Blakeney Galleries

Below are a number of galleries featuring photographs, postcards and the like of Blakeney. Some images appear in multiple galleries.

The 14th Century stone bridge was built by a local merchant, William Storm to connect Wiveton on the west with Cley on the east. The story of the bridge is told in the article ‘The Bridges of Wiveton’ by John Wright in issue 4 (2001) of the Glaven Historian.

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Blakeney High Street

Blakeney Quay & Blakeney Cut

Pictures include those of many boats that plied their trade from Blakeney and also the rebuilding of the Blakeney Bank (or sea wall) following the damage caused by the 1897 rage.

Some of the boats shown are the Bluejacket, Clam , Colchester Smack (CK91), Comet, Fiducia, Jane Hannah (LN98), Kittiwake (LN85), Lighter, Mary Ann, Minstrel, Only , Patriot (LN74), Pioneer, Rex, Serica, Son, Sporting Chance, Taffy and Yankee.

Blakeney Point & Blakeney Harbour

Blakeney Point is at the end of a long spit starting to the east of Blakeney and continuing past Morston to the West. The spit protects an area of water that is Blakeney Harbour. Boats would often be moored in Blakeney Harbour and either be loaded or unloaded there or wait until they could be brought into Blakeney Quay. Part of the harbour is known as Blakeney Pit as it offers the deepest anchorage.

Blakeney Miscellaneous