BAHS Accessions: Public Register


Accessions are items relating to the Blakeney area which have been entrusted to the BAHS and placed in the History Centre. They are normally paper documents which can be accepted in their original form or as copies. If you think you might like to donate an item (deed, photo, postcard, book etc), or allow the BAHS to make a copy, then please click here. Please contact the History Centre if you notice an error or problem.

The records shown below are for the period 2002-2021. Further accessions will added as needed.

Items have to be described in very few words which means that readers may not always be able to form a true impression of their contents. If an item appears to be of interest, we advise readers to make further enquiries before making a visit to the History Centre. For further information about records please click here.

The Accessions list can be searched in three ways:

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Understanding the Accessions Public Register

Information on the various columns that make up the register are described here.

The Public Register

Access NoTopicLocationDescriptionAuthorPub Date
21367MC02 TubLetheringsett Cricket Club shield (wood)Preston1948
21366MC04 ShelfImages : Cley
21365MC04 ShelfImages : People, groups, teams, classes
21364LB04 ShelfImages : Blakeney Quay
21363MC04 ShelfImages : Blakeney
21362MC04 ShelfImages : BAHS area
21361PR04 ShelfCensus, men at sea (Glaven area people)1861
21360PR04 ShelfEdgefield census1851-1891
21359PR04 ShelfCensus transcripts for 7 parishes, exc Blakeney1851-1891
21358PR04 ShelfCensus returns, various, inc Wells 17931793-1891
21357PR04 ShelfBlakeney census 17701770
21356PR04 ShelfBlakeney electoral rolls1874-1999
21355LH04 ShelfDirectory extracts, Holt Hundred, inc Pigot & White1830-1845
21354PR04 ShelfWells parish registers1547-1658
21353PR04 ShelfParish register extracts, inc Morston & Salthouse
21352PR04 ShelfBlakeney parish registersBrian Rumsey1653-1809
21351PR04 Churchyard papersChurchyard headstones & inscriptions (local)Peter Kaye
21350PR04 Cockthorpe ChurchCockthorpe parish registers1560-1902
21349PR04 ShelfWiveton monumental inscriptions
21348PR04 ShelfBlakeney churchyard memorials, Part 1 East GroundBAHS History Centre2000
21347LB04 ShelfStiffkey Church
21346LB04 ShelfMorston Church
21345LB04 ShelfWiveton Church
21344LB04 ShelfCley Church
21343LB04 ShelfBlakeney Church
21342PR04 Blakeney P CBlakeney Parish Council, index to minutes; charities
21341MC04 Wiveton PapersWiveton, miscellaneous papers
21340MC04 Cley PapersCley, miscellaneous papers
21339MC04 Blakeney Papers 5Blakeney, miscellaneous papers (larger items)
21338MC04 Blakeney Papers 2Blakeney, miscellaneous papers
21337EV04 ShelfBlakeney Players, show programmes Blakeney Players
21336EV04 VH & PavilionBlakeney Village Hall & Pavilion Trust
21335EV04 ShelfBlakeney Regatta programmes for rural & water sportsBlakeney Regatta Cte
21334OR04 Blakeney Papers 4Blakeney Parish Council, meetings reports newslettersBlakeney Parish Council
21333OR04 Blakeney Papers 3Organizations, commercial
21332OR04 Blakeney Papers 1Organizations, not-for-profit
21331MT02 ShelfShipwreck and Misadventure
21330MT02 ShelfShip & crew lists from census records (see 21361)
21329MT02 ShelfShip images (Hooton)
21328MT02 ShelfShip images A – Z
21327MT02 ShelfShips A – Z
21326MT02 ShelfMaritime Papers, various publications
21325.02LH07 ShelfWW2 Newspaper cuttings
21325.01LH07 ShelfWW1 Newspaper cuttings
21324.02LH07 ShelfWW2 Memorials1939-1945
21324.01LH07 ShelfWW1 Memorials1914-1918
21323.08LH07 ShelfWW1 Holt & Thornage casualties and survivors1914-1918
21323.07LH07 ShelfWW1 Langham and Letheringsett casualties & survivors1914-1918
21323.06LH07 ShelfWW1 Wiveton casualties1914-1918
21323.05LH07 ShelfWW1 Morston casualties and survivors1914-1918
21323.04LH07 ShelfWW1 Cley survivors1914-1918
21323.03LH07 ShelfWW1 Cley casualties1914-1918
21323.02LH07 ShelfWW1 Blakeney survivors1914-1918
21323.01LH07 ShelfWW1 Blakeney casualties1914-1918
21322FH08 ShelfSalthouse families, inc High
21321MC08 MemoriesMemories, stories, obituaries
21320FH08 NFHSNorfolk Family History Society, family trees at Kirby Hall2003
21319.02LH12 C2 – C4Scrapbooks (x3)Ferroussat1988-2000
21319.01LH12 C1ScrapbookFerroussat1947-1988
21318.09LH01 SB/D9Wiveton scrapbookFerroussat
21318.08LH01 SB/D8Blakeney area, cuttingsFerroussat1998-1999
21318.07LH01 SB/D7Blakeney area, cuttingsFerroussat1994-1997
21318.06LH01 SB/D6Blakeney area, cuttingsFerroussat1968-1993
21318.05LH01 SB/D5North Norfolk east of Blakeney, scrapbookFerroussat
21318.04LH01 SB/D4North Norfolk west of Blakeney, scrapbookFerroussat
21318.03LH01 SB/R3North Norfolk coast, cuttingsFerroussat
21318.02LH01 SB/D2Norfolk history, cuttingsFerroussat
21318.01LH01 SB/D1Norfolk history, cuttingsFerroussat
21317LB04 Blomefield / ParkinTopographical History of Norfolk Vol IX Holt HundredParkin 1808
21316LB04 Walton DewMonumental Inscriptions of the Hundred of Holt1885
21315OR04 Wardrobe SocietyBlakeney Wardrobe Society minutes & papers 1953-89 Blakeney Wardrobe Society1953-1989
21314LB02 M 1Smith family deeds 1599-1796 (x61) summaries1599-1796
21313LH03 Local Historian boxThe Local Historian, Vol 18 (1988) to dateBritish Assoc for Local History
21312LH12 B1 – B6ScrapbooksFerroussat1971-1983
21311LB03 RS 5Wiveton Project: BridgesBAHS2000
21310LB03 RS 4Wiveton Project: Studies & documentationBAHS2000
21309LB03 RS 2Bayfield Church geophysical survey (See GH 1)BAHS1998
21308LH02 NNNS boxNorfolk and Norwich Naturalists’ Society, some vols (x6)NNNS1947-1952
21307LH02 NAHRG Annuals boxNorfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group Annuals (1 – 13)NAHRG1992-2004
21306LH02 File NRC bulletinsNorfolk Research Committee Bulletins (1981-1990 )Norfolk Research Committee1981-1990
21305LH02 NARG News boxNorfolk Archaeological Rescue Group Newsletters (5-27 incomplete, and 36-60)NAHRG1976-1991
21304MT02 Glaven Shipping boxBrig Lively (1822-1875) owned by H Ramm (See GH 12)
21303MC09 GVN boxesGlaven Valley Newsletters 1987 to date
21302LB09 ShelfA Vanishing Landscape : Archaeological Investigations at Blakeney EyeField2021
21301LB05 ShelfOS 6in map covering Walsingham RDC area (9x8 ft folded in 48 sections) prepared for the NW Norfolk Joint Regional Planning CommitteeOrdnance Survey
21300LB04 Wiveton PapersLetter re 1953 flood at WivetonBarclay1953
21299LB04 Cley papersLetter re 1953 flood at CleyGull1953
21298.17LH02 Barstard box 3Three shop receipts (1914 1917 1922)1914-1922
21298.16LH02 Barstard box 3Cley United Methodist Free Chapel notice of service 1898; account of drowning after meeting 18161816-1898
21298.15LB02 Barstard box 3Blakeney Methodist Church sketch plans for extension; article on the friary; notes on the windmill
21298.14LH02 Barstard box 3Letheringsett Hall: list of gardeners and other employees 1872-1956; misc notes & cuttings 1927-451872-1956
21298.13EV02 Barstard box 3Letheringsett: posters for village celebrations (jubilee, coronations etc) 1897-1944 (x6)1897-1944
21298.12MC02 Barstard box 3William Barstard: lecture notes for Methodist meetings, and a description of his childhood in the 1920s
21298.11FH02 Barstard box 3William Allen Barstard: photographs of him before and during WW2 with some WW2 memorabilia
21298.10FH02 Barstard box 3Alfred Charles Barstard: papers including WW1 records and photographs
21298.09MC02 Barstard box 3Autograph book of Ada Woodhouse compiled 1912-191912-1919
21298.08FH02 Barstard box 3Family trees of Barsted / Barstard of Hindolveston1730-1990
21298.07FH02 Barstard box 3Herbert Woodhouse: WW1 photographs & memorabilia; photographs of Letheringsett Hall (x 9) & letters concerning the estate 1931-37
21298.06FH02 Barstard box 2Will of Mary Woodhouse (1926) & burial documents (1929); will of Emma Fiddy 19141914-1929
21298.05FH02 Barstard box 2Woodhouse birth marriage & death certificates with memorial cards 1891-19211891-1921
21298.04MC02 Barstard box 2Recipe books (x3) one completed 1827-391827-1839
21298.03FH02 Barstard box 2Woodhouse family photographs C19th (x7)
21298.02MC02 Barstard box 2Photographs associated with Letheringsett Hall (x28)
21298.01MC02 Barstard box 1Photograph album presented to Brown Woodhouse by Mr & Mrs Cozens-HardyCozens-Hardy1880
21298FH02 Barstard boxes 1 – 3The Billy Barstard collection: Letheringsett Hall photographs and Woodhouse & Barstard family papers
21297LB02 File Tidal HarboursTidal Harbours Commission, 2nd reportTidal Harbours Commission1846
21296LB02 File Harbour ActBlakeney Harbour Act 18171817
21295LB02 BHG File FInclosure Act Blakeney Wiveton & Glandford1820
21294LB02 M 4The Butts Blakeney deeds (x10)
21293LH02 BHG E 39Will of Robert Newbegen of Morston (transcript) with conjectural map of his land holdingsNRO ANW 252.2391605
21292LH02 BHG E 38Will of William de Worthe 1511, William Gasington gentleman 1592, William Tompson tailor 1633, Elizabeth Pope 1677 of Langham (summaries)NRO wills1511-1677
21291LH02 BHG E 37Wills of Richard Smith 1557, Isobel Anger 1558, John Ditton 1558 of Wiveton, Thomas Earle of Langham husbandman 1600 (summaries)NRO NCC wills1557-1600
21290LH02 BHG E 36Wills of Richard Bishop of Wiveton 1572, Robert Towtynge 1552, John Gryks 1559, John Locksmith 1592, Langham, William Micherson of Wiveton 1597 (summaries)NRO NCC wills1552-1597
21289LH02 BHG E 35Will of John Sheringham labourer (transcript)NRO NCC 322 Cowlls (MF58)1562
21288LH02 BHG E 34Inventory of Edward Monne of Cley (transcript)NRO INV.4.1331588
21287LH02 BHG E 33Will of Richard Makin of Morston clerk (summary)NRO NCC will1596
21286LH02 BHG E 32Wills of Thomas Errington mariner 1596, William Allison merchant 1584, Edward Mone shipmaster 1588 of Cley (summaries)NRO NCC wills1584-1596
21285LH02 BHG E 31Wills of John Wylch of Blakeney shipmaster 1559, William King of Wiveton merchant 1560, Peter Page of Blakeney mariner 1599 (transcripts)NRO wills1559-1599
21284LH02 BHG E 30Inventories of William Emms of Blakeney husbandman 1673, John Pinchin of Cley woolcomber 1698, Frances Church 1716, Edmund Day clerk 1665, Frances & Mary Framlingham 1739, of Blakeney (summaries)NRO inventories1665-1739
21283LH02 BHG E 29Will of Charles Britiffe of Cley (transcript)NRO NCC 600 (MF/RO 282.4)1704
21282LH02 BHG E 28Wills of Thomas Grene yeoman 1613, Agnes Gyll 1622, Robert Hinde labourer 1681 (of Cley, brief summaries)NRO ANW wills1613-1681
21281LH02 BHG E 27Wills of John Dobb gentleman 1660, Elizabeth Fulcher 1759, Catherine Indicke 1638, Edmund Graye 1641 (of Blakeney, summaries)NRO wills1638-1759
21280LH02 BHG E 26Wills of Christopher Seaman of Wiveton clerk 1717, Margaret Mountain 1792, Mary Crainford 1743, Thomas Couper gentleman 1787, Samuel Buck 1807, Thomas Hook 1764, Henry Smith merchant 1807, of Blakeney (summaries)NRO wills1717-1807
21279LH02 BHG E 25Wills of Elizabeth Seaman 1727, James Chestney husbandman 1723, Robert Pull labourer 1723 (of Blakeney, summaries)NRO NCC wills1723-1727
21278LH02 BHG E 24Inventory of Arthur Browne of Blakeney (copy)1726
21277LH02 BHG E 23Inventory of Clement Wilkinson of Runton (copy)NRO NCC INV.10.2461593
21276LH02 BHG E 22Wiveton census (copy)1881
21275LH02 BHG E 21Blakeney census (part) and Morston (copy)1881
21274LH02 BHG E 20Blakeney census (part) with ships (copy)1881
21273LH02 BHG E 16Inventory of James Pointer of Blakeney clerk (copy) MRO INV 31.231621
21272LH02 BHG E 15Inventory of Thomas Erington of Cley (copy)NRO INV 13.541596
21271LH02 BHG E 14Inventory of Nicholas Alexander of Cley mariner (copy)NRO INV 12.1561595
21270LH02 BHG E 13Wills of Francis Wace 1721, Frances Church 1716, John Lowne 1718, Philip Narborough 1726, Thomas Starling 1792, Henry Starling 1832 (all of Blakeney, brief summaries)NRO NCC wills1716-1832
21269LH02 BHG E 12Inventory of Robert Hare mariner (transcript)NRO ANW 23.24.771749
21268LH02 BHG E 11Will of Arthur Browne gentleman (summary)NRO NCC.33.(MF 96)1726
21267LH02 BHG E 10Blakeney census by household (copy)NRO PD 619.311770
21266LH02 BHG E 9Blakeney parish register, baptisms marriages & burials, annual totals 1538-1965 (prepared by K Allen)NRO MC 106.9 (560 x 6)1538-1965
21265LH02 BHG E 8Inventory of John Rumball of Blakeney yeoman (copy)NRO ANW 23.5.471700
21264LH02 BHG E 7Inventory of William Bower of Blakeney (copy)NRO ANW 23.3.1391674
21263LH02 BHG E 6Inventory of Robert Hare of Blakeney mariner (copy)NRO ANW 23.24.771749
21262LH02 BHG E 5Inventory of Nicholas Church of Blakeney glazier (copy)NRO ANW 23.6.181706
21261LH02 BHG E 4Inventory of Edmund Beavis of Blakeney carpenter (copy)NRO ANW 23.8.791701
21260LH02 BHG E 3Inventory of John Springold of Blakeney gentleman (copy)NRO ANW 23.1.1351682
21259LH02 BHG E 1Frere MSS for Blakeney Parts 1 & 2 (copies)NRO NNAS Box 1 K.12.C
21258.06LB02 BHG F 35Langham glebe (copy)NRO RH 1141619
21258.05LB02 BHG F 35Langham description of fields (60 pages, copy)NRO RH 1141619
21258.04LB02 BHG F 35Morston glebe (copy)NRO RH 1141636
21258.03LB02 BHG F 35Morston glebe (copy)NRO RH 1141619
21258.02LB02 BHG F 35Cockthorpe terrier (copy)NRO RH 1141585
21258.01LB02 BHG F 35Morston description of fields (31 pages, copy)NRO RH 1141619
21257LB02 BHG F 34Sale of Cley manor etc Hobart to Beales with ref to Thornham’s Eye (short summary)TNA Beales PCC will 49 Byrde1624
21256LB02 BHG F 33Manorial rents accounts & admissions C17th (summaries)NRO Townshend 138 & 134
21255LB02 BHG F 32Leases for the George 1681 (Wilch) and sheepwalk etc1686 (Palmer) in Cley (summary)NRO NRS 20471a 37 C 5 NRO NRS 23761 Z1081681-1686
21254LB02 BHG F 31Lands sown in Morston field (copy)NRO Townshend Box 561672
21253LB02 BHG F 30Plans of Wells (1780) Lynn & Yarmouth (copies) with Yarmouth port book extract 1447/8 (transcript)
