Mariner’s Cottage


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DS M/21: Deeds relating to Mariner’s Cottage, Morston Road, Blakeney

  • M/21/1 1909 Conveyance of two Freehold Allotments of land situate at Blakeney in the County of Norfolk, Mr James Doughty to John Page Esq.
  • M/21/2 1909 Conveyance of Freehold Land at Blakeney in the County of Norfolk, Mr Herbert Pye to John Page Esquire
  • M/21/3 1912 Deed of Exchange and Mutual Covenants, J W Allen Esq. and J Page Esq.
  • M/21/4 1927 Conveyance of the Freehold dwelling-house and premises intended to be known as Mariner’s Cottage, Blakeney, Norfolk, Mr John Page to Mrs M J Maw
  • M/21/5 1943 Abstract of Title of Mrs M J Maw to freehold hereditaments situate at Blakeney in the County of Norfolk
  • M/21/6 1943 Land Charges: Application for an Official Search
  • M/21/7 1943 Requistions
  • M/21/8 1943 Conveyance of a Messuage and premises known as ‘Mariner’s Cottage’ Blakeney in the County of Norfolk, Mrs M J Maw to Lieut: Col: E J Stansfield