Glaven Historian 11 (2008)

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Henry Tyrrell, Shipbuilder

Michael Stammers

Synopsis: a brief biography of a 19th century north Norfolk shipbuilder with a list of all the ships he is known to have built.

Enclosure in Langham 1815 to 1820: winners and losers

Mike Medlar

Synopsis: The author looks at the enclosure of Langham following the Act of 1815 to see who gained and who lost as a result of the enclosure award.

Peter Catling Ship Models – Part 2

Jonathan Hooton

Synopsis: In the Glaven Historian No 10 I wrote an article about Peter Catling and his ship models. This article is meant to complement that one by giving some background information about the vessels that Peter modelled.

Stiffkey Churchyard

John Wright

Synopsis: In 2007 the Stiffkey Parochial Church Council invited the author to help prepare a new edition of the Guide to the Parish Church (published in March 2008). This stimulated further research on the history of both church and village. Three particular questions about the church are addressed in this article. Some new evidence is brought to bear but definitive answers remain elusive.

The Iconography of Peace – the Retable in the Chapel of St Thomas à Becket, Blakeney

Neil Batcock

Comparing and Contrasting the Communities of Kelling and Weybourne in the 19th and 20th centuries

Brenda Worton

Synopsis: this paper is based on a dissertation submitted as part of the requirements for the Master of Arts degree in Local and Regional History at the University of East Anglia. A study is made of population, occupations, and instruments of change to support a theory that Kelling and Weybourne are examples of ‘close’ and ‘open’ villages respectively.

Wall Panels – an update: Salthouse Church

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Quaint Old Cley Customs