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The photocopies of Deeds, Papers, Photographs, Drawings and Diaries relate to the Jennis, Bolding, Johnson, Smith families of Weybourne, Salthouse, Cley, Wiveton and elsewhere. The Jefferson Collection was donated by Richard Jefferson to the BAHS History Centre.

Note: Most of these documents have now been deposited in the Norfolk Records Office (NRO), some by R. Jefferson (see attached copies of Deposits made by him dated January and February 2008) and from other members of the extended family.

NRS 20515 37 C 6

Listed as “1854 – Schedule of the title deeds and writings relating to estates belonging to William Johnson Jennis Bolding in Cromer, Sheringham, Runton, Thurgaton, Edgefield, Holt, Letheringsett, Blakeney, Wells, Cley, Wiveton, Waborne (Weybourne) and elsewhere”

NRO MC 2356

Title Deeds and Papers of William Johnson Jennis Bolding of the Bolding, Monement, Smith and Jennis families of Weybourne, Wiveton and Cley-next-the-Sea.

These are sometime called the Bowden Smith Papers and are what J. Hooton used as a source for “The Glaven Ports”

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DS M22/1 to 9

M22/1 Church Hill, Cley

M22/2 Sale of the Enterprise

M22/3 The Hamilton Allotments

M22/4 Particulars of Home Farm, Weybourne

M22/5 Ramm Bundle

M22/6 Lime Kiln Close, Cley

M22/7 The William and Thomas Trading Accounts

M22/8 Sale particulars of property in Holt and Cley

M22/9 Thurston Bundle, Cley

Cley-next-the -Sea

Items brought in to the Norfolk Record Office by Richard Jefferson relating to Cley next the Sea, 21st February 2008

M22/2 1846 The Bill of Sale of the Schooner ‘Enterprise‘ – this is the original you have a photocopy among the Bowden-Smith papers (item 61)

M22/3 1824/1825 As to four allotments at Cley – as shown in the 1854 ‘Schedule of the deeds and writings relating to estates in Norfolk and in the City of Norwich belonging to William Johnson Jennis Bolding Esq.’

1755/1846 As to a messuage and other hereditaments at Cley purchased by Reverend Edward Holley  – as shown in the 1854 ‘Schedule…’

M22/9 1793/1828  As to cottages at Cley purchased by Robert Thurston – as shown on the 1854 ‘Schedule…’

1876/1923 documents relating to Walter Sumpter M.D. – More than thirty years a resident in Cley and a cousin of William Johnson Jennis Bolding… and of Francis William Monement, who had inherited WJJB’s Cley estate.

M22/5 1844/1882 ‘Writings related to land at Cley belonging to Miss Bolding late H.H.Ramm deceased.’   documents wrapped in brown paper


Items brought in to the Norfolk Record Office by Richard Jefferson relating to Weybourne, January 2008

M22/7 1720s/1730s William Jennis – the trading account book of voyages of the
William & Thomas out of Blakeney and Cley… with later doodlings by his grandson William Bolding
(William Jennis of Upper Sheringham was the founder of the family ‘dynasty’
in Waborne)

See Glaven Historian No 5

1649 to 1841 complete deeds to the watermill in Waborne….with 1841 Abstract of the Title of Thomas Armes

18thC/19thC A property in Waborne: Cooke… Robert Hammond… Bolding family
16 documents. May not all relate to this property

1781 Articles of Agreement between Lord Walpole and Edmund Nurse … Waborne

early 19thC Mr J. Bolding Waborne – a small ‘parcel’ with five bills condition poor

1840/1841 Manor of Waborne: absolute surrender from Henry Hall to W.J.J. Bolding and admission of W.J.J. Bolding at Manor Court

1885 large map of Waborne showing the property belonging to W.J.J. Bolding also on a separate sheet a ‘Reference’ to the details of the mapp.

[There number of 20thC deeds – most of which relate to the break up of the family
ownership of property in Weybourne. These have been held on to by R. Jefferson.]