21252LB02 BHG F 29Blakeney Harbour entrance c.1800 (copy)NRO MC 284/4 X/T 200E1800-1900
21251LB02 BHG F 28Blakeney Harbour (copy)Collins 1693
21250LB02 BHG F 27Morston sketch maps of field boundaries (copies)NRO RH 1141619
21249LB02 BHG F 26Manorial quitrents, Morston (copy) NRO DCN 51.661597
21248LB02 BHG F 24Morston pre-Reformation field book, incomplete probably late C15 (copy)NRO Townshend 172 MS 1591 1.D.4
21247LB02 BHG F 23White Horse Blakeney, abstract of title (summary)NRO MC 106.3 (560 x 5)1697-1804
21246LB02 BHG F 22Snitterley Astley manorial admissions (short summaries)NRO Loynes & Baron 3 & 41697-1804
21245LB02 BHG F 20Wiveton Ducis admission of J Springold (summary)NRO MS 19622
21244LB02 BHG F 19Account book of Henry Calthorpe, rector (copy)NRO PD 619.421777
21243LB02 BHG F 17Account book of Henry Calthorpe, rector (pt transcript)NRO PD 619.421738-1742
21242LB02 BHG F 15Snitterley Astley admission of J Springold (transcript)NRO MS 19622
21241LB02 BHG F 14Manorial suit roll Astley Calthorpe Wiveton Ducis (copies) NRO MS 19623 2.1.C1816
21240LB02 BHG F 13Manorial quitrents, Astley Calthorpe Wiveton Ducis (copies) NRO MS 19623 2.1.C1803
21239LB02 BHG F 12Wiveton Briggs court book (copy)NRO MS 19875 2.2.F1733-1764
21238LB02 BHG F 11Wiveton Branchall manorial survey C18 (transcript)NRO MS 19876 2.2.F
21237LB02 BHG F 10Cley Inclosure Act (part, copy)NRO MS 18623.31 (365 x 3)1821
21236LB02 BHG F 9Blakeney & Wiveton inclosure award, roads (copy)NRO MS 18623.18 (365 x 3)1824
21235LB02 BHG F 8Manorial quitrents, Astley Calthorpe Wiveton Ducis (copies) NRO MS 19623 2.1.C1796
21234LB02 BHG F 7Blakeney Inclosure objection by Thomas Crofts (copy)NRO PD 619.581821
21233LB02 BHG F 6Blakeney Inclosure award to J Cotterill clerk (copy)NRO PD 619.581824
21232LB02 BHG F 4Manorial quitrents, Astley Calthorpe Wiveton Ducis (copies) NRO MS 19623 2.1.C1791
21231LB02 BHG F 3Manorial quitrents, Astley Calthorpe Wiveton Ducis (copies) NRO MS 19623 2.1.C1789
21230LB02 BHG F 2Manorial quitrents, Astley Calthorpe Wiveton Ducis (copies) NRO MS 19623 2.1.C1763
21229LB02 BHG F 1Blakeney & Wiveton Inclosure Statement of Claims (copy)NRO PD 619.581820
21228LH02 BHG H 30Holt Hundred parishes muster (copy)Norfolk Record Soc. Vol. VI1577
21227LH02 BHG H 28Holt Hundred parishes ship money (copy)Mason’s History of Norfolk1636
21226LH02 BHG H 27Langham Churchwardens & overseers accounts (copy)NRO Martyn 1604
21225LH02 BHG H 26Wiveton churchwardens & overseers accounts (copy)NRO Martyn 1604
21224LH02 BHG H 25Cley churchwardens & overseers accounts (copy)NRO Martyn 1605
21223LH02 BHG H 24Morston churchwardens & overseers accounts (copy)NRO Martyn 1605
21222LB02 BHG H 23Morston glebe terrier (copy)NRO DN TER 1041677
21221LB02 BHG H 22Langham glebe terrier (copy)NRO DN TER 961677
21220LH02 BHG H 21Morston churchwardens & overseers accounts (copy)NRO MS 20421 (126 x 6)1601
21219LB02 BHG H 20Blakeney Cley Langham Morston & Wiveton land tax assessments (copies)NRO C.5cd.2.22.21786-1787
21218LB02 BHG H 19Blakeney tithes (copy)NRO PD 619.501780
21217LB02 BHG H 14Holt Hundred parishes hearth tax 1664 & 1666 (copies)Norfolk Genealogy 15 & 201664-1666
21216LH02 BHG H 13Blakeney poor rate assessment names (transcript)1814
21215LH02 BHG H 12Blakeney disbursements for poor relief (transcript)1814
21214LH02 BHG H 11Blakeney with Glandford glebe terrier (transcript)NRO TER 21.2.141777
21213LH02 BHG H 10Blakeney highway rate assessments (transcript)1837
21212LH02 BHG H 9Blakeney poor rate assessments (transcript)1830
21211LB02 BHG H 7Blakeney glebe terrier (copy)NRO TER 21.2.51723
21210LH02 BHG H 5Holt Hundred parishes muster (copy)NRO MS 2649 3 A 21601
21209LB02 BHG H 4Cley glebe terrier (copy)NRO TER 46.5.181791
21208LB02 BHG H 3Cley glebe terrier (copy)NRO TER 46.5.691723
21207LB02 BHG H 2Cley glebe terrier (copy)NRO TER 46.5.11677
21206MT02 BHG G 24Ship lists for north Norfolk ports (Bacon Papers Vol 2)Hassell Smith 1580
21205MT02 BHG G 23Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171780
21204MT02 BHG G 22Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171780-1781
21203MT02 BHG G 21Blakeney Port Books Coastal (transcript)NRO MC 106.171780-1781
21202MT02 BHG G 20Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171780
21201MT02 BHG G 19Blakeney Port Books Coastal (transcript)NRO MC 106.171780
21200MT02 BHG G 18Blakeney Port Books Coastal (transcript)NRO MC 106.171726
21199MT02 BHG G 17Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171725-1726
21198MT02 BHG G 16Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171725-1726
21197MT02 BHG G 15Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171725-1726
21196MT02 BHG G 14Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171725-1726
21195MT02 BHG G 13Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171700-1701
21194MT02 BHG G 12Blakeney Port Books Coastal (transcript)NRO MC 106.171638-1739
21193MT02 BHG G 11Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171617-1618
21192MT02 BHG G 10Blakeney Port Books Coastal (transcript)NRO MC 106.171613-1614
21191MT02 BHG G 9Blakeney Port Books Coastal (transcript)NRO MC 106.171601
21190MT02 BHG G 8Blakeney Port Books Coastal (transcript)NRO MC 106.171600-1601
21189MT02 BHG G 7Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171600-1601
21188MT02 BHG G 6Blakeney Port Books Coastal (transcript)NRO MC 106.171600-1601
21187MT02 BHG G 5Blakeney Port Books Overseas and coastal (transcript)NRO MC 106.171572-1573
21186MT02 BHG G 4Blakeney Port Books Overseas (transcript)NRO MC 106.171566
21185MT02 BHG G 3Victualling lists for Cley ships C16 (copy) NRO Aylsham 158
21184MT02 BHG G 2Victualling lists for Yarmouth ships C16 (copy) NRO Aylsham 158
21183MT02 BHG G 1The Maritime Trade of the Port of Blakeney 1587-90 (Norfolk Record Society Vol VIII 1936)Cozens-Hardy1936
21182LB02 M 8Conveyance of Blakeney house Alfred Jodrell to WJJ Bolding1897
21181LB02 M 7Bedside Manor, Blakeney, deeds 1935-89 (x11)1935-1989
21180LB02 M 6Mortgage for J Temple to purchase property in Blakeney1827
21179LB02 M 5No. 22 High St, Blakeney, deeds 1873-1969 (x55) 1873-1969
21178LB02 M 3Methodist Church deeds 1786-1967 (x12) 1786-1967
21177LB02 M 2Leatherdale Yard, Blakeney, deeds 1881-1947 (x13)1881-1947
21176MT02 Glaven Shipping boxVoyages of the brigs Elizabeth (1869-71) and Mary (1871-76) of Cley : transcript of journalMann1871-1876
21175LB04 Cley papersThe Fire at Cley 1612Cozens-Hardy1929
21174MC04 Tim BirkinPhoto of Tim Birkin’s bier arriving at Blakeney church1933
21173LB04 File Blakeney imagesPhotos of old postcards of Blakeney Quay (x5)
21172MC09 ShelfRecollections of a North Norfolk schoolboy & his World War Two years in IndiaHigh 2021
21171.03LB13 Photo Box 1Additional photos & postcards (Claxton)
21171.02MC04 File People & GroupsPhotos of some Blakeney School pupils (x2) c.1927 & 19331927-1933
21171.01LB04 File BAHS ImagesPhotos & postcards of Blakeney & elsewhere (x22)
21170MC04 Cley PapersFood ration books of Jean Barnard of Cley 1953/4Ministry of Food1953
21169MC04 Cley PapersSome old Cley Characters (photocopy)Starr1992
21168MT09 ShelfThis was formerly a Port called Blakeney and CleyHooton 2021
21167LB09 ShelfA Vanishing Landscape : Archaeological Investigations at Blakeney EyeField2021
21166FH08 File WillsWill of Augustine SpaulSpaul1797
21165FH08 File WillsWill of John PowdichePowdiche1591
21164FH08 Family ProfilesShort family trees
21163FH08 ShelfWright & Dew family records
21162FH08 ShelfThompson family records
21161FH08 ShelfTemple of Blakeney family nrecords
21160FH08 ShelfShorting & Harvey family trcords
21159FH08 ShelfRounce & Golding family records
21158FH08 ShelfRamm of Wiveton family records
21157FH08 ShelfPowditch papers
21156FH08 ShelfPigott of Salthouse family records
21155FH08 ShelfPlumb & Ryman family records
21154FH08 ShelfNess & Simpson family records
21153FH08 ShelfMayes family tecords
21152FH08 ShelfKerrison family records
21151FH08 ShelfFox family records
21150FH08 ShelfForsdick family trcords
21149FH08 ShelfEmery, Butters & Wrench family records
21148FH08 ShelfEllis of Wells family records including Crown Hotel
21147FH08 ShelfCadamy family records
21146FH08 ShelfBrereton family records
21145FH08 ShelfBishop & Brett family records
21144FH08 ShelfBaker family records
21143FH08 ShelfAnderson family records
21142FH08 ShelfFamily history records :
21141FH08 Box 4: Skeleton treesShort records of individual families
21140LB03 RS 20Pillboxes between Blakeney and Sheringham : Map
21139MT02 ShelfSeamen, mariners & masters A to Z
21138LB02 Estate Auction PapersBlakeney Downs, Rubery Hill & agricultural land : sale by auction in 13 lots1929
21137LB02 Estate Auction PapersRed House, Crown & Anchor, maltings & cottages : sale by auction in 5 lots by direction of Augustus Hill1915
21136LB02 Estate Auction PapersWhitefriars Blakeney : Property details for sale by auction1939
21135FH02 South Shields boxSouth Shields census 1871 : People born in Glaven area1871
21134LB05 Salthouse Heath barrowsNotes on Salthouse Heath barrows, with other papersFerroussat
21133LB05 Maps : Blakeney areaMaps 1586 – 2005 (x 45) Including Darby Collins Cranefield Faden Bryant, Palmer & OS1586-2005
21132LB05 File Maps 6in : 1mOS maps : Villages Stiffkey to Salthouse (6in : 1m)Ordnance Survey1886
21131LB05 Langham Field BookLangham Field Book : Tudor periodSymond1619
21130PR05 Cley School registersCley School Infant class registers 1912-1919Cley School1912-1919
21129.07PR04 Blakeney School Miscellaneous (L)Blakeney School : MiscellaneousFerroussat
21129.06PR04 Blakeney School pupil name indexBlakeney School Admissions Register 1864-1912 : Name indexWright1864-1912
21129.05PR05 Blakeney School Managers Minute bookBlakeney School Managers’ Minute Book 1903-1978Blakeney School1903-1978
21129.04PR05 Blakeney School Logbook 1896-1952Blakeney School Log Book 1896-1952Blakeney School1896-1952
21129.03PR05 Blakeney School Logbook 1863-1896Blakeney School Log Book 1863-1896Blakeney School1863-1896
21129.02PR05 Blakeney School Admissions Register 1912-1933Blakeney School Admissions Register 1912-1933Blakeney School1912-1933
21129.01PR05 Blakeney School Admissions Register 1864-1912Blakeney School Admissions Register 1864-1912Blakeney School1864-1912
21128LB05 Crown Inn WellsCrown Inn Hotel, Buttlands, Wells 1822-1912
21127LB05 Blakeney OversizeConveyance of Calthorpe Arms bowling green to Steward & Patteson (previously M 9)1911
21126LB05 Blakeney OversizeCalthorpe Auction Catalogue, Blakeney (no plans)Messrs Spelman1911
21125LB05 Calthorpe Auction CatalogueCalthorpe Auction Catalogue, Blakeney (with plans)Messrs Spelman1911
21124LH05 Newspaper CuttingsNewspaper cuttings 1984 & 2001-081984-2008
21123MT05 Blakeney Harbour Co Account BookBlakeney Harbour Account Book 1859-1882 (ship movements)Blakeney Harbour Co1859-1882
21122LH05 Rechabite CertificateRechabite Cetificate : Blakeney No. 1641 (copy)Independent Order of Rechabites1898
21121LH05 Allen Brass RubbingsBrass rubbings from Cley & Wiveton churchesAllen
21120LB(D4) File OS maps 2500OS maps Blakeney area (1:2500) (folded x12)Ordnance Survey1974
21119LB(D4) Small map boxCromer : Reprint of OS First Edition (1 in to 1 m)Ordnance Survey (No. 38)1887
21118LB12 FolderTectonic map of Gt Britain and Northern IrelandInstitute of Geological Sciences1966
21117LH04 Wells booklet boxWalsingham Millennial Historical Handbook (x12)Fears2000
21116LH04 Cley booklet boxCley : Living with memories of greatnessBrookes1998
21115LH04 Blakeney booklet boxThe Glaven Valley : Further Historical JottingsMellor1994
21114LH04 Blakeney booklet boxThe Glaven Valley : Historical JottingsMellor1989
21113MC09 ShelfThe Life and Work of John Craske (New edition)Coleman2021
21112.19LH12 H 6Scrapbook 2006 – 2010Claxton2006-2010
21112.18LH12 H 5Scrapbook 1995 – 2005Claxton1995-2005
21112.17LH12 H 4Scrapbook 1988 – 1994Claxton1988-1994
21112.16LH12 H 3Scrapbook 1982 – 1987Claxton1982-1987
21112.15LH12 H 2Scrapbook 1976 – 1981Claxton1976-1981
21112.14LH12 H 1Scrapbook 1928 – 1975Claxton1928-1975
21112.13EV04 Tim BirkinBirkin rally at Blakeney : Photographs (x10)1993
21112.12LB04 Blakeney Papers 2Papers re Footpath Order at Blakeney (Saxlingham Rd to Wiveton Rd)2012
21112.11EV04 Blakeney ChurchBBC broadcast : Songs of Praise from Blakeney church1996
21112.10EV04 Blakeney ChurchBlakeney church concert programmes (x6) 1954-20161954-2016
21112.09EV04 Blakeney ChurchInstallation service for Rev Batcock2006
21112.08EV04 Blakeney ChurchInduction service for Bishop O’Rorke1924
21112.07OR04 Blakeney Papers 3St Margaret’s Guest House, Blakeney : TariffHigh
21112.06LH04 Blakeney booklet boxEchoes from Blakeney (late 1940s)Bond
21112.05LH04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney NorfolkJ B 1929
21112.04EV10 Box 3Radio Norfolk ‘Bran Tub’ programme on Blakeney (with D Bedwell, S Long, S Loose & T Wright) (Tape)Radio Norfolk1992
21112.03OR04 Blakeney PlayersBlakeney Players programmeBlakeney Players1971
21112.02OR04 Blakeney Papers 1Blakeney Sea Scouts newsletters 1974 & 1975Blakeney Sea Scouts1974-1975
21112.01OR04 Blakeney Papers 4Blakeney Parish Council newsletter Blakeney Parish Council1963
21111MT09 ShelfSaltwater, Webbed feet and BlackpowderRichards & Novorol2018
21100LB04 Blakeney Papers 2Blakeney Village Guidelines, adopted Dec 1985North Norfolk District Council 1985
21109OR04 Blakeney Papers 3White Horse Hotel : Tariffs 1990-1992White Horse Hotel1990-1992
21108OR04 Blakeney Papers 3Invoice : Cockaday to M Page re work at Hill HouseCockaday & Son1952
21107OR04 Blakeney Papers 3Blakeney Guild of Many Crafts : Papers 1951 and 1987-9Blakeney Guild of Many Crafts1951-1989
