The Glaven Historian

The Journal of The Blakeney Area Historical Society (BAHS)


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Searching Glaven Historians

Glaven Historian which are available to the public may be searched using your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, …) and a search engine (Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, …).
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Online Issues

All issues, bar the two most recent issues, of the Glaven Historian are now online although some issues may only be viewed by current members.

Issues 11 to 15 may only be viewed by members with a subscription for the current membership year or where the subscription for the preceding membership year has lapsed but it is within a short period of the end of the preceding membership year. If so, please click here to login then return to this page and click on the relevant link for the online version you wish to view.

Each issue is in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format and available as a single (PDF) file, Some issues also have each article available as a separate (PDF) file.

At present issues 2 to 5 are scanned copies of the original issues. Consequently they are rather large files which may take some time to open. The other Issues benefit from being smaller files and may also be searched for particular words or phrases (see above tip).

Please note these documents open in a separate tab or window. When you are finished with a document please close the tab or window and return to the original tab or window where you opened the document.