History Centre Openings

The Society is an entirely voluntary organisation and, regrettably, cannot provide a research service. Visits to the History Centre are by appointment only when help and guidance can be provided.

Please note that the History Centre welcomes everybody, but we do ask people not to bring babies or animals, while children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


The information about the History Centre collection given on this website does not go into details. It is possible for a reader to ‘read into’ or expect more about an item found in these web pages than may actually exist. If you are planning a visit to the History Centre on the basis of something found on these web pages we advise the reader to make enquiries with the society before the visit – especially if travelling a distance.


For members with a current subscription a donation to help defray running costs is appreciated. For others, there is a minimum charge of £12/visit and will be agreed with you before your visit.

By Appointment

Note: The Society is run by volunteers, so we are not always available to respond immediately to enquiries or open the History Centre at short notice. When arranging a visit please allow the society a minimum of a week or even longer to make arrangements.

Click here, to arrange an appointment. It helps us to help you if you explain the reason for your visit and any items you think you would like to view. To help identify possible items of interest please study the accessions listed in the Society’s public register.


There is ample free parking space in the Village Hall car park.