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M 37 Ryder Deposit concerning Langham

M 37/1 Estate at Langham property of F B Ryder Esq with annotated notes

M 37/2 Plans of Langham Hall, location map, ground and first floors

M 37/3 Langham Hall – Record of condition of premises, fixtures and fittings requisitioned by the Air Ministry, as at the commencement of Occupation Req No REQ/WA7/216 Oct 1940

M 37/4 Unsigned Duplicate of M 37/3

M 37/5 Min Ag & Fisheries, Women’s Land Army, Jan 1943, June 1943 (x2), Dec 1943

M 37/6 Langham Norfolk O S 1×6 and  10 (part of)

M 37/7 Plan of land adjoining Mr Faulkner’s Cottage and Langham Village cottages

M 37/8 Part of Langham village and plot to east of Hall

M 37/9 Proposed Blakeney Feeder Main: Langham to Morston

M 37/10 House at Hollow Lane, Langham, letters (2), preliminary sketches and plans (2)

M 37/11 Cottage at the Green, Langham 1965

M 37/12 Particulars and condition of Sale of freehold occupation farm “Orchard Cottage” 162 acres with house, shop and 6 cottages

M 37/13 Extract from White’s Norfolk

M 37/14  Motor Fuel Ration Book

M 37/15 Letter concerning Elizabeth lst’s stockings