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M40 Magavelda, Langham Road

(Magavelda is old Swedish for Mayfield)

  • M40/1 Conveyance of freehold land situate at Langham. Right Rev Bishop O’Rorke to Mr Robert Charles Eggleton 8th May, 1926 x 2 copies
  • M40/2 Conveyance Robert Charles Eggleton The Kings Arms, Blakeney to Mary Elizabeth Spratt of Magavelda, Crowborough, Sussex, widow 21st June 1928
  • M40/3 Licence to take water- Mrs M E Sprott to Norfolk County Council
    4th January 1930 x 2 copies
  • M40/4 Abstract of the Will, Death and Probate of Mary Elizabeth Sprott
  • M40/5 Assent to freehold property known as ‘Magavelda’ in favour of Miss Velda Mary Sprott 5th November 1953
  • M40/6 Legal Charge: Miss V M Sprott and King’s College, Cambridge 2nd February 1979
  • M40/7 Land Search 1987
  • M40/8 Undated photograph