Brigadier Mellor Papers


This page lists information (images AND text) on the Brigadier J F M Mellor papers. This information is provided to assist in deciding whether a visit to the History Centre may benefit your research. However, please do not assume that it is either complete or accurate.

Images (which may be clicked on to enlarge) are provided as they often convey more information than the text that follows . The images may also help with locating information within the History Centre.

Brigadier J F M Mellor, known popularly as Derick Mellor, wrote approximately 100 articles for the Glaven Valley Newsletters during the 1980s and early 1990s. Copies of all these articles may be found in the collection of Glaven Valley Newsletters held by the History Centre.

Many of the articles have been republished in three small books, namely;

  • Historical Jottings
  • More Historical Jottings
  • Further Historical Jottings

copies of which are on the bookshelves or may be purchased from the local churches.

The collection of Papers in this file are the starting points, photographs, working notes and draft copies of just some of these articles together with a sample of finished articles as they appeared in the Glaven Valley Newsletter.