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Bishop and Brett(s) of Cley and Letheringsett family history

Howard Brett – Memories of Mister Brett

Letheringsett Hall & Estate Gardener Diaries, 1870s

Mary Hardy Diaries

Included in the History Centre collection are the following publications by Margaret Bird who kindly donated the set in the History Centre:

The Letheringsett Village Deposit

Eleven volumes compiled by David Mayes. The guide is an introduction to the contents of each volume and additional material held separately in boxes and folders.

Letheringsett Village Volume 1

  • Early History a Maps
  • 8ilver Jubilee 1935
  • Coronation 1937
  • Church and Old Rectory
  • Village 8cenes
  • Group/Club photographs
  • Glavenside
  • Letheringsett Hall Farm
  • Other properties
  • Johnson Jex, blacksmith

Letheringsett Village Volume 2

  • Village Scenes
  • The Floods 1912
  • Maltings and Brewery
  • Women’s Institute
    • Formation 1920s
    • Early Meetings
    • Minute Book 1920-1925
    • 40th Birthday Party 1960
    • Scrapbook with map 1965
    • See also Village Notes 1 & 2 1937
  • Late 1900s, early 2000

Letheringsett Village Volume 3

  • Letheringsett Hall Estate
  • Estate workers & gatherings
  • More village views
  • Foundry House

Letheringsett Village Volume 4

  • William Hardy senior
  • Mary Hardy, the diarist
  • William Hardy junior
  • Mary Ann Cozens nee Hardy
  • William Hardy Cozens (W H Cozens-Hardy)
  • Herbert Hardy Cozens-Hardy lst Ld C-H
  • William Hepburn Cozens-Hardy 2nd Ld C-H

Letheringsett Village Volume 5

  • Edward Cozens-Hardy 3rd Ld C-H
  • Herbert Arthur Cozens-Hardy 4th Ld C-H
  • Hon Beryl Cozens-Hardy
  • Hon Rosemary Phelps nee Cozens-Hardy
  • Shooting Parties
  • Family Gatherings 1930s – 1940s

Letheringsett Village Volume 6

  • Tour of Gardens 1986
  • Letheringsett Hall kitchen garden
  • Top garden, hydraulic rams
  • Saw Mill
  • Thomas Hase of Saxthorpe

Letheringsett Village Volume 7

  • Copies of Cozens-Hardy Family Photographs from the Tin Trunk
  • Cozens-Hardy Vault Renovations 1996

Letheringsett Village Volume 8

  • The Cley Hall Cozens-Hardys
  • Letheringsett Hall
    Gardens and gardeners, Home Farm, saw-mill, kitchen garden and The Glebe

Letheringsett Village Volume 9

Letheringsett Water Mill
mainly Restoration Works 1983 – 1986

Letheringsett Village Volume 10

  • Memories of certain remarkable events and occurrences whether Astronomical, Atmospherical, Political or Domestic.
    1833 – 1855
    William Hardy Cozens
  • Diary of William Hardy Cozens-Hardy 1858 -1895

Letheringsett Village Volume 11

Letheringsett Brewery 1700s – 2000s

  1. Evidence from Maps
  2. The British Malting Industry since 1830; Christine Clarke
  3. History of the Letheringsett Estate Brewery Waterways 1780s
  4. The fire, 1936
  5. Water in Brewing; Bob Pritchard
  6. The Cozens-Hardys of Letheringsett and Cley
  7. The Clock
  8. The British Brewing Industry 1830-1980; T. R. Gourvish and R. G. Wilson
  9. Letheringsett: Industrial Archaeology in a rural setting; the Brewery; David Durst
  10. Photographs
  11. Letheringsett Hall, Norfolk; David Watkin 1967
  12. Sydney Cozens-Hardy
  13. Basil Cozens-Hardy
  14. Riverside Farm
  15. Sale by Strutt and Parker

The end of an era 1800-1984

  • Letheringsett Hall Walled in garden and kitchen gardens
  • 1987 Four bungalows build within Victorian walls

Letheringsett Hall Kitchen Gardens

Formally 1700-1950s

1951 onwards to 1975

Letheringsett Hall Market Gardens


Letheringsett and Little Thornage Cricket Club 15th March 1922 – 25th April 1952