21106LB04 Blakeney Papers 2Correspondence re 9th Public Road [Carnser] with copy of conveyance of foreshore to National TrustNorfolk County Council1992
21105LB04 Blakeney Papers 2Correspondence re future of Blakeney GuildhallEnglish Heritage1992
21104LB09 ShelfBlakeney Harbour : Proposed Habitat Conservation Strategy : Discussion paperEnglish Nature1994
21103LB09 ShelfBlakeney Harbour : Proposed new Morston SSSI boundaryNature Conservancy Council1985
21102LB09 ShelfBlakeney Harbour : Proposed East Flood GateArthur1985
21101OR04 Blakeney Papers 3Invoice : Page & Turner to Goulden of AylshamPage & Turner1915
21100LB09 Cley booklet boxThe 1953 and 1993 FloodsButtercup Joe1993
21099LB13 PocketManorial quit rent receipts 1795-1893 for properties adjacent Wiveton Bell1795-1893
21098OR04 Blakeney Papers 4Blakeney Annual Parish Meeting papers 1980-87Blakeney Parish Council1980-1987
21097LB02 ShelfNorfolk Archaeology 1923-24, 1974-2008Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society1923-2008
21096LH(D1) Glaven Historian boxThe Glaven Historian : Journal of rhe Blakeney Area Historical Society (annual 1998-2008 then biennial to date)BAHS
21095.03LB05 Blakeney HydrologyBlakeney New Cut : Siltation study by consultants for Blakeney PC and National Trust1986
21095.02LB05 Blakeney HydrologyBlakeney Freshes : Survey of water levels 1990Pye1991
21095.01LB05 Blakeney HydrologyBlakeney New Cut : Annual surveys 1984-91 to assess effect of dredgingPye1992
21094LB02 ShelfGuidelines for Archaeological Projects (detailed papers)2000
21093LB02 BoxJournal of the British Archaeological Association 1973,1974,1976, 1977British Archaeol Association1973-1977
21092LH12 G4 and G5Scrapbooks 2007-08 & 2008-10 : General inc BlakeneyFerroussat2007-2010
21091MT13 BoxCley Regatta tankard : Engraved 3 July 18681868
21090LH01 ShelfBlakeney area : Cuttings 1750 to dateBAHS1750-1950
21089LB01 ShelfCley marshes : Cuttings 1926-20141926-2014
21088LB01 ShelfBlakeney Point & Blakeney Eye : Cuttings 1912-20161912-2016
21087MT02 File Maritime PapersA C19th ship yard model from WellsStammers1997
21086MT02 File Maritime PapersMerchant Sailing Ships 1850-1875MacGregor1984
21085LB(D4) Oversize map boxesBlakeney Inclosure map of 18241824
21084LB(D4) Oversize map boxesTracing of 1586 map of Blakeney harbour from C19th copy (by K Allen)Darby1586
21083LB(D4) Oversize map boxesTracing of 1769 map of Blakeney fields (by K Allen)Cranefield1769
21082LB(D4) Oversize map boxesEast Anglia from Space (photograph)M SAT Ltd1997
21081LB(D4) Oversize map boxesAdmiralty chart Skegness to Blakeney (1in : 1m)Admiralty1873
21080LB01 Blakeney Duck PondBlakeney Duck Pond : Cuttings
21079MC01 Norfolk FairExtracts 1967-1976 in 2 files (1 with index)1967-1976
21078LB01 Public HousesLocal public houses from website
21077LB01 Mills and MillersMills and millers from website
21076MC04 Cozens-Hardy boxAspects of Aristocracy : The Cozens-Hardys of Letheringsett (with list of publications by Basil Cozens-Hardy)Cannadine1994
21075MC04 Cozens-Hardy boxThe Papers of B Cozens-Hardy
21074MC13 PocketLetter from Brig General Townshend describing the battle at Quebec Sept 1759Townshend1759
21073EV13 PocketMotor tours of Norfolk : Brochure by Green and Grey Coaches of Cromer
21072MC13 PocketThe Blakeney Book : Memories printed for his familyLinnell
21071EV04 Blakeney regattaBlakeney Regatta poster for 1939Blakeney Regatta Cte1939
21070OR13 PocketBlakeney Methodist Church accounts 1955-19691955-1969
21069OR04 Blakeney Papers 1Glaven Caring Newsletters (1-24) 1977-1993Glaven Caring1977-2016
21068LB09 ShelfReport of the 2004 Annual Norfolk Coast AONB Community ConferenceNorfolk Coast Partnership2004
21067MC09 ShelfBrereton : A family historyBrereton1919
21066LB02 Archaeology boxThe West Runton Elephant : Discovery and ExcavationStuart1997
21065LB02 Archaeology boxDigging Ditches : Archaeology and Development in NorwichAyres et al1992
21064LB02 Archaeology boxDigging under the Doorstep : Recent excavations in NorwichAyers1983
21063LB02 Archaeology boxDigging Deeper : Recent Archaeology in NorwichAyers1885
21062LB02 Archaeology boxLife on a Medieval Street : Alms Lane, NorwichAtkin & Margeson1985
21061LB02 Archaeology boxCurrent Archaeology No. 170 : Norwich Special IssueCurrent Archaeology2000
21060LB02 Archaeology boxPortable Antiquities : 3rd Annual Report 1999-2000Dept for Culture Media & Sport2001
21059LB02 Archaeology boxThe Mildenhall TreasurePainter1977
21058LB09 ShelfPlanning and Design Guide, North NorfolkNorth Norfolk District Council1989
21057LB09 ShelfSurveyors’ Allotments in North Norfolk : A DirectoryNorth Norfolk District Council1998
21056LB09 ShelfHistoric Landscape Characterisation : Conservation Bulletin No. 47English Heritage2004
21055LB09 ShelfEuropean Habitats Directive 1994English Nature1994
21054LB09 ShelfWash & North Norfolk European Marine Site : Meeting notes 19.10.2010North Norfolk Coast Advisory Group2010
21053LB09 ShelfVisitor Management Strategy for the Norfolk coastNorfolk Coast Project1995
21052LB09 ShelfNorth Norfolk Shoreline Management Plan : Summary of Draft PlanEnvironment Agency2009
21051.02LB09 ShelfNorth Norfolk Shoreline Management Plan : Sheringham to Snettisham : Final Vol. 2Environment Agency1996
21051.01LB09 ShelfNorth Norfolk Shoreline Management Plan : Sheringham to Snettisham : Final Vol. 1Environment Agency1996
21050.03LB09 ShelfNorth Norfolk Local Development Framework : Site specific proposals for coastal service villagesNorth Norfolk District Council2006
21050.02LB09 ShelfNorth Norfolk Local Development Framework : Site specific proposals : Preferred optionsNorth Norfolk District Council2006
21050.01LB09 ShelfNorth Norfolk Local Development Framework : Core strategy : Preferred optionsNorth Norfolk District Council2006
21049LB09 ShelfA Flora of NorfolkBeckett & Bull1999
21048LH09 ShelfCatalogue of Ancient MSS & Early Printed Books in the Brotherton Library, LeedsSymington (Ed.)1931
21047EV09 ShelfPhotographic record of Blakeney Church events to celebrate ERII Golden JubileeHill & Hill2002
21046FH08 FH Box 3Identifying your WW1 Soldier from badges and photographsSwinnerton2001
21045FH08 FH Box 3Land and Window Tax AssessmentsGibson et al1993
21044FH08 FH Box 3Bishops’ Transcripts and Marriage Licences, Bonds and AllegationsGibson1991
21043FH08 FH Box 3My Ancestors were Manorial TenantsPark1994
21042LH09 ShelfSjoran Og Siglingar : Ensk-islensk samskipti 1580-1630Thorlaksson1999
21041LB09 ShelfSurvey Gazetteer of the British Isles (9th edit.)Bartholomew
21040OR09 ShelfRunning a Local History Society : Charlton KingsPaget1988
21039.03LH09 ShelfAmateur Historian Vol.7 No.1Standing Conf for Local History
21039.02LH09 ShelfAmateur Historian Vol.6 No.5Standing Conf for Local History1964
21039.01LH09 ShelfAmateur Historian Vol.5 No.5Standing Conf for Local History1962
21038LB09 ShelfParish ChurchesCox & Ford1934
21037LB09 ShelfCollins Guide to the English Parish ChurchesBetjeman1958
21036LB09 ShelfCompanion to the English Parish ChurchFriar1996
21035LB09 ShelfTreasures for the future : Norfolk Churches Trust 1976-2001Roberts (Ed.)2001
21034LH09 ShelfFeudalismCritchley1978
21033LB09 ShelfMedieval BridgesCook1998
21032LB09 ShelfThe Norwich BlackfriarsSutermeister1977
21031LH09 ShelfNorfolk : A Shell GuideHarrod et al1966
21030LB09 ShelfThe Geology of NorfolkLarwood & Funnell1961
21029LB09 ShelfA Festival of Norfolk ArchaeologyMargeson 1996
21028LH09 ShelfThe Treasure Act 1996Dept of National Heritage1997
21027LH09 ShelfRevised Medieval Latin Word-listLatham1965
21026LH09 ShelfThe Handwriting of English DocumentsHector1958
21025LH09 ShelfHandbook of DatesCheney1961
21024LH09 ShelfThe Record InterpreterMartin1910
21023LH09 ShelfLatin for Local HistoryGooder1961
21022LB09 ShelfA Medieval Farming Glossary : Latin & EnglishFisher 1968
21021LH09 ShelfIntroduction to medieval LatinStrecker1965
21020LH09 ShelfSources for English Local HistoryStephens1973
21019LH09 ShelfA Companion Guide to East AngliaSeymour1970
21018MT09 ShelfThe Glaven Ports : A Maritime History of Blakeney Cley and Wiveton in North NorfolkHooton1996
21017MT09 ShelfNewcastle Chamberlains’ Accounts 1508-1511Fraser1987
21016LB09 ShelfBlakeney Point 1913 : Report of Committee of Management and Laboratory ReportNational Trust1914
21015LH09 ShelfThe Papers of Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey Vol 4 1596-1602Morgan et al 2000
21014LH09 ShelfThe Papers of Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey Vol 3 1586-1595Smith et al1987
21013LB09 ShelfRecording Timber-framed Buildings : An illustrated glossaryAlcock et al1996
21012OR04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney Methodist Church 1812-1997Ferroussat (Ed.)1997
21011MT04 Wells booklet boxPort of Wells 2011Wells Harbour Commissioners2011
21010MT04 Wells booklet boxShipwrecks & Rescues off Wells : The Memoirs of W J Harman 18154-1944Walker (Ed.)1995
21009FH07 BoxRemembrance Cycle Rides : Norfolk War MemorialsOsborne1999
21008LB08 ShelfExploring Local HistoryGriffin & Lomas1997
21007LB11 Slide boxSlides of Blakeney quay and Cley church (x 22)Bealby
21006LB04 Blakeney ExcavationsPhotos & notes of excavations in the Blakeney areaFerroussat
21005PR04 Blakeney Methodist ChurchBlakeney Chapel : Papers inc baptisms 1862-1989 and Sunday school pupils 1899-1916Ferroussat (Ed.)1862-1989
21004LB02 BHG F InclosureInclosure Act Cley & Wiveton 1821George IV1821
21003EV04 Wells booklet boxThe Holkham Murder of 1851Welland2020
21002MT09 ShelfShifting Sands : The Rise & Fall of the Glaven PortsSayers2021
21001LB09 ShelfPhotographs of Blakeney buildings in c.2000Cucksey2021
20025.02LB03 RS 16ABlakeney Eye Project 1998-99 : Results of SurveysBAHS1998-1999
20025.01LB03 RS 16Blakeney Eye Project 1998-99 : Preparation & operationBAHS1998-1999
20024OR04 Blakeney Papers 3Blakeney Manor Hotel : Tariffs 1974-90Manor Hotel1974-1990
20023LB03 RS 20Wartime fixed defences : Norfolk records 1945-63 with later surveysWright1995
20022MC10 Hardy boxesMary Hardy’s Diary 1773-1809 (photocopy)Hardy1773-1809
20021MT02 File RNLI & BHARNLI records of Blakeney Lifeboats (with CD)RNLI1863-1935
20020.03LB04 Cley PapersProposed work to raise bank in Cley village 1993-95National Rivers Authority1993
20020.02LB04 Cley PapersCley sea defences phase 2 : Setting out detailsNational Rivers Authority1993
20020.01LB04 Cley PapersCley sea defences phase 2 : Site plan National Rivers Authority1993
20019.02LB04 Cley PapersCley Marshes : Parcels sold by A Cozens-Hardy to Norfolk Naturalists TrustCozens-Hardy1927
20019.01LB04 Cley PapersCley Marshes : Conveyance A Cozens-Hardy to Norfolk Naturalists TrustCozens-Hardy1927
20018OR12 Drawer 2Copper Tea Pot : Poster for tearoomEaton
20017LB02 ShelfNorfolk Archaeology 2018 & 2019Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society2018-2019
20016.02OR02 M 16Blakeney Hotel : Menus for MayBlakeney Hotel1964
20016.01OR02 M 16Blakeney Hotel : Brochure with tariffBlakeney Hotel1948
20015EV04 Blakeney regattaBlakeney Regatta programme (with account of regatta 1863)Blakeney Regatta Cte1963
20014.02OR07 BSC boxBlakeney Sailing Club : Jubilee Book 1939-1989Blakeney Sailing Club1989
20014.01OR07 ShelfBlakeney Sailing Club : Yearbooks for 1973 & 1990-2019Blakeney Sailing Club1973-2019
20013FH02 ShelfNorfolk Ancestor : Sept 2020 (June issue on-line)Norfolk Family History Society2020
20012LB02 File Property salesBlakeney property sale particulars (x24)
20011MC04 Tim BirkinTim Birkin : Cuttings re death and funeralEastern Daily Press1933
20010OR04 Blakeney Papers 4Blakeney PC : Agendas and Newsletters 2000-2016Blakeney Parish Council2000-2016
20009FH09 ShelfJW [Allen] : A Biography [1853-1937]Russ2019
20008PR04 Electoral RollsBlakeney Electoral RollNorth Norfolk District Council1999
20007EV04 Blakeney regattaBlakeney Regatta programmes (x3)Blakeney Regatta Cte
20006LH09 ShelfMary Hardy and her World 1773-1809 Vol 4 : Under Sail and Under Arms Bird2020
20005LH09 ShelfMary Hardy and her World 1773-1809 Vol 3 : Spiritual and Social ForcesBird2020
20004LH09 ShelfMary Hardy and her World 1773-1809 Vol 2 : Barley Beer and the Working Year1 : A Working FamilyBird2020
20003LH09 ShelfMary Hardy and her World 1773-1809 Vol 1 : A Working FamilyBird2020
20002MT04 History of CleyThe Trading History of Cley (Dissertation typescript))Dickinson1956
20001LB09 ShelfNorwich 1945-1960 : Journey from Austerity to ProsperityHolmes & Holmes2017
19065OR02 Letheringsett PapersWarnes & Bicknell Buses & Lorries (‘Maggie May’)Battersby2013
19064OR04 Blakeney Papers 1Blakeney Sailing Club : Yearbook 1961Blakeney Sailing Club1961
19063MT02 ShelfEast Coast Mariner (incorprating Norfolk Sailor) No. 20Norfolk Nautical Society1973
19062LB09 ShelfBurnham Norton FriaryChester-Kadwell2019
19061MT02 File RNLI & BHABlakeney Lifeboats : Selected records 1863-1924RNLI1863-1924
19060OR04 Blakeney Papers 1Blakeney Quay : Sim posts (Roderick Sim 1868-1908)Moore2019
19059MT02 File RNLI & BHABlakeney Lifeboats : Notes for a historyFaulkner
19058MT04 ShelfThe Trading History of Cley (Dissertation)Dickinson1956
19057OR04 Blakeney Papers 4Blakeney PC : Annual parish meetings, reports & newsletters 1962-2006Blakeney Parish Council1962-2006
19056OR04 Blakeney Papers 1Blakeney Neighbourhood Housing Society : AGM Minutes 2009-2019 and Chairman’s reports 2015-2019 Blakeney Neighbourhood Housing Society2009-2019
19055OR02 File RNLI & BHABlakeney Harbour Association : AGM papers 2016 & 2019Blakeney Harbour Association2016-2019
19054PR04 VH & PavilionBlakeney PC and Village Hall & Pavilion Trust : Trust deed1980
19053EV04 Cley booklet boxWedding dresses at Cley church : Exhibition catalogue2019
