Gifting Accessions

Accessions are items gifted to the BAHS or, in some cases, the BAHS has been allowed to make a copy of the item. Click here to see information on our current accessions. Most accessions are stored in the History Centre.

We do not accept loans, instead preferring outright gifts or in the case of documents a copy.

The BAHS History Centre is willing to consider items with a local historical value. These may be old property deeds, wills, local postcards, maps, scrapbooks, publications, family histories, books on history or local subjects, … If you are not sure it is of value please contact the BAHS – don’t just throw it away!

An unusual accession gifted to the Society  was the model of the Blakeney Lifeboat, the Hettie. After fund-raising a case was bought to house the model and it is now on display in St. Nicholas’ Church, Blakeney alongside its service board.

Please contact the History Centre to discuss