Glaven Historian 12 (2010)

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The Military Survey of 1522

John Wright

Synopsis: The Military Survey of 1522 appeared to be a muster of all able-bodied males aged 16-60 but the government of the day had an ulterior motive: to prepare for a substantial tax in the form of a ‘forced loan’ to Henry VIII. The records for some parts of Norfolk have survived, including those for Holt Hundred which includes the Glaven parishes. This article describes the nature of the Survey, comments on the Holt Hundred document, and lists all the people recorded in Blakeney, Cley and Wiveton.

The Blakeney & Cley Golf Club

Philip Page and John Peake

Synopsis: A brief history of the Blakeney and Cley Golf Club together with some of Philip Page’s memories of his time as a club member.

Wrench vs Wrench – A Case in Chancery

John Rodgers

Synopsis: Between 1832 and 1852 a Morston-based family had problems over the division between themselves of various properties. They resorted to the court of Chancery to find a solution. The consequences are examined using records available at The National Archives.

Stormy Weather – The Ramms of Cley

Sara Dobson

Synopsis: During the early part of the nineteenth century members of the Ramm family had their lives and fortunes shaped by their close association with the sea. This relationship is explored using information found in newspapers, wills, Lloyd’s Registers of Shipping and other sources.

The Little Red Box – A Short History of British Post Boxes

David A Perryman

Synopsis: The development of letter boxes in the UK is traced from their introduction in the Channel Isles in 1852 to the present day, together with a detailed account of the boxes surviving in the Blakeney area.

The Dean & Chapter Estate in Field Dalling 1526 – 1900

Mike Medlar

Synopsis: The author looks at the problems faced by the Dean and Chapter of Norwich Cathedral over the 400 years when it owned property in Field Dalling. He explores how it tried to regain control of the estate after nearly 200 years of long leases

The Blakeney War Census 1942

Pamela Peake

Synopsis: The survival of a World War II census for Blakeney is a bonus for local historians. This article is primarily a transcript and analysis making the census available to a wider audience. Observations on the housing reveal how present day Blakeney has evolved from the village described in 1942.

History of The Cley Hall Estate – The Emergence of the Hardys 1839-1855

John Ebdon

Synopsis: The 1839 catalogue and plan of the Cley Hall Estate together with an estate map of the same year are used to examine the Estate assembled by the Thomlinsons in Cley and the subsequent purchase by the Hardy family from Letheringsett. The substantial expansion by William Hardy II enhanced his wealth and his social position.

Henry Tyrrell, Shipbuilder, some additional facts

John Baines revisited

New Found News! (follow up to Stormy Weather)