19052MT02 File ShipwrecksWreck of the Hjordis at Blakeney 1916Gresham2016
19051OR02 Wells LHG boxWells Local History Group Newsletters : 62 issues to dateWells Local History Group
19050MT02 File ShipwrecksBlakeney Disaster 1861 [8 men drowned]Gresham2019
19049MT02 File Ships A-ZJane Hannah : Revised note sent to JH Restoration GroupWright & Arthur2019
19048LB03 RS 19Blakeney Esker Project papersBlakeney Esker Group 2001
19047OR04 Wardrobe SocietyIrene Johnson 1883-1973 (Blakeney Players) : Obituary1973
19046EV04 VH & PavilonFestival Year 1951 : Programme of local eventsFestival Year Cte1951
19045MC04 Cley booklet boxButtercup’s War at Cley-next-the-Sea 1931-1945Buttercup Joe
19044LB04 Misc booklet boxA Stroll through Georgian HoltBenson2006
19043MC04 Cley booklet boxCley : Village memoriesStarr1989
19042LH04 Cley booklet boxThe History of Cley-next-the-SeaStephenson1967
19041MC04 Blakeney booklet boxMemories, recollections and reflectionsBlakeney School2001
19040LH04 Blakeney booklet box30 Years of BlakeneyHayward
19039LH04 Blakeney booklet boxHave you heard about Blakeney ? (3rd edition)Brooks2001
19038LH04 Blakeney booklet boxThe Story of BlakeneyStephenson1970
19037LH04 Blakeney booklet boxEchoes from Blakeney (late 1940s)Bond
19036LH04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney in the Eighteenth Century (3rd edition – blue)Blakeney History Grouo2010
19035LH04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney in the Eighteenth Century (2nd edition yellow)Blakeney History Grouo2002
19034LH04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney in the Eighteenth Century (1st edition – green)Blakeney History Grouo1991
19033MT09 ShelfEast Anglians against the TricolourFoynes2016
19032LH09 ShelfA Norfolk NotebookRider Haggard1946
19031LH09 ShelfOnce upon a TideSayers 2015
19030LH09 ShelfStiffkey with Cockthorpe : A story of Norfolk peopleStiffkey Local History Group2013
19029MC09 ShelfThe Troublesome Priest : Harold DavidsonTucker 2007
19028MC09 ShelfIsland of TernsChestney 1993
19027MC09 ShelfDon’t hassle me, I’m local (by Vaughan Balding)Vaughan2005
19026MT09 ShelfAdmiral Sir Cloudesley ShovellHarris2003
19025LB09 ShelfSilent Sentinels : Norfolk’s fixed defences in WW 1 & 2Bird1999
19024MT02 File Ships A-ZJane Hannah ex-lifeboat : A note on its historyWright & Arthur2019
19023LB04 PR Blakeney ChurchBlakeney Church Hall : A note on its originWright2019
19022PR04 PR Stiffkey ChurchStiffkey Black Book : church info compiled by rector 1932-42 inc inscriptions & terriers (with notes by donor)Rev Fitch1932-1942
19021LH09 ShelfA History of Norfolk Barringer2019
19020OR04 Cley PapersCley Amateur Dramatic Society programmes (x3)Cley Amateur Dramatic Soc
19019EV04 VH & PavilonBlakeney Coronation celebrations (inc ref to gift by Mr & Mrs Page of land in High St for carpark, garden and playgroundBlakeney Coronation Cte1937
19018EV04 VH & PavilonBlakeney Carnival programmes 1985 & 19881985-1988
19017MC04 WW2 Auxiliary UnitsWW2 Auxiliary Units : Personal experience of J EverettEverett2005
19016MC02 Flora & fauna boxCley Bird Club Newsletters Nos 61-78 for 2001-07Cley Bird Club2001-2007
19015.02OR09 ShelfThe Last DitchLampe1968
19014LB02 Small boxFire insurance plaque from 81 High St BlakeneyGuardian Assurance Co
19013EV04 VH & PavilonBlakeney Tempo programmeBlak VH & Pavilion Trust1981
19012LH04 ShelfHistory of Salthouse to 1840Stagg1934
19011OR04 Blakeney PlayersBlakeney Players programmes (long series)Blakeney Players
19010EV04 Blakeney regattaBlakeney Regatta programmesBlakeney Regatta Cte
19009MC04 Tim BirkinTim Birkin : Newspaper cutting (inc ref to Blakeney)Eastern Daily Press2003
19008LB09 ShelfHalls of Zion : Chapels and Meeting Houses in NorfolkEde et al1994
19007EV04 Blakeney booklet boxCatalogue of WW1 centenary exhib in Blakeney churchPeake & Peake2018
19006MT(D4) FramedPhotograph on front page of The Observer : Harry and Robin Bishop as worm diggers Observer newspaper1954
19005LB02 ShelfNorfolk Archaeology 2009, 2013-2016Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society2013-2016
19004OR02 River Glaven boxRiver Glaven Conservation Group Newsletters from 2007 (Spring & Autumn)River Glaven Conservation Group2007-2018
19003EV04 Blakeney regattaBlakeney Regatta programmeBlakeney Regatta Cte1958
19002LB04 Blakeney QuayBlakeney quay reconstruction 2002-03 : photos (x16)Singleton2003
19001LB03 RS 18Chapel survey of Holt Hundred : survey sheets and photosWright1991
18023LB09 ShelfWiveton Conservation Area : Appraisal & Management Plan : Consultation draftNorth Norfolk District Council2018
18022LB09 ShelfMorston Conservation Area : Appraisal & Management Plan : Consultation draftNorth Norfolk District Council2018
18021LB09 ShelfCley Conservation Area : Appraisal & Management Plan : Consultation draftNorth Norfolk District Council2018
18020LB09 ShelfBlakeney Conservation Area : Appraisal & Management Plan : Consultation draftNorth Norfolk District Council2018
18019LB03 RS 17Surveys of 83-89 High St Blakeney 1998 & 2013Wright2013
18018EV04 VH & PavilonBlakeney carnival programme 19871987
18017PR04 Blakeney Papers 4Blakeney Annual Parish Newsletters (1993, 1995, 1996)Blakeney Parish Council 1993-1996
18016EV04 Blakeney PlayersBlakeney Players programmes (x4)Blakeney Players1981-2012
18015OR04 Blakeney booklet boxFifty Years of Village Housing and Conservation 1946-96Blakeney Neighbourhood Housing Society1996
18014EV04 Blakeney regattaBlakeney Regatta programmes (x33)Blakeney Regatta Cte1963-2012
18013LB(D4) Small map boxMap of E Anglia & E Midlands 1cm : 2 km
18012LB(D4) Small map boxOS map of E Anglia ¼ in scale (military edition)Ordnance Survey1940
18011OR02 M.16Blakeney Hotel brochure with tariffBlakeney Hotel1951
18010LH09 ShelfOxford Dictionary of English Placenames (4th edit)Ekwall1960
18009FH(D4) Tube BR 3Brass rubbing of John Symondes with wife Agnes & 8 children of Cley1512
18008FH(D4) Tube BR 3Brass rubbing of John Cremer with wife & 7 children of Snettisham1610
18007FH(D4) Tube BR 4Brass rubbing of George Brigg with wife Ann of Wiveton1597
18006FH(D4) Tube BR 2Brass rubbing of Walter Aslake of N Creake (1504) and William Bishop of Wiveton (1512) with one other1504-1512
18005FH(D4) Tube BR 2Brass rubbing of Henry Clederow with wife Joan of Little Walsingham (wrong title on rubbing)1509
18004FH(D4) Tube BR 2Brass rubbing of Thomas Shernbourne with wife Jamon of Shernbourne1458
18003FH(D4) Tube BR 2Brass rubbing of Richard Makyngs rector of Morston1596
18002.02LB04 Cley booklet boxHungate stained glass trails Nos 1-8 (inc Cley)St Peter Hungate (Norwich)
18002.01LB04 Binham booklet boxHungate rood screen trails No. 4 (inc Cley & Morston)St Peter Hungate (Norwich)
18001MC01 File SB 09Letter from Mrs Watson-Kennedy entering 3 fillies in stud book of Suffolk Horse Society with replyWatson-Kennedy1935
17019LB02 No. 11Letheringsett Brewery
17018LB02 M 45Particulars … Business Property, High St Blakeney.
Owner Mr A.M.Pond
17016.07LB12 FolderNature Conservancy Council : Shooting grounds
North Norfolk Coast, 4 & 5 (Scale 1: 15000)
17016.06LB12 FolderNature Conservancy Council : North Norfolk Coast – West
17016.05LB12 FolderNature Conservancy Council : North Norfolk Coast – East
17016.04LB12 FolderAs 17016.03 but with land not previously notified under Section 23 shaded
17016.03LB12 FolderNature Conservancy Council : Coastal area (1 : 50,000)
17016.02LB12 FolderBlakeney & District Wildfowlers Association Shooting Grounds 19831983
17016.01LB12 FolderBlakeney & District Wildfowlers Association Shooting Grounds
17016LB12 FolderBlakeney & District Wildfowlers Association and Nature Conservancy Maps
17015MC04 ShelfA Century of Faces and PlacesEntwistle2002
17014MC04 Wells booklet boxDon't tread on the Butterflies – StiffkeySternberg2000
17013MC04 ShelfThe Ives CollectionIves2017
17012LB04 ShelfReport on Archaeological Monitoring, St. Margaret of Antioch Church, CleyBates2016
17011LH04 ShelfAylsham DirectoriesAylsham Local History Society2004
17010LH04 Binham booklet boxRequiem for a village : HindringhamWyer1983
17009MC04 Misc booklet boxSimple Miracles : Kelling SchoolBrown1982
17008MC09 ShelfThree GenerationsKetton-Cremer1992
17007LH03 Methodist book boxThe Baptists in NorfolkJewson1957
17006MC04 Wells booklet boxRecollections of WellsStone
17005.05LB02 M 44/5Private Treaty 1977 1977
17005.04LB02 M 44/4Public Auction 1978 1978
17005.03LB02 M 44/3Conveyance 1951 1951
17005.02LB02 M 44/2Conveyance 1946 1946
17005.01LB02 M 44/1Conveyance 1938 1938
17005LB02 M 44Allendune / Mallard's Reach, Blakeney
17004LH04 ShelfHistory of SalthouseStagg1934
17003LB04 File Peter CatlingCollection of 41 photographs (inc CD)Catling
17001LB09 ShelfBeautiful Norfolk Buildings Vol.III
Binham, 4 Walks & 4 Bike Rides
16009LB02 M 43No.100 High Street, Blakeney
16008LB03 RS 15Disaster recovery (Wiveton)Lewis2016
16007LB02 M 42Morningthorpe Sale2016
16006LH09 ShelfOld Balaclava
Private James Olley, Norfolk Survivor of the Charge of the Light Brigade.
James Olley was born in Hanworth and lived in Southrepps, Bacton, Holt, Blakeney, Cley, Salthouse, Lyng and Elsing
Benson & Jefferson2016
16005MT02 Glaven Shipping boxDinghy Cruising Magazine, Winter edition
Dinghy Cruising Magazine, Summer edition
16004LB04 File Peter CatlingPhotographs of CleyCatling
16003LB13 PocketWrought Ironwork Part 1 IndexRural Industries Bureau
16002MT09 ShelfNelsonLewis2005
16001.03LB02 M 41/3War Dept. 19 North St, Langham1959
16001.02LB02 M 41/2War Dept. 5A North St, Langham 1940-1960
16001.01LB02 M 41/1Utility Bills re 7 Stonefield Rd, Baconsthorpe
16001LB02 M 41The Gidney Deposit
15008LB02 M 40/8Undated photograph of Magavelda
15007.07LB02 M 40/7Land Search1987
15007.06LB02 M 40/6Legal Charge 19791979
15007.05LB02 M 40/5Assent to freehold property 19531953
15007.04MC02 M 40/4Abstract of the Will, Death and Probate M Sprott1927-1953
15007.03LB02 M 40/3Licence to take water1930
15007.02LB02 M 40/2Conveyance of Magavelda, 19281928
15007.01LB02 M 40/1Conveyance of land, 19261926
15007LB02 M 40Magavelda, Blakeney; Deeds, writings etc
15006LH04 ShelfNorfolk Rural Schools Survey; CleyWright2009
15005LB02 M 39Abstract of the title of Alexander Crundall to Freehold Hereditaments pt. Blakeney Est.1911
15004.22LB02 M 38/22Arts and Crafts Houses, not dated
15004.21LB02 M 38/21Sketch plan for fireplace
15004.20LB02 M 38/20No.1 The Butts (x3) not dated
15004.19LB02 M 38/19Kingsway Field, not dated
15004.18LB02 M 38/18Extensions, Letter and Plan2008
15004.17LB02 M 38/17Erection of Porch at No.1. The Butts1997
15004.16LB02 M 38/16Land Registry search1998
15004.15LB02 M 38/15Sale Particulars for No.2 The Butts1998
15004.14LB02 M 38/14New House Survey1995
15004.13LB02 M 38/13Land Registry x 21993
15004.12LB02 M 38/12Eastern Electricity1990
15004.11LB02 M 38/11Conveyance D.Raiswell to D. Anderson x 3 1990
15004.10LB02 M 38/10Repairs to roof for Mr D. A. Raiswell
15004.09LB02 M 38/9Fences and Hedges x 21985-1988
15004.08LB02 M 38/8Conversion of 1 house into 3 1976
15004.07LB02 M 38/7Abstract of title to land in 2 parts1963
15004.06LB02 M 38/6Conveyance D. Crichton to D. Hobday x 21962
15004.05LB02 M 38/5Conveyance D. Crichton to G.R. Hayward1961
15004.04LB02 M 38/4Conveyance, Dr.E.S.Reid to Mrs D. Crichton1957
15004.03LB02 M 38/3Country Life, Sale advertisement1956
15004.02LB02 M 38/2The Butts, brief early history
15004.01LB02 M 38/1Photographic record of the Butts inc conversion work 2006 (x52) 1915-2011
15004LB02 M 38The Butts, Blakeney; Deeds, writings etc.Burrows
15003PR04 ShelfLangham Churchwardens Accounts (Transcript)1752-1881
15002MC04 ShelfOnce upon a tideSayers2015
15001LH04 ShelfWells next the Sea; a small port and a wide worldArguile2014
14027LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 9 No 12011
14026LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 8 No 52010
14025LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 7 No 32003
14024LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 7 No 22002
14023LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 6 No 41999
14022LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 6 No 31998
14021LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 6 No 2 1997
14020LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 6 No 1 1996
14019LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 5 No 5 1995
14018LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 5 No 4 1994
14017LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 5 No 3 1993
14016LB02 ShelfNIAS Vol 5 No 2 1992
14015LB02 ShelfNIAS 1970-1995 1995
14014LB04 Misc booklet boxA stroll through Georgian HoltBenson2004
14013MC04 Misc booklet boxLife on Two Norfolk FarmsScott2002
14012MC10 GVN PhotosGlaven Valley Newsletter Cover photographs 2001-2014Cucksey2001-2014
14011MC04 ShelfThe Glaven Ports; People and PlacesShand Kendall et al2014
14010FH08 ShelfLincoln Family History FolderThompson 2014
14008LB11 Newspapers box 1Newspaper cuttings of 20th century floods
14007LB13 FramedCley Church, etchingCotman
14006LB13 MountedEson's Bridge, tinted etchingCotman
14005LB(D4) FramedBlakeney Harbour by Palmer, framed mapPalmer1835
14004OR04 ShelfBlakeney Wardrobe Society RecordsBlakeney Wardrobe Society
14003LH04 ShelfA Victorian Gentleman's North NorfolkJefferson2013
14002LH04 ShelfStiffkey with CockthorpeStiffkey Local History Group2013
13037OR09 ShelfHistory of Hamilton Acorn: Norfolk Brushmakers since 1746Clark1996
13035OR10 CD Box 1"Maggie May" Warne and Bicknell buses and lorries Letheringsett to 1936 and United Automobile Services LtdBattersby2013
13034FH08 ShelfRev H A Bishop of Cley2013
13033LH04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney: A short historyC1984
13032FH08 ShelfLincoln Family History Folder2013
