
  • Doughty/Clark
  • Elsy
  • Flood
  • Gant
  • Grix
  • Heydon
  • Jackson
  • Jary
  • Jennis
  • Johnson
  • Keymer
  • King
  • Larkman
  • Longs
  • Mackerell
  • Markby
  • Massingham
  • Page
  • Pinchcn
  • Porter/Nurse
  • Powditch
  • Quinton – Blakeney
  • Rush
  • Atwood (Thomas)
  • Green (Ann)
  • Stiffins (James William)
  • Attwood (Ann)
  • Neale/Smith
  • Spaul
  • Starling
  • Turner
  • Wood
  • Youngman


Ancestors of Cley

Click here for a twitter feed for researching the Jary, Dew, & associated families of the north Norfolk coast.

The following is from material in the History Centre:

It is about our research into the Dew & Jary families who lived on the north coast of Norfolk. England. from the 1600s through the 1800s

My husband descended from Jacob Jary Dew, born in Blakeney in 1864. As we discovered who Jacob’s parents were (Thomas Dew of Blakeney and Jemima Jary of Cley-next-the-Sea), the research, of course, began branching outward, backward, and forward.

While most of the posts will focus on the Jary and Dew families, we will also be posting about other families who lived in the communities around Stiffkey. Blakeney. and Cley-next-the-Sea We are fascinated by the complex inter-relationships between so many of the families in this area throughout the generations.

We are also confused by the propensity of some of these families to give the same names to children, generation after generation.

Because of this fascination and confusion, sorting through and making sense of all the data we have gathered has become almost impossible We haven’t been able to find a database that would let us cross-reference items to the extent we feel is necessary in order to make reasonable conclusions in some cases

So we decided to do this website / blog, in the hope it will help us make more sense of some of the data we have gathered. We’re also hoping it can help us become more disciplined in the upkeep of our family file, especially with regard to the consolidation and organisation of source references entered over the years in various programs.