Local Publications


This page lists information (images AND text) on local publications. This information is provided to assist in deciding whether a visit to the History Centre may benefit your research. However, please do not assume that it is either complete or accurate.

Images (which may be clicked on to enlarge) are provided as they often convey more information than the text that follows . The images may also help with locating information within the History Centre.

Aylsham Local History Society Newsletter 1994-2004

BAHS Newsletter. Please click here to see newsletters online.

BAHS Journal, The Glaven Historian. Please click here to see journal online.

BALH: The Local Historian, Local History News

Blakeney in the Eighteenth Century

A publication of the BAHS. Please click here for details.

Blakeney Point: From the Point to Cley and Salthouse.

A publication of the BAHS. Please click here for details.

Blakeney point of view newsletter

East Anglian Magazine

Eastern Daily Press

Glaven Valley Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plans

Click here for details

The Glaven Historian

The journal of the BAHS. Please click here for details.

Glaven Valley Newsletter (GVN) is the Church and Community magazine for the villages of the Glaven Valley. It is published every month. Believed to be the only complete publicly accessible set of GVNs.

The Lynx Newsletter (four boxes). The local Lynx is the free community newspaper for  ten North Norfolk Villages: Bale, Binham, Cockthorpe, Field Dalling, Gunthorpe, Langham, Morston, Saxlingham, Sharrington, Stiffkey

NAHRG: Quarterly and Annual

Norfolk Ancestor

Norfolk Archaeology

Norfolk Fair

  • Articles from Norfolk Fair
    • We Lived by the Sea by ‘Jennis’, 1974
    • A Norfolk Village before the change by ‘Jennis’, 1974
    • Our Village has changed by ‘Jennis’, 1974
    • W.J.J.Bolding, a country photographer 1815-1899 by C.S. Middleton, 1977
    • The Country Portraits of William Bolding by C.S.Middleton, 1977

Norfolk Magazine

Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society 1970-95

Norfolk Research Committee Bulletin

River Glaven Conservation Group Newsletters

The Round Tower: Magazine of the Round tower Churches Society