13031LB02 ShelfTracing your House HistoryBlanchard2013
13028LH04 Cley 1841 Census & TitheThe Social Geography of Cley 1841 (see article in Glaven Historian 14)Dunn2013
13027.15LH02 M 37/15Letter concerning Elizabeth I’s stockings1959
13027.14MC02 M 37/14Motor Fuel Ration Book
13027.13LH02 M 37/13Extract from White's Norfolk1845
13027.12LB02 M 37/12Particulars and Condition of Sale of freehold Occupation Farm "Orchard Farm" Langham 162 Acres with house, shop and 6 cottages1939
13027.11LB02 M 37/11Cottage at the Green, Langham 19651965
13027.10LB02 M 37/10House at Hollow Lane, Langham, letters (x2), preliminary sketches and plans (x2)
13027.09LB02 M 37/9Proposed Blakeney Feeder Main: Langham to Morston1971
13027.08LB02 M 37/8Part of Langham village and plot to east of Hall
13027.07LB02 M 37/7Plan of Land Adjoining Mr Faulkner's Cottage and Langham Village cottages
13027.06LB02 M 37/6Langham Norfolk O.S 1 x 6 and 10 part of1906
13027.05LH02 M 37/5Min Ag & Fisheries, Women's Land Army Jan 1943, June 1943 (x2), Dec 19431943
13027.04LB02 M 37/4Duplicate of 13027.3 but unsigned1940
13027.03LB02 M 37/3Langham Hall - Record of Condition of Premises, Fixtures and Fittings Requisitioned by the Air Ministry, as at the Commencement of Occupation Req No REQ/WA7/216 Oct 19401940
13027.02LB02 M 37/2Plans of Langham Hall, location map, ground & first floors
13027.01LB02 M 37/1Estate at Langham property of F B Ryder Esq with annotated notes
13027LB02 M 37Ryder Deposit, concerning Langham (1900s)
13026LB02 M 36Sale of Plot of land at Newgate Farm, Cley including Abstract of Title 1966
13025LB03 RS 15Test Pits at Wiveton, articles plus photographs2006-2008
13023LH01 ShelfNewspaper cuttings c.1900-1950s (Parker) 1900-1960
13022LB09 ShelfLetheringsett: The Industrial History of a Norfolk VillageDurst2013
13021MC09 ShelfFull ThrottleBirkin1964
13020MC02 No. 10A: Memoranda of certain remarkable events and occurences whether Astronomical, Atmospherical, Political or Domestic. 1833 - 1855. B: Diary of William Hardy Cozens- Hardy 1858 - 1895 PhotocopyCozens1833-1895
13019LB02 Letheringsett box 1The Garden of Norfolk or the Rural Residence (photocopy of part relevant to Letheringsett)Stones
13018LB02 No. 9Letheringsett Water Mill Restoration 1983-1986Mayes1983-1986
13017LH04 Cley booklet boxRalph Greneway's CharityPeake2013
13016MC04 Misc booklet boxHome for the Holidays: A Norfolk PaintboxHenderson2013
13015LB04 ShelfShifting SandsStoddart2013
13014MT02 Glaven Shipping boxThe Loss of the Thetis, 5th April 1799Osler2013
13013LH09 ShelfThe Aviation HistorianStroud2013
13012MC09 ShelfThe Remaining Diary of Mary HardyBird (Ed.)2013
13011MC09 ShelfThe Diary of Mary Hardy Vol 4Bird (Ed.)2013
13010MC09 ShelfThe Diary of Mary Hardy Vol 3Bird (Ed.)2013
13009MC09 ShelfThe Diary of Mary Hardy Vol 2Bird (Ed.)2013
13008MC09 ShelfThe Diary of Mary Hardy Vol 1Bird (Ed.)2013
13007.12LB02 TubNo.12 Letheringsett The Glebe Openings 1965-2000 1965-2000
13007.11LB02 TubLetheringsett The Glebe, photographs 1978-1995 1978-1995
13007.10LB02 TubLetheringsett The Glebe, photographs 1966-1978 1966-1978
13007.09LB02 TubLetheringsett Creating the Glebe Water Garden 1987
13007.08LB02 TubLetheringsett The Glebe, photographs 1965-2000 1965-2000
13007.07LB02 ShelfLetheringsett Estate Garden 1996-1999 1996-1999
13007.06LB02 ShelfLetheringsett Estate Garden 1991-1998 with gardener's history 1991-1998
13007.05LB02 ShelfLetheringsett Estate Garden 1988-1990 1988-1990
13007.04LB02 ShelfLetheringsett Estate Garden 1985-1987 1985-1987
13007.03LB02 ShelfLetheringsett Estate and Hall Cottage 1982-1985 1982-1985
13007.02LB02 ShelfLetheringsett Estate and Hall Cottage 1980-1982 1980-1982
13007.01LB02 ShelfLetheringsett Hall and Estate Gardens, and Hall Cottage, 1961, 1977, 1979 and 1981 1961-1981
13007MC02 ShelfLetheringsett, The Garden Collection (see items)
13006.09LB02 TubMagazine articles on Letheringsett/Cley (x6)
1. Lovely Letheringsett (Woman's Weekly 2nd May 1995)
2. Glaven of Peace (EDP Issue 5 Sep 1999)
3. Village Voice (Norfolk Fair Aug 1983)
4. Down by the Stream (The English Garden Feb 2000)
5. Letheringsett Hall (Country Life Jan 5th 1967)
6. A Floating Mirror of Wild Norfolk (Country Life Sep 30th 1976)
13006.08LB02 No. 3Foundry House, Letheringsett 1960-1980 1960-1980
13006.07MC02 TubPocket Book of small portraits and designsSatchy1761
13006.06LH02 ShelfLetheringsett Estate Wages Book for Market garden 1951-1975 1951-1975
13006.05LB02 ShelfLetheringsett Hall walled in garden & kitchen gardens 1800-1984 1800-1984
13006.04MC02 No. 8The Cley Hall Cozens-Hardy families, Letheringsett Hall gardens and gardeners, Hall Farm, saw-mill, kitchen garden & the Glebe
13006.03LB02 No. 7Cozens-Hardy Vault Renovations, 1996 1996
13006.02MC02 No. 7Letheringsett : Cozens-Hardy photographs (ex tin trunk)
13006.01MC02 Nos 4 – 6Letheringsett : Hardy and Cozens-Hardy Album (now split into 3 volumes)
13006MC02 ShelfLetheringsett Village (see individual items)
13005MC09 ShelfWithin Living MemoryNorfolk Federation of Women’s Institutes1973
13004MC09 ShelfNorfolk Countrywomen's YearNorfolk Federation of Women’s Institutes1982
12050MC02 Nos 1 – 3Letheringsett Village Scenes & History, presented in three volumes1800-2000
12047EV04 Blakeney Papers 5Blakeney Festival Exhibition inc proposal for Craft Guild1951
12046MT02 ShelfNorth Norfolk Coastguards, 19th century2012
12045MT02 Glaven Shipping boxBlakeney Pilots and their families: 1800 onwards2012
12042FH08 ShelfMallett Family History Folder2012
12038LH02 Letheringsett box 2Letheringsett Hall & Estate Gardener's Diaries, 1872-1876Woodhouse1872-1876
12037MC02 ShelfLetheringset & Little Thornage Cricket Club, 15th March 1922 to 25th April 19521922-1952
12036MC02 No. 2Letheringsett WI 40th Birthday Party 1960Letheringsett W I 1960
12035MC02 ShelfLetheringsett WI Minute Book 1920-1925Letheringsett W I 1920-1925
12033MC02 ShelfLetheringsett WI Village Notes: Vols 1 & 2Letheringsett W I 1937
12032FH08 ShelfTemples of Morston Family History Folder 2012
12031FH08 ShelfNurse Family History Folder 2012
12028MC10 CD Box 2Memories of Cley, from Arthur CoeRev Hunt 2012
12027PR04 ShelfSurvey of Wiveton Churchyard and Church Monumental InscriptionsWomen’s Institute
12026FH08 ShelfOur Second Trip; a holiday in MorstonAnon1939
12025FH08 ShelfMemories of a Norfolk ChildhoodSimonds1991
12024LB02 M 35Sale Particulars of Estates in Blakeney and WivetonWaller1839
12023LB02 M 34The Friary, Blakeney; Draft Sale ParticularsJackson-Stops2012
12022LB02 M 33Family Residence (Manor Farm House) Blakeney, Sale ParticularsStangroom1929
12021LB02 M 32The Morston Estate Sale ParticularsAndrews & Dewing1936
12020MT02 File Ships A-ZBoy John Registration Records searchWright1998
12018LB04 File Blakeney imagesPhotographs Samphire Close, Blakeney (x5)Ferroussat2010-2011
12017LB13 Photo Box 1Water Colour Blakeney by CarnserPartner
12016LB13 Photo Box 1Pencil sketch postcards Cley & Blakeney (x4)Judges
12014MT02 ShelfVictorian North Norfolk Sailing ShipsStammers2012
12013MC04 ShelfFair Waved the Corn; Weybourne Remembered 1920-1940Nurse2011
12012MT02 ShelfMaritime NorfolkMalster2012
12011MC09 ShelfThe Paston LettersGairdner1986
12010LB09 ShelfThe Icknield WayBulfield1973
12009LH09 ShelfEarly Modern EnglandSharpe1997
12008LB09 ShelfCley Marsh and its BirdsBishop1983
12007MT02 ShelfCaptain MarryatPocock2000
12006LH09 ShelfThe Origns of NorfolkWilliamson1993
12005LB04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney PointHanson-Smith1983
12004FH04 Misc booklet boxThe Smiths of RyburghWharton1990
12003OR04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney Methodist Church 1812-2012Blakeney Methodist Church2012
12002MC04 Cley booklet boxThe Story of Blacksmith's Forge at CleyLeigh
12001LH04 Binham booklet boxRAF Langham 1940-1958Bartram2012
11035LH09 ShelfEast Anglia Clarke1960
11033MT04 ShelfThe Trials of Wells HarbourBarney2000
11032LH09 ShelfEast Anglian Society and the Political Community of Late Medieval EnglandVirgoe1997
11031LH09 ShelfThe Papers of Nathaniel Bacon Vol 2 1578-1585Smith et al1983
11030LH09 ShelfThe Papers of Nathaniel Bacon Vol 1 1556-1577Smith et al1979
11029LB02 M 31Auction Former Ship Inn, Blakeney1968
11028LH04 ShelfThe Book of the BurnhamsBurnhams Society History Group2011
11026MC04 File Cley imagesDisplaced persons camp Cley BeachTansley1946
11025MT04 ShelfWildfowling at WellsThatcher et al2011
11024LB09 ShelfConservation Advice NotesPortable Antiquities Scheme2005
11023LB09 ShelfAdvice for FindersPortable Antiquities Scheme2006
11022MC04 Cozens-Hardy boxThe Life of the Hon. Beryl Gladys Cozens-Hardy, OBE an ObituaryBird2011
11021MC04 Blakeney booklet boxCooke Cameos 1911-2011Cooke2011
11020FH08 ShelfThe Pond Family MSS
11019MC04 Blakeney booklet box30 Years of BlakeneyHayward1978
11018MT02 ShelfShipbulding at Wells in the 18th and 19th CenturiesStammers2011
11017LH09 ShelfThe Parish ChestTate1983
11016LH04 ShelfMorston : Its History, Wildlife and PeopleMorston Parish Council2005
11015LB02 M 30Vintage Cottage, Cley; Copies and Transcript of Deeds, 1945 -1991 1945-1991
11014OR(D3) TubsBlakeney Wildfowlers Records
11013LB(D4) Oversize map boxesOrdnance Survey Sheets, second edition 25.344 ins to a statute mile, 4 sections ( 2 with trimmed edges). An estate outlined in red (believed to be Harrison). Sections are; IX.I, IX.2, IX..6 and IX.7 Stiffkey to Morston 1906
11012LB(D4) Oversize map boxesPlan of Marshes and Building Sites at Cley-next-the-Sea for sale by Auction, 1926 (Glaven River to East Bank) (See M 13/4) 1926
11011LB(D4) Oversize map boxesGuildhall Blakeney: Ministry of Works Survey (X 3) Plan 1922 (with ref to heraldry on walls) and sections 1958 1958
11010LB(D4) Oversize map boxesCley Tithe Map, portions of Pt 1 X 6 (Newgate & southwards) 1841
11009LB(D4) Oversize map boxesPoster: Auction details of Residence and Garden also Maltings, Brewery and Public House on the Quay, etc. 4 August, 1915 (Red House and Crown & Anchor PH 1915
11008LB(D4) Oversize map boxesPlan of an Estate at Blakeney, Wiveton and Langham for sale by Auction 18 July 1906 (Includes ‘Page’s field’ and Hotel pastures) 1906
11007LB02 M 26Conveyance of Stonecutters Cottage, Cley 1930
11006OR04 Blakeney Papers 5Blakeney Women's Institute Programs 1973-1990 (x12) 1973-1990
11005MT02 File A-Z Ship imagesPhotograph of Cruizer and a wreck (x3) Thompson
11003LB04 ShelfSheringham Preservation Society;Town WalkAyers
11002LH04 Misc booklet boxBrancaster StaitheSoissons1993
11001LB13 DrawerPhotographs of the Wiveton Dig (x19)Cucksey
10025FH08 File WillsWill of William Laurence of WivetonLaurence1839
10024LH04 ShelfThe North Norfolk CoastMeeres2010
10023LB09 ShelfWilliam Faden and Norfolk's 18th C LandscapeMacnair & Williamson2010
10022LB02 M 25Deeds for Westgate St properties (mostly No. 18)1829-1992
10021LB02 M 24Deeds for Hilldrop Cottage, Wiveton1913-1940
10020FH08 Brereton fileThe Mary Dowell Sampler (16 postcards)2010
10017MT02 ShelfAn Act For Improving the Harbour of Blakeney, within the Port of Blakeney and Clay.1817
10016MT02 File A-Z Ship imagesPhotographs of Blakeney Quay (x2)
10015MT02 File A-Z Ship imagesPhotographs of Taffy (x2)
10014MT02 File Ships A-ZThe Lifeboat Augusta (Sheringham) articleBlake1934
10012MC04 ShelfThe Hill CollectionHill2010
10011OR02 M 16Blakeney Hotel (brochure)Blakeney Hotel
10010MC01 BoxEarly Memories of BlakeneyFerroussat2010
10009OR04 Blakeney Papers 1Blakeney Golf Course and Club HousePage
10008MC01 ShelfA Funny Thing Happened to me on the Way to the Flight DeckPage2010
10007MC01 BoxMemories of Blakeney in the Twenties and ThirtiesPage2010
10006EV04 Blakeney regattaBlakeney Regatta 1863-1963Blakeney Regatta Cte1963
10005LB09 ShelfThe Rebirth of Norfolk and Norwich Hospital 1874-1883Taylor2000
10004LB09 ShelfChange and Continuity in the Cottage Hospitals c.1859-1948Cherry1992
10003LH09 ShelfSources for the History of Medicine in Late Medieval EnglandRawcliffe1998
10002LH09 ShelfThe Papers of Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey Vol 5 1603-1607Morgan et al 2010
10001OR13 DrawerBlakeney and Cley Golf Club Minute Book
09046LH08 FH Box 3The Protestation Returns 1641-42Gibson & Dell2004
09045FH08 FH Box 3Tracing your Catholic Ancestry in EnglandGandy2002
09044FH08 FH Box 3Lunatics in England & Wales for Family HistoriansFaithfull2002
09043MT08 FH Box 3Nelson's Navy 1793-1815Gregson2006
09042LH08 FH Box 2The Wesleyan Methodist Historic RollRatcliffe2005
09041LB09 ShelfThe Brasses of Norfolk ChurchesGreenwood & Norris1976
09040LB09 ShelfSculptured Monuments in Norfolk ChurchesSpencer1977
09039LB09 ShelfNorfolk Country Churches & the FutureHarrod1972
09038LB09 ShelfManaging the Coast . North Norfolk Shoreline Managemet Plan (Draft) (with CD)North Norfolk Coast Partnership2009
09037MC09 ShelfThe Workhouse CookbookHigginbotham2008
09036MC09 ShelfThe Quest of a PilgrimAnon
09035LB09 ShelfThe Bath House HotelHarbord & Boyce2001
09034LH09 ShelfA Guide to Local Studies in East YorkshireDyson1985
09033LB09 ShelfCoast Protection BillGeorge VI1948
09032MC04 Cley booklet boxThe Eagle has FlownHiggins1998
09031OR04 ShelfRestoration of the Blakeney Cope1998
09030LB09 ShelfNorfolk Airfields Pt INorfolk & Suffolk Aviation1987
09029LH09 ShelfEast Anglia Wallace1942
09028LB(D4) Small map boxNorfolk (2½ in to 1 mile) with railways inc Holt to BlakeneyJarrold
09027LB04 Blakeney Papers 2Correspondence re Guildhall1985
09024MC02 M 13Obituaries for Mrs H M Knott1960
09023LB02 Estate Auction PapersMorston Hall Sale of Dairy and Brewing Utensils etc (121 lots with prices paid).1838
09022LB10 CD Box 1Conservation Statement for former Lifeboat House on Blakeney Point2009
09021LB02 M 23Cley Hall Estate, Public Inquiry Maps (with CD)2009