Summary List of NRS 20515 37 C6


1842 King’s Head, Cromer purchased by John Bolding & John Francis Johnson

1842 Lobster Inn, Sheringham

1808 premises at Sheringham formerly the Fishmongers Arms

1807/1811 Sheringham public house Inclosure notice

1736 The Boat, Sheringham purchased 1820 by John Bolding

1816 The Bull, Thurgarton purchased 1842 by John Bolding

1848 WJJB bought land at Edgefield

1790 The White Horse, Edgefield purchased 1842 by John Bolding

1834 4 acres in Holt (Manor of Holt Hales) purchased by John Bolding

1834 3 roods 35 perches in Holt purchased by John Bolding

1780 The Calthorpe Arms, Blakeney 1841 purchased by WJJB

1715 The Angel, Holt 1821 purchased by John Bolding

1820 The Three Tuns, Wells purchased by John Bolding

1661 The George and Dragon, Cley assignment of a mortgage

1813. (John Johnson Gay) 1822 John Bolding purchased

1814. malthouse and coalhouse, Cley purchased by John Bolding

M22/1 1777 Church Knoll, Cley lease for a year

1824. Hawkins Hamilton (John Brett, William Cooke, John Dugmore)

M22/3 1825. Sale of four allotments from Hamish Hamilton to John Bolding

1731 an estate at Cley: farm house, malting office and cottage + 84 acres purchased by Mr F.Johnson (Francis?) (died 1803?)

1765 settlement on marriage of Mrs Catherine Garrett

17g3 probate of will of Mrs Catherine Jennis

1789 an abstract of the title of Robert Jennis deceased

1803 to William Johnson (brother of Francis)

1755 messuage in Cley 1846 purchased by Mr and Mrs Bolding

M22/9 1771 Lime Kiln property, Cley to John Johnson 1828 to Esther Bolding

M22/9 1793 cottages at Cley (Robert Thurston) 1829 purchased by John Bolding

1771 Wiveton, Blakeney, Cley Mr Francis Johnson

1776 John Smith on death of Mary Smith

1784 surrender of John Smith to William Johnson

1815 admission of Mrs Esther Bolding

1830 14 acres at Blakeney

Land at Blakeney to William Johnson (from John Custance)

1823. Land at Cley and Wiveton

1806 Marshes at Cley and Wiveton (Rendle Brereton)

1824. John Bolding purchased

1691 The White Horse, Overstrand 1829 purchased by John Bolding

1669 The Manor of Overstrand full Copy Admission list (1829 John Bolding)

1622 The Manor of Gimingham Lancaster full Copy Admission list (1829 JB)

1834 estate in Weybourne John Swallow to John Bolding to Esther Monement

1757 estate in Weybourne John Nurse

1839. estate in Weybourne Mr Robert Hammond to WJJB

1826. estate in Weybourne purchased of Gay 1828 to John Bolding

1828 Weybourne Priory? John Bolding 1847 Copy Admission WJJB

1839. cottage in Weyboume to WJJB

1818 Henry Hall 1840 surrender to WJJB

1748 William Jennis estate in Weybourne Dwelling house and Malthouse

1813. William Bolding deceased to John Bolding his brother

1810 The Chequers, Gresham William Bolding then John Bolding

1805 The Ship, Weybourne (Robert Nurse) William Bolding then JB

1826. estates at St Giles, Norwich 1844? Freehold?

1788 estate at St Lawrence, Norwich 1821 purchased by John Bolding

1699 estate at Weybourne (Thomas Nurse)

1813. The Unicorn, Aylsham 1842 purchased by John Bolding

1821 mill at Weybourne late Nurse’s

1649 mill at Weybourne late Armes 1723 1793 1805 1815

1841 mill purchased by John Bolding from Armes

1803 The Crown Inn, Weybourne William Bolding

1848 land at Weybourne WJJB

1721 property at Weybourne 1853