09020LB02 M 21Deeds of Mariners Cottage, Morston Rd2009
09019FH08 ShelfAn Autobiography and Family HistoryChapman2009
09018MC09 ShelfBrackles : Memoirs of a Pioneer of Civil AviationBrackley1952
09017MC09 ShelfThe Banville DiariesVirgoe & Yaxley1986
09016LB09 ShelfThe Country Houses of NorfolkWinkley1986
09015LH04 ShelfThe Book of HindringhamHindringham History Group2009
09014PR11 M/fiche box (18)Thornage Parish Registers (6 fiches) NRO
09013.02PR11 M/film box D6Beechamwell Parish RegistersNRO MF 695
09013.01PR11 M/film box D6Salthouse Parish RegisterNRO MF 695
09012PR04 ShelfThe Monumental Inscriptions of All Saints ThornageSemple2007
09011MC04 Cley booklet boxCley Village MemoriesStarr1989
09010LB02 Archaeology boxSHARP Report No. 4Sedgeford Historical and Arch. Research Project1999
09009LB09 ShelfBlakeney Village Design Statement1998
09008LB09 ShelfNorwich the growth of a cityGreen et al 1981
09007LB02 Archaeology boxInside Norfolk Churches with Mr BulwerNorfolk Museums Service1995
09006LB09 ShelfPlanning and Design Guide, North NorfolkNorth Norfolk District Council1989
09005LH04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney in the Eighteenth CenturyBlakeney History Group1991
09004LB09 ShelfDecoy SitesFairhead1996
09002LB04 File Cley imagesCley postcard copies (x2)
09001LH03 RS 14Kelling and Weybourne MA dissertation (See Glaven Historian 11)Worton2008
08021FH08 FH Box 2Norfolk, A Genealogical BibliographyRaymond1996
08020LB08 FH Box 1Land and Window Tax AssessmentsGibson2004
08019FH08 FH Box 1Friendly Society RecordsLogan2000
08018LH08 FH Box 1Poor Law Union Records, SE and East AngliaGibson2005
08017FH07 Wooden boxTracing your First World War AncestorsFowler2003
08016FH07 Wooden boxWorld War I Army AncestryHolding2003
08015FH07 Wooden boxMore sources of WWI Army AncestryHolding1998
08014LB04 ShelfConservation Management Plan for a Walled Kitchen Garden at Wiveton HallCecil2007
08013MC09 ShelfNorfolk LifeRider Haggard1943
08012LB09 ShelfThe Vernacular Architecture of BrecklandMason2007
08011MC04 ShelfThe Wells Murder of 1817Welland2005
08010MT02 Glaven Shipping boxShipwreck Index of Ireland and Index to Volumes 1-6Larn & Larn2002
08009LB04 ShelfBeach House/Marine ViewBoyce2001
08008MC01 BoxPhilip Page remembers : Blakeney in the 1920s and 1930sPage2008
08007MT02 File Maritime PapersList of Wells Vessels compiled by Mrs Groom 1850-1900. Transcript and listBunting2008
08006LB04 File BAHS ImagesPhotocopies of coastal photographs, 1953,1980Reese2008
08005LB12 FolderChart : Orfordness to Blakeney (showing mined areas)Admiralty1941
08004LB02 M 20Schedule of the Title Deeds and Documents relating to 130 High Street, Blakeney, 11 papers1926-1992
08003.05MC04 Bolding boxWe lived by the Sea. Norfolk Fair JanuaryJennis1974
08003.04MC04 Bolding boxA Norfolk village before the change. Norfolk Fair NovemberJennis1974
08003.03MC04 Bolding boxOur village has changed. Norfolk Fair December1974
08003.02MC04 Bolding boxW J J Bolding. Norfolk Fair September 1977Middleton1977
08003.01MC04 Bolding boxThe country Portraits of William Bolding. Norfolk Fair OctoberMiddleton1977
08002MC01 BoxA funny thing happened on the way to the flight deck or Philip's Wartime MemoriesPage2008
08001.09LB02 M 22/9Manorial admissions from Thurston bundle, Cley (x2)1757-1829
08001.08LB02 M 22/8Sale particulars of property in Cley and Holt1876
08001.07MT02 M 22/7The William & Thomas trading accounts (extract)1726-1733
08001.06LB02 M 22/6Conveyance of Lime Kiln Close to Erpingham RDC1952
08001.05LB02 M 22/5Inclosure award to W Hardy, Cley1824
08001.04LB02 M 22/4Sale particulars of Home Farm, Weybourne1952
08001.03LB02 M 22/3The Hamilton allotments (x1)1824
08001.02MT02 M 22/2Sale of the Enterprise1846
08001.01LB02 M 22/1Church Hill, Cley, deeds (x3)1883-1889
08001LB02 M 22Samples from Jennis & Bolding papers donated to NRO
07053FH08 ShelfHow to trace your WWI and WWII relatives
07052MT02 Glaven Shipping boxPeter Catling Collection of PhotographsCatling
07051MC01 ShelfSocial Dancing and Local Musicians2007
07050OR04 Blakeney Papers 4Blakeney Parish Council1962-2016
07049LB05 ShelfReader's Digest Complete Atlas of the British IslesReader’s Digest Association1965
07048LB03 RS 13Local Churches
07047FH08 ShelfA History of the Thompson-Pyman FamilyStorrier1978
07046.06MC02 M 18/6Probate of Will John Balls late of Burnham Overy, Norfolk Yeoman deceased1858
07046.05LB02 M 18/5Mortgage in Fee of an Estate at Holt, J Ward to S Bird1867
07046.04LB02 M 18/4Conveyance of Freehold Estate, G Bird Senr. to John Ward1867
07046.03LB02 M 18/3Transfer of Mortgage Ellis and others to G Bird Senr1862
07046.02LB02 M 18/2Mortgage of an Estate Harris to Ellis1835
07046.01LB02 M 18/1Appointment and Conveyance from R Nurse to use of W Clipperton1834
07046LB02 M 18Burroughes Deeds and Writings, Holt1834-1867
07045.43LB02 M 17/43Copy Conditional Surrender Mr Thomas Dew to Robert Bevan Esq. (Bundle 3)1831
07045.42LB02 M 17/42Acknowledgement of Satisfaction upon Mr Thos Dew conditional Surrender to Robt Bevan Esq (x2) (Bundle 3)1831
07045.41LB02 M 17/41Copy Admission of Frederick Bevan Esq. (Bundle 3)1846
07045.40LB02 M 17/40 (Bundle 3)1855
07045.39LB02 M 17/39Copy Admission of J Twiddy on the Surrender of Frederick Robert Bevan (Bundle 3)1855
07045.38LB02 M 17/38Abstract of title of Fredk Robt Bevan Esq. (Bundle 3)1855
07045.37LB02 M 17/37Copy Conditional Surrd for securing 44 pounds and interest T Dew to J Waller In Trust for Cley benefit Society (Bundle 3)1843
07045.36LB02 M 17/36Copy Admission G Dew as heir at law of Thomas Dew, decd (Bundle 3)1852
07045.35LB02 M 17/35Copy Absolute Surrender G Dew to J Twiddy (Bundle 3)1855
07045.34LB02 M 17/34Copy Admission of John Twiddy on the Surrender of George Dew (Bundle 3)1855
07045.33LB02 M 17/33Purchase of the Messuage and ground (Bundle 2)1844
07045.32LB02 M 17/32Copy Absolute Surrender John Currie Esq etc to Mr Wm Richardson (Bundle 2)1845
07045.31LB02 M 17/31Deed of Covenants to Mr Wm Richardson (Bundle 2)1845
07045.30LB02 M 17/30Copy Admission W Richardson on the Surrender of John Currie and Mary Elizabeth his wife and Charlotte Ann Legge (Bundle 2)1845
07045.29LB02 M 17/29Agreement between T Dew and Wm Richardson (Bundle 2)1847
07045.28LB02 M 17/28Copy Admission of Mrs S Richardson (Bundle 2)1849
07045.27LB02 M 17/27Copy Admission J R Richardson under Will of Sarah Richardson (Bundle 2)1861
07045.26LB02 M 17/26Conditions of Sale (Bundle 2)1861
07045.25LB02 M 17/25Abstract of title of John R Richardson (Bundle 2)1861
07045.24LB02 M 17/24Copy Absolute Surrender Mr John Raven Richardson to Mr John Twiddy (Bundle 2)1861
07045.23LB02 M 17/23Copy Admission of John Twiddy on the Surrender of John Raven Richardson (Bundle 2)1863
07045.22LB02 M 17/22Copy Admission of John Twiddy on the surrender of Dorothy Farthing (Bundle 2)1864
07045.21LB02 M 17/21Copy Conditional Surrender Mr John Twiddy to Mr Clarke Painter (Bundle 2)1865
07045.20LB02 M 17/20Notice to Mr John Twiddy of Cley to pay off Mortgage (Bundle 2)1877
07045.19LB02 M 17/19Copy Conditional Surrender of Mr John Twiddy to the Trustees of the Alexander Lodge of Odd Fellows (Bundle 2)1883
07045.18LB02 M 17/18Covenant Mr John Twiddy to the Trustees of the Alexander Lodge of Odd Fellows (Bundle 2)1883
07045.17LB02 M 17/17Warrant to enter satisfaction upon Conditional Surrender passed by John Twiddy to the late Mr Clarke Painter, deceased (Bundle 2)1883
07045.16LB02 M 17/16Admission of John Truscott Skrimshore, William Holmes Burrell and Charles John Knowles (Bundle 1)1901
07045.15LB02 M 17/15North British and Merchantile Insurance Company - Fire Policy 3607106 Loyal Alexander Lodge Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows (Bundle 1)1913
07045.14LB02 M 17/14Pencil note with 2 Will dates (Bundle 1)
07045.13LB02 M 17/13Estimate of enfranchisement fees (Bundle 1)1920
07045.12LB02 M 17/12Letter concerning Auction (Bundle 1)1923
07045.11LB02 M 17/11Letters re preparation of property for sale (x2) (Bundle 1)1923
07045.10LB02 M 17/10Auction Poster (Bundle 1)1923
07045.09LB02 M 17/9Correspondence (x3) (Bundle 1)1923-1924
07045.08LB02 M 17/8Admission of Messrs S L Gooch, B A Woodhouse and A Burrell (Bundle 1)1923
07045.07LB02 M 17/7Bill, E A Stangroom to Oddfellows Club, Holt (Bundle 1)1923
07045.06LB02 M 17/6Letter concerning Enfranchisement (Bundle 1)1831
07045.05LB02 M 17/5Bills, Mrs Burroughes to Wilkinson Davies, and Bridgwater (Bundle 1)1923-1924
07045.04LB02 M 17/4Enfranchisement (Bundle 1)1923
07045.03LB02 M 17/3Conveyance (Bundle 1)1924
07045.02LB02 M 17/2Mortgage (Bundle 1)1924
07045.01LB02 M 17/1List of 'Bundle of Old Deeds' (Bundle 1)1943
07045LB02 M 17Burroughes Deeds and Writings, Cley1831-1943
07044.03LB02 M 16/3Blakeney Hotel, Contractors Instructions
07044.02LB02 M 16/2History Blakeney Hotel, Part Two 1925-19281925-1928
07044.01LB02 M 16/1History Blakeney Hotel, Part One 1920-19241920-1924
07044LB02 M 16History of Blakeney Hotel 1920-19281920-1928
07043LB02 M 15Property in Wiveton, 3 leases (transcripts)1704-1794
07042FH10 CD Box 1Bolding Family photographs
07041FH10 CD Box 1Bolding Family photographs
07040LB10 CD Box 1Cley, photographs of postcards 3
07039LB10 CD Box 1Cley, photographs of postcards 2
07038LB10 CD Box 1Cley, photographs of postcards 1
07037FH08 ShelfRamm Family History FolderDobson2007
07036MC09 ShelfYour UnclesCooke & Cooke1950
07035MC10 CD Box 1When the Words SpinHarcourt2006
07034PR11 CD boxWiveton Records2007
07033PR11 CD boxWells RecordsNorfolk Family History Soc2007
07032PR11 CD boxSalthouse RecordsNorfolk Family History Soc2007
07031PR11 CD boxMorston RecordsNorfolk Family History Soc2007
07030PR11 CD boxLangham RecordsNorfolk Family History Soc2007
07029PR11 CD boxHolt RecordsNorfolk Family History Soc2007
07028PR11 CD boxCley RecordsNorfolk Family History Soc2007
07027PR11 CD boxBayfield RecordsNorfolk Family History Soc2007
07026PR11 CD boxBale RecordsNorfolk Family History Soc2007
07025MC04 ShelfThe Troublesome Priest, Harold Davidson Rector of StiffkeyTucker2007
07024LB10 CD Box 1St Margaret's Cley NTS The medieval Building HistoryRandall2007
07023.08MC02 M 13/23Will of Walter Kenneth Knott of Cley Hall1949
07023.07MC02 M 13/22Will of Helen Maguire Knott1957
07023.06MC02 M 13/21Will of Arthur Wrigley Cozens-Hardy1918
07023.05MC02 M 13/20Epitome of Will of Mary Cozens-Hardy1936
07023.04MC02 M 13/19Will of Mary Cozens Hardy1936
07023.03LB02 M 13/18Catalogue of the Contents of the Residence of Cley Hall (New Hall) for sale by auctionDraper1961
07023.02LH02 M 13/17The Lordship of Cley next the Sea, Norfolk, Book plate and arms of C W H Cozens Hardy
07023.01LB02 M 13/16Conveyance of Cley School1874
07022LB02 Archaeology boxMiscellany No 1Smithdon Local History Forum2001
07021LB02 Archaeology boxSHARP Report No. 3Sedgeford Historical and Arch. Research Project1998
07020LB09 ShelfEnglish Cottages and FarmhousesCook1982
07019LH09 ShelfBlack Faces, A history of East Anglian Sheep BreedsWade-Martins1993
07018LB09 ShelfA West Norfolk CameraAnckorn1981
07017LH04 ShelfKing's Lynn & Sandringham through the agesWentworth Day1977
07016LH09 ShelfThe Country Priest in English HistoryHart1959
07015LH09 ShelfPoverty and Vagrancy in Tudor EnglandPound1971
07014LH09 ShelfFamily History and Local History in EnglandHey1987
07013LB02 M 14Salt Marsh Cottage Cley, Abstract of Title1881-1915
07012FH02 Ancestor boxThe Norfolk Ancestor (1991 to date)Norfolk Family History Society
07011.06LB02 M 13/15Sale of Cley Estates 1839, NRO refsEbdon2007
07011.05LH02 M 13/14Aspects of Aristocracy (part)Cannadine1994
07011.04LB02 M 13/12The Lodge Cley, property detailsHurst
07011.03LB02 M 13/13Some Norfolk Halls, 1 pageClowes & Flowerdew1860
07011.02LB02 M 13/11Cley Hall (Norfolk Archaeology Vol 32.3)Cozens-Hardy1960
07011.01LB02 M 13/10Aerial photograph of Cley1964
07010.09LB02 M 13/9Inspection of Cley Allotments, Report (attached to 13/8)Ebdon2005
07010.08LB02 M 13/8Sale of former Allotment LandHornor Brown 2000
07010.07LB02 M 13/7Cley Land SaleCarter1900
07010.06LB02 M 13/6Conveyance between Cozens-Hardy and NCC1939
07010.05LB02 M 13/5Conveyance between Cozens-Hardy and RDC of Erpingham - Council House Land1936
07010.04LB02 M 13/4Wild Fowling Marshes, Cley Hall Estate, SaleHorner1926
07010.03LB02 M 13/3The Old Hall Cley next the Sea, Sale ofBrown1985
07010.02LB02 M 13/2Cley Hall Strutt & Parker1991
07010.01LB02 M 13/1The Cley Hall Estate, Auction detailsHorner1945
07010LB02 M 13Cley Hall Estate and related papers
07009MC04 Blakeney Papers 2Instructions for keeping Blakeney (Quay) ClockWallace
07008PR10 CD Box 1The Salthouse Buried Records, 1538-17132007
07007FH08 ShelfPinchen Family History (Folder)Thompson2007
07006PR07 ShelfRoll of Honour: WW1 & WW2 war memorials in local villages, names with some details2007
07005LB02 M 12Copy of Deed for Shipley House, Blakeney1952
07004OR04 Blakeney booklet boxSixty Years of Village Housing and Conservation. The story of Blakeney Neighbourhood Housing Society (1946-2006)Grove2006
07003LB09 ShelfPeriod House Fixtures and Fittings, 1300-1900Hall2005
07002LB09 ShelfThe English Mediaeval HouseWood1983
07001PR11 CD Box 2Blakeney RecordsNorfolk Family History Soc2006
06081LB03 RS 10Cockthorpe (See Glaven Historian 9)BAHS2006
06080LB03 RS 8Wiveton and GlandfordMedlar2000
06079LB03 RS 12North Norfolk Vernacular Buildings 1990-1991Medlar1991
06078LB03 RS 11Norfolk Barns Sept 1990-Dec 1991Medlar1991
06077LB09 ShelfCommons in NorfolkManning1988
06076LH04 ShelfHorsham St. Faith A HistoryEve1994
06075EV04 Blakeney regattaBlakeney Regatta Programmes from 1925 - 2006Blakeney Regatta Cte1925-2006
06074LB03 RS 9The Village in the Landscape, Trunch, Edingthorpe and Field DallingMedlar1996
06073LB03 RS 9Field Boundaries of Manor Farm Field DallingMedlar1997
06072LH12 G 2Scrapbook 2004 - 2006Ferroussat2004-2006
06071LH12 G 1Scrapbook 2001 - 2003Ferroussat2001-2003
06070LB02 ShelfEast Anglian Archaeology Report No.12, The Barrows of East AngliaNorfolk Archaeological Unit1981
06069LB02 ShelfEast Anglian Archaeology Report No.2Norfolk Archaeological Unit1976
06068LB02 ShelfEast Anglian Archaeology Report No.5 Norfolk Archaeological Unit1977
06067LB02 ShelfEast Anglian Archaeology Report No.8Norfolk Archaeological Unit1978
06066LB09 ShelfEast Anglian Round Towers and their ChurchesGoode1982
06065LH04 ShelfThe Muckleburgh Collection1991
06064LB09 ShelfBricks to Build a HouseWoodforde1976
06063FH08 FH Box 2Basic Record Keeping for Family Historians, an antidote to chaosTodd1991
06062FH08 FH Box 2Modern Wills from 1858Mclaughlin2001
06061LH09 ShelfA Bibliography of Norfolk History UEADarroch1975
06060LH03 BALH boxThe Local Historian Vol 17 Nos 1 to 8British Assoc for Local History1986-1987
06059LH03 BALH boxThe Local Historian Vol 16 Nos 1 to 8British Assoc for Local History1984-1985
06058.25FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 25 Norfolk Archdeaconry Marriage Licence Bonds 1813-1837, Green, PNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1993
06058.24FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 24 The East Norfolk Poll Register 1835, Beal, CNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1992
06058.23FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 23 Norwich Archdeaconry Marriage Licence Bonds 1813-1837, Hood, CNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1991
06058.22FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 22 Norfolk Pedigrees Part 5, Palgrave-Moore, PNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1990
06058.21FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 21 An Index to Norwich City Officers 1453-1835, Hawes, TNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1989
06058.20FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 20 Norfolk and Norwich Hearth Tax Assessment Lady Day 1666, Seaman, PNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1988
06058.19FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 19 The Parish Registers of Diss 1551-1837Norfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1987
06058.18FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 18 Rosary Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions 1819-1986 & Burials 1821-1837 Hamlin P ENorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1986
06058.17FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 17 Norfolk Pedigrees Part 4, Palgrave-Moore, PNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1985
06058.16FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 16 Norfolk Peculiar Jurisdictions, Index to Probate Records 1416-1857. Index to Marriage Licence Bonds 1624-1860 Norfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1984
06058.15FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 15 Norfolk Hearth Tax Assessment Michaelmas 1664, Frankel,M S and Seaman, P JNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1983
06058.14FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 14 Index to Norwich Marriages 1813-1837, Fone, J FNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1982
06058.13FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 13 Norfolk Pedigrees Part 3, Palgrave-Moore, PNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1981
06058.12FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 12 Attleborough Parish Registers 1552-1840, Sanderson, E WNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1980
06058.11FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 11 Great Yarmouth Apprenticeship Indentures, 1563-1665, Rutledge,PNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1979
06058.10FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 10 Index of Wills proved in the Norfolk Archdeaconry Court 1560-1603/4 Palgrave-Moore, PNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1978
06058.09FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 9 Census of Norwich 1851 Part 2 Palgrave-Moore, P and Page, RNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1977
06058.08FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 8 Norfolk Pedigrees Pt 2, Palgrave-Moore, P and Sayer, MNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1976
06058.07FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 7 Norwich Census 1851 St. Martin at Palace and St. Martin at Oak, Page, R ANorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1975
06058.06FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 6 Norfolk Pedigrees, compiled by Palgrave-Moore, P and Sayer, MNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1974
06058.05FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 5 Index of Wills proved in the Norfolk Archdeaconry Court, 1542-1560, compiled by Palgrave-Moore,PNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1973
06058.04FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 4 Eynsford Families, 1550-1700, Sayer MNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1972
06058.03FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 3 Index of Wills proved in the Norfolk Archdeaconry court 1453-1542, compiled by Palgrave-Moore,PNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1971
06058.02FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 2 Norfolk Index Part 2, N to ZNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1970
06058.01FH07 ShelfNorfolk Genealogy Vol 1 Norfolk Index Part 1, A to MNorfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1969
06057FH08 ShelfThe Bishops' Register of Confirmations in the Midland District of the Catholic Church in England 1768-1811 and 1816Catholic Family History Society1999
06056FH08 ShelfPeerless PowditchAlgar
06055PR11 M/film box D5Salthouse Parish RegisterNRO MF 673
06054MT02 File Maritime PapersThe Handmaiden and Victim of Agriculture, The Port of Wells-n-t-Sea, Norfolk, in the C18th and C19th (Reprint)Stammers2000
06053MT02 File Maritime PapersShipowners in Rural British Ports in the 19th century (Reprint)Stammers
06052LH09 ShelfThe East Anglian BookWatkins1971
06051LH09 ShelfThe England of ElizabethRowse1951
06050LH09 ShelfWomen in England 1500-1760 A social historyLaurence1999
06049LH09 ShelfEnglish Constitutional Conflicts of the Seventeenth CentTanner1952
06048LH09 ShelfThe Constitutional Documents of the Puritan RevolutionGardiner1906
06047LH09 ShelfLooking at NorfolkHales & Bennett1971
06046LH09 ShelfThe East WindHales1972
06045LH09 ShelfNorfolk YearHales1970
06043LB02 NAHRG boxThe Quarterly Volumes 1-55 (some early ones missing)Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group1991-2004
06042LB02 ShelfCollection of Village and Church guides (4 boxes)
06040LB13 FramedBlakeney Church and Wiveton Hall framed engraving of drawing by J S Cotman. Cotman1819
06039PR04 ShelfCley Burials 1908-2000 Transcript A-ZJefferson2006
06038OR04 ShelfKelling Hospital Centenary BookSimeons2004
06037.21PR11 M/film box C3Westwick, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/21
06037.20PR11 M/film box C3Kettleston, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/20
06037.19PR11 M/film box C3North Pickenham, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/19
06037.18PR11 M/film box C3Stibbard, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/18
06037.17PR11 M/film box C3Houghton St Giles, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/17
06037.16PR11 M/film box C3Great Walsingham, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/16
06037.14PR11 M/film box C3Somerleyton, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/14-15
06037.13PR11 M/film box C3Langham Churchwardens Accounts 1752-1861NRO MF 1001/131752-1861
06037.12PR11 M/film box C3Ovington Churchwardens AccountsNRO MF 1001/12
06037.11PR11 M/film box C3Burnham Thorpe Churchwardens Accounts 1788-1828NRO MF 1001/111788-1828
06037.08PR11 M/film box C3Burnham Westgate Churchwardens Accounts 1747-1861NRO MF 1001/8-101747-1861
06037.07PR11 M/film box C3Bale Parish Registers Burials 1813-1900NRO MF 1001/71813-1900
06037.06PR11 M/film box C3Gunthorpe Parish Register Burials 1813-1900NRO MF 1001/61813-1900
06037.05PR11 M/film box C3Sharrington Parish Register Burials 1813-1900NRO MF 1001/51813-1900
06037.04PR11 M/film box C3Field Dalling Parish Registers Banns 1823-1900NRO MF 1001/41823-1900
06037.03PR11 M/film box C3Cockthorpe Parish Registers Burials 1813-1996NRO MF 1001/31813-1996
06037.02PR11 M/film box C3Cockthorpe Parish Registers Baptisms 1813-1989NRO MF 1001/21813-1989
06037.01PR11 M/film box C3Stiffkey Parish Register Banns 1834-1900NRO MF 1001/11834-1900
06036PR11 M/fiche box (5)Field Dalling Parish Registers (10 fiches)NRO
06035PR11 M/fiche box (1)Bale Parish Registers (12 fiches)NRO
06034PR11 M/film box B7Cley Poor Rate 1845-1853NRO MF 7231845-1853
06033PR11 M/film box B6Cley Churchwardens accounts 1836-1856
Cley Overseers 1838
Cley Poor Rate1823-1832 and 1842-1845
NRO MF 7221823-1856
06032PR11 M/film box B5Blakeney Poor rate book contd NRO MF 717
06031PR11 M/film box B4Blakeney Poor rate book contd NRO MF 716
06030PR11 M/film box B3Blakeney Poor rate book 1847 - 1854NRO MF 7151847-1854
06029PR11 M/fiche boxN Greenhoe Land Tax (selected 1782-1832) (12 fiches)NRO 1782-1832
06028LB03 ShelfBlakeney Freshes, Cley next the Sea, Norfolk Archaeological Excavation NGR: TG 0435 4525Lee2005
06027LB09 ShelfCatalogue of Rubbings of Brasses and Incised SlabsClayton1968
06026MT02 ShelfThe Rescues of the Wells and Blakeney LifeboatsBensley2006
06025LB02 NIAS boxJournal of the Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society : Selected issues 1970-2011 including Vol 7, No 4 Letheringsett BreweryNorfolk Industrial Archaeology Society2004
06024LH09 ShelfPlace Names in the LandscapeGelling1993
06022MC04 ShelfDon’t hassle me, I’m local (by Vaughan Balding)Vaughn2006
06021LH04 ShelfLittle MeltonCarter2003
06020PR10 CD Box 1Norfolk Marriages 1801-1837Norfolk Family History Soc2003
06019FH08 File WillsSouthgate wills, Benjamin and Samuel (x2)Southgate1885-1903
06018OR01 ShelfHills Home Supplies, photographs of shop refit (1950s)Hill
06017LB12 FolderOS Map of Cley (25 in : 1 mile) Sheet IX.4Ordnance Survey1906
06016PR04 ShelfWar Census of BlakeneyWomen’s Voluntary Service1942
06015MC04 Blakeney Papers 2Catalogue of Furniture Sale late John Wallace (with copy on File : Estate aucton papers)Long & Beck1985
06013MT(11) Case (x2)Photographs of ship paintings, all mounted (x10)Kearney
06012FH04 ShelfHeraldry in BlakeneyBurrows1936
06011LB02 Estate Auction PapersCatalogue Sale of Livestock Morston Hall1865
06010FH02 South Shields boxTranscript of Harton Cemetery, Westoe, Glaven peoplecrew2006
06009MC04 File Blakeney imagesPhotograph of Coronation Committee Members1937
06008OR03 BoxBlakeney Garage Motor Log Books (x5)Blakeney Garage1932-1936
06006PR04 ShelfTranscript of Cley Burial Register 1908 - 2000Jefferson2006
06005PR04 ShelfCley Burial Register 1908 - 2000 (photocopy)1908-2000
06004LB02 ShelfCollection of Norfolk Church Guides (see 06042)
06003LB11 Newspapers box 1Collection of newspapers relating to local floods
06001.09LH12 F 9Scrapbook/Blakeney Jan 1989 - Nov 1989Loose1989
06001.08LH12 F 8Scrapbook/Blakeney Nov 1987 - Dec 1988Loose1987-1988
06001.07LH12 F 7Scrapbook/Blakeney Sep 1985 - Sep 1986Loose1985-1986
06001.06LH12 F 6Scrapbook/Blakeney Sep 1984 - Aug 1985Loose1984-1985
06001.05LH12 F 5Scrapbook/Blakeney Jul 1983 - Apr 1984Loose1983-1984
06001.04LH12 F 4Scrapbook/Blakeney Jan 1983 - Jul 1983Loose1983
06001.03LH12 F 3Scrapbook/Blakeney May 1981 - Dec 1981Loose1981
06001.02LH12 F 2Scrapbook/Blakeney Oct 1979 - Apr 1980Loose1979-1980
06001.01LH12 F 1Scrapbook/Blakeney Jan 1977 - Jan 1978Loose1977-1978
06000LB(D1) FramedDeed of Well Cottage, Newgate Green, Cley (M 11) (framed)1881
05061LH09 ShelfAn Historical Atlas of NorfolkAshwin & Davison2005
05060LH09 ShelfExploring the Norfolk VillageBarringer2005
05058LB04 Cozens-Hardy boxCley-Next-The-Sea and its Marshes (NNNS offprint)Cozens-Hardy1926
05057FH08 ShelfGant Family Papers1800-1900
05056PR13 PocketBlakeney Methodist Church, Two Attendance Register Books covering dates 1903-1916 & 1940-1955Blakeney Methodist Church 1903-1955
05055PR13 PocketBlakeney Methodist Church Minute Book May 1937 to Oct 1971Blakeney Methodist Church 1937-1971
05054LB04 File Blakeney imagesPhotographs of Blakeney, early 1900s (x4)
05053LB10 VideoEast Anglia from the Air (Video)Snelling2003
05052LB05 ShelfEast Anglia from AboveWarren & Sasitorn2004
05051MT09 ShelfOut of Norfolk, Seamen and TravellersElphick1988
05050MT02 ShelfWherries and WaterwaysMalster1986
05049LB09 ShelfNorfolk : A Changing CountrysideWade-Martins1988
05048MT02 ShelfEast Coast ShippingHedges1989
05047LH09 ShelfRoman BritainWebster1978
05046MT02 ShelfSmugglers of the Suffolk CoastThompson1968
05045LH09 ShelfCoastal Resorts of East AngliaRouse1982
05044MT02 ShelfSailing Craft of East AngliaFinch & Benham1987
05043MT02 ShelfSaved from the SeaMalster1939
05042LH09 ShelfEastern England and the FensWallace1942
05041LH09 ShelfTurnip TownshendWade-Martins1990
05040LB09 ShelfClimatic Change, Rising Sea Level and the British CoastNatural Environmrnt Research Council1989
05039LH09 ShelfA Heritage of Anglian CraftsDixon1981
05038LH02 ShelfThe Search for Richard Harvey: Seventeenth-Century Benefactor to ChardAlgar1991
05037FH08 File WillsBiller Family of Holkham Wills & Adm 1860/1870/1883 (x3)1860-1883
05036PR04 ShelfTranscript of Blakeney/Wiveton Visitations 1597-1640Grace1597-1640
05035EV04 PR Blakeney ChurchRev P Norwood's Last ServiceDeanery of Holt2005
05034MC04 File People & GroupsCurry Smith family photographs
05033LB04 File Cley imagesCley High St. Copy of postcard
05032LB(D4) Small map boxCromer & District 1908 reprint (1in to 1 mile) Sheet 131Ordnance Survey 1908
05031LB(D4) Small map boxN W Norfolk 1897-1906 reprint (1in to 1 mile) Sheet 130Ordnance Survey 1906
05030LB05 Maps : Blakeney areaM and GN Railway Route (map 25)
05029LB05 Maps : Blakeney areaEastern and Midlands Railway Route (map 25)
05028LB05 Maps : Blakeney areaPlan of Cley and Blakeney (copy) (maps 23 & 24)Palmer1835
05027LB(D4) Small map boxExplorer 252 Norfolk Coast East (1:25,000; 2½ to 1 mile)Ordnance Survey2002
05026LB(D4) Small map boxExplorer 250 Norfolk Coast West (1:25,000; 2½ to 1 mile)Ordnance Survey2002
05025LB(D4) Small map boxExplorer 251 Norfolk Coast Central (1:25,000; 2½ to 1 mile)Ordnance Survey2002
05024LB02 Archaeology box150th Anniversary Celebrations NNAS 1846-1996Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society1996
05023MC09 ShelfWartime Norfolk The Diary of Rachel Dhonau 1941-1942 NRS Vol LXVIIIMalcolmson et al2004
05022LH09 ShelfThe Great Tour of John Patterson 1778-1779
Norfolk Record Society2003
05021LB09 ShelfThe Archaeology Handbook 2003-3Current Archaeology2003
05020LH04 ShelfVictorian Lynn, True's Yard Study PackFrame-Starke
05017LB04 Cley PapersLetters concerning 1953 flood (x2)Spurrell1953
05016LB02 Estate Auction PapersAuction details of a small estate lying at Morston and Hindringham1852
05014LB13 Photo Box 1Photographs at opening of the HC (x7)Cucksey2003
05013LB13 Photo Box 1Aerial photograph of Blakeney, southNorfolk County Council1987
05012.04MT04 File Blakeney imagesWhite SwanWilliamson1966
05012.03MT04 File Blakeney imagesSnow Goose, White Swan, SkylarkWilliamson1966
05012.02MC04 File Blakeney imagesJohn Wallace and 2 othersWilliamson1966
05012.01MT04 File Blakeney imagesPhotograph of SkylarkWilliamson1966
05011LB04 File Blakeney imagesPhotograph of Blakeney Mill, 1960Smith1960
05010LB09 ShelfWilliam Windham's Green Book 1673-1688 Vol LXVINorfolk Record Society2002
05009LB09 ShelfNorwich Landgable Assessment 1568-1570 Vol LXIII 1999Norfolk Record Society1999
05008PR09 Shelf1851 Census of Religious Worship for Norfolk Vol LXII 1998Norfolk Record Society1998
05007LB09 ShelfFarming & Gardening in Late Medieval Norfolk Vol LXI 1997Norfolk Record Society1996
05006LH09 ShelfThe Register of Thetford Priory Part 2
1518- 1540 Vol LX 1995 and 1996
Norfolk Record Society1996
05005LH09 ShelfThe Register of Thetford Priory Part I
1482-1517 Vol LIX 1994
Norfolk Record Society1995
05004LH09 ShelfThe Letters of Philip Stannard, Norwich Textile Manufacturer (1751-1763) Vol LVII 1992Norfolk Record Society1994
05003LB09 ShelfThe Farming Journal of Randall Burroughes (1794-1799) Vol LVIII 1993Norfolk Record Society1995
05002LH09 ShelfA Miscellany Vol LVI 1991Norfolk Record Society1993
05001.02LH09 ShelfNorwich since 1550Rawcliffe et al2004
05001.01LH09 ShelfMedieval NorwichRawcliffe et al2004
05000.10LH04 Allen box 10Kenneth Allen Papers (Files VIII and IX)Allen
05000.09LH04 Allen box 9Kenneth Allen Papers (NRO) MC/106/24-27Allen
05000.08LH04 Allen box 8Kenneth Allen Papers (NRO) MC/106/21-23Allen
05000.07LH04 Allen box 7Kenneth Allen Papers (NRO) MC/106/18-20Allen
05000.06LH04 Allen box 6Kenneth Allen Papers (NRO) MC/106/16-17Allen
05000.05LH04 Allen box 5Kenneth Allen Papers (NRO) MC/106/14-15Allen
05000.04LH04 Allen box 4Kenneth Allen Papers (NRO) MC/106/10-12Allen
05000.03LH04 Allen box 3Kenneth Allen Papers (NRO) MC/106/7-9Allen
05000.02LH04 Allen box 2Kenneth Allen Papers (NRO) MC/106/4-6Allen
05000.01LH04 Allen box 1Kenneth Allen Papers (NRO) MC/106/1-3Allen
03081PRBAHS WebsiteBlakeney School Admissions Register transcriptWright2004
03080LB04 Cley Church RandallSt Margaret’s Church, Cley (See 02074)Randall2004
03070MC10 CD Box 1Butcher Diary, Burnham OveryButcher1822
03069LB10 CD Box 1Blakeney FreshesHalcrow2003
03068PR10 CD Box 1Blakeney Parish Council Minutes1894-1952
03067LB10 CD Box 1Smith Papers/Deeds Disc 2, summary in M1
03066LB10 CD Box 1Smith Papers/Deeds Disc 1, summary in M1
03065LB03 RS 19Blakeney Esker Project : Consultation ReportBlakeney Esker Group1998
03064LB04 Images Blakeney quayDraft Report on ground radar survey..Blakeney QuayAmpthill Geophysical Consulting2002
03063LB04 Bolding boxSchedule of the Deeds and writings relating to estates in Norfolk re WJJ Bolding, NRS 20515 37 C 6
03062LB09 ShelfBlakeney Traffic SurveyDeavin1970
03061LH09 ShelfThe Parish ChestTate1983
03060LB09 ShelfVillage and FarmsteadTaylor1983
03059MC04 Binham booklet boxBinham, A social Survey by the Binham WEA Student Group Session 1942-43Binham Local History Society2003
03058LB03 ShelfNorfolk Archaeological Unit
Report No. 808 Report on an Archaeological Evaluation at Blakeney Freshes, Cley next the Sea
03057LB09 ShelfNorwich and its RegionBritish Association for the Advancement of Science1961
03056LB09 ShelfNorfolk Country Houses from the airEdwards et al2000
03055MC04 Wells booklet boxHarold Francis DavidsonCollier2004
03054MC02 South Shields boxAll T'githor Like the Folk O'ShieldsBlower1995
03053FH02 South Shields boxIndex to 1851 Census South Tyneside, Vol 21996
03052FH02 South Shields boxIndex to 1851 Census South Tyneside, Vol 11996
03051LB10 Box 3Glass negatives (Letheringsett church) (x2)Barstard
03050LH09 ShelfAn Historical Atlas of NorfolkWade-Martins1993
03049MT11 M/film boxShipping Register NRO P/SH/L 8/9/10/11NRO MF 836
03048FH08 ShelfFamily History Articles
03047MT02 ShelfNorfolk Admirals and Seafarers
03046FH08 WillsWills : articles and wills of selected local people
03045LB02 ShelfThe Bayfield Estate
03044LB04 File Blakeney imagesCopies of Blakeney photographs
03043LB04 File Blakeney imagesBlakeney Buses (2 copirs)1920
03042LB04 File Blakeney imagesPhotograph of Blakeney Quay1931
03041LB04 File Cley imagesCopies of Cley photographs (More on CDs)
03040LH04 Bolding boxWJJ Bolding (pioneer photographer) reprint from GH 6Jefferson2003
03039FH08 FH Box 1Family Tree Computer Magazine No. 8Hawgood1994
03038FH08 FH Box 1Family Tree Computer Magazine No. 7Hawgood1993
03037FH08 FH Box 1Gedcom Data TransferHawgood1991
03036FH08 FH Box 1Genealogy Computer PackagesHawgood1993
03035FH08 FH Box 1Computers for Family HistoryHawgood1994
03034FH08 FH Box 1Computers for Family HistoryHawgood1992
03032LB05 ShelfHistory of the Parish of Salthouse in the County of Norfolk from the Earliest Ages to 1840Stagg1934
03031LB03 RS 6Field Walking at Field DallingHotblack2003
03030LH10 CD Box 3Norwich City (Misc items)2002
03029OR10 CD Box 1Glaven Caring Calendar 2004Anon2003
03028FH09 ShelfDates and Calendars for the GenealogistWebb1994
03027PR08 FH Box 1An Introduction to Church RegistersGibbens1997
03026PR08 FH Box 2Index to Census Registration DistrictsRosier1993
03025LH09 ShelfA Researcher's Glossary of words found in historical documents of East AngliaYaxley2003
03024LH10 CD Box 1Salthouse Exhibition2003
03023LB04 ShelfPictorial and Descriptive Guide to Sheringham, The Runtons, Cromer and NorthWard, Lock & Co 1929
03022LB09 ShelfEnglish Place-Name Society Journal 23Anon1990
03020FH08 File WillsWill of John ArmigerArmiger1815
03019MC04 File People & GroupsPhotographs of John Bone & donkey cart (x2)
03018LB09 ShelfWash and North Norfolk Coast European Marine Site (Draft Management Scheme) European Marine SiteMortimer2001
03016MC04 Blakeney booklet boxRandom Reflections of BlakeneyLoose1994
03015LH09 ShelfA Bibliography of Norfolk History II, 1974-1988Taylor1991
03014FH08 File Family ProfilesBarstard Family Tree (See 21298.08)
03013LB04 File Cley imagesSnap-Shots of Cley (x 12)Hudson
03012FH02 Barstard boxes 1 – 3Woodhouse family photos (See 21298)
03011LB04 File BAHS ImagesSelection of Morston photos
03010LB04 File BAHS ImagesSelection of postcards
03008LB02 Estate Auction PapersTemple auction details with map (& see M 27)Andrews1906
03007.07LB(D4) Oversize map boxesGreat Snoring Sewerage (1)1966
03007.06LB(D4) Oversize map boxesHindringham Sewerage (1)1970
03007.05LB(D4) Oversize map boxesBinham & Langham Sewerage (2)1962
03007.04LB(D4) Oversize map boxesWiveton Sewerage Plans (1)1964
03007.03LB(D4) Oversize map boxesMorston Sewerage Plans (1)1964
03007.02LB(D4) Oversize map boxesBlakeney Sewerage Plans (3)1964
03007.01LB(D4) Oversize map boxesBlakeney & Morston Sewerage (2)1960
03005LB08 File MemoriesThe Royal British Legion HutPage2002
03004MC04 File Blakeney imagesBlakeney Football Team1902
03003LH09 ShelfSalthouse, the story of a Norfolk VillageFiddian2003
03002LH04 ShelfSalthouse, the story of a Norfolk VillageFiddian2003
03001MT02 Maritime sourcesSources for Glaven ships and merchant seamen
03000MT02 ShelfGlaven Shipping A to Z
02208MT02 File Maritime PapersPension Scheme for Leading HandsOrient Steam Navigation1955
02207LB09 ShelfThe Norfolk CoastNorth Norfolk District Council
02206LH04 ShelfThe History of HemsbyAnon
02204LB09 ShelfLocal Environment Agency Plan, North Norfolk, Consultation ReportEnvironment Agency1996
02203LB09 ShelfLocal Environment Agency Plan, North Norfolk, Action PlanEnvironment Agency1997
02202LB09 ShelfNorfolk Coast AONB Management StrategyNorth Coast Project1998
02201LB09 ShelfHistoric Buildings at Risk in Norfolk, Parts 1 - 1VShaw1987
02200LH09 ShelfEnglish Social HistoryTrevelyan1946
02199LH09 ShelfHistory of the Church of EnglandWakeman1955
02198LH09 ShelfThesaurus of English Words and PhrasesRoget1955
02197LH09 ShelfOxford Popular English DictionaryOUP1998
02196LH09 ShelfA History of NorfolkWade-Martins1997
02195FH08 FH Box 3FFHS Church RegistersGibbens1997
02194FH08 FH Box 3Dating Old PhotographsPols1998
02193FH08 FH Box 1FFHS Wills, Probate and Death Duty RecordsCox1998
02192LH09 ShelfHunters to First FarmersRobinson1981
02191FH08 FH Box 3FFHS Occupations, a Preliminary ListCulling1999
02190FH08 FH Box 3The Handy Book of Parish LawHoldsworth1995
02189FH08 FH Box 3Marriage Laws, Rites, Records and CustomsChapman1996
02188FH08 FH Box 2FFHS Norfolk, A Genealogical BibliographyRaymond1996
02187FH08 FH Box 2FFHS Using Wills after 1858 and First Avenue HouseCollins1998
02186MC09 ShelfRobert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer 1905-1969Lascelles1972
02185LH04 ShelfShannocks in WartimeAyers2001
02184LH04 Misc booklet boxHempstead, A Norfolk VillageCarver2000
02183LH04 Blakeney booklet boxThe Glaven Valley, More Historical JottingsMellor1992
02182LH09 ShelfEast Anglian StudiesLongcroft et al1995
02181LB09 ShelfEstimating the Age of Large and Veteran Trees in BritainWhite1998
02180MC04 Wells booklet boxJoe Jordan, Guardian of the MarshThomas2003
02179MT02 ShelfShip Register transcripts, 1800s
02174MC13 FramedSchool Sampler (Photo & explanation, 2 framed items)Whisker1879
02173LH04 Mellor boxThe Papers of Brigadier J F M MellorMellor
02172MC04 File W J J BoldingPictures & Photographs, 1800sBolding
02171LH04 Bolding boxThe Papers of WJJ Bolding, 1800sBolding
02170LB04 Blakeney booklet boxFifty Years of Village Housing and Conservation 1946-96Blakeney Neighbourhood Housing Society1996
02169MC01 Lynx boxesCollection of Lynx Magazines (1998 to date)
02168MC13 PocketSchool sewing samples : small doll’s clothes (x2)Woodhouse
02167LB09 ShelfBlakeney Freshes Stage 3 Consulation DocumentEnvironment Agency2002
02166OR04 Blakeney booklet boxA History of the Blakeney Sailing Club Golden Jubilee, 1939-1989Blakeney Sailing Club 1989
02165MT02 ShelfHathor, Goddess of Love and JoyBower1989
02164LH09 ShelfThe Amateur Historian Vol 7 No 1
02163LH09 ShelfThe Amateur Historian Vol 6 No 51964
02162LH09 ShelfThe Amateur Historian Vol 5 No 51962
02161LB09 ShelfThe Parish ChurchThornhill1948
02160LB09 ShelfThe Beauty of NorfolkAshley
02158.05LH12 A5Blakeney WI village diary 1978Blakeney W I1978
02158.04LH12 A4Blakeney WI scrapbook 1965Blakeney W I1965
02158.03LH12 A3Blakeney WI scrapbook 1977-1978Blakeney W I1977-1978
02158.02LH12 A2Blakeney WI scrapbook 1961-1977Blakeney W I1961-1977
02158.01LH12 A1Blakeney WI Notebook 1936-1959 with households 1936Blakeney W I1936-1959
02157MC09 ShelfNorfolk Countrywomen's YearNorfolk Federation of Women’s Institutes1982
02156LB02 ShelfNorfolk Archaeolgy Vol XL Pt 1NNAS1987
02155LB02 ShelfNorfolk Archaeolgy Vol XL Pt 111NNAS1989
02154LH04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney (See 13033)C1984
02153LH04 Blakeney booklet boxOld BlakeneySayers
02152LH04 Cley booklet boxCley, Living with Memories of GreatnessBrooks1984
02151LH04 Misc booklet boxSalthouse, Village of Character and HistoryBrooks1984
02150LH04 Misc booklet boxWeyboume, Peaceful mirror of a turbulent pastBrooks1984
02149LB02 Church guides P-ZWeybourne Priory and Parish ChurchLinnell1956
02148LB02 Church guides K-OLetheringsett with BayfieldLinnell1954
02147LB02 Church guides P-ZSalthouse ChurchLinnell1977
02146LB02 Church guides P-ZSalthouse ChurchLinnell1953
02145MC04 Blakeney booklet boxBlakeney Point and the Glaven PortsHales & Simms1990
02144LH04 Blakeney booklet boxThe Story of BlakeneyStephenson1972
02143LH04 Cley booklet boxThe Story of Cley-next-the-SeaStephenson1973
02142LH04 Wells booklet boxThe Story of Wells-next-the-SeaStephenson1972
02141LB04 Binham booklet boxBinham PrioryMarr1980
02140LB04 File Cley churchSt Margaret's Church Cley-next-the-Sea, NorfolkCozens-Hardy1928
02139LB04 File Cley churchSt Margaret's Church Cley-next-the- SeaAnon1900
02138MC04 Cley booklet boxCley, Village MemoriesStarr1989
02137MC04 Cley booklet boxA Village ShopStarr1979
02136LB04 Cley booklet boxSt Margaret's Church Cley-next-the- Sea, Norfolk. A History and GuideMissen1999
02135OR04 Blakeney booklet boxThe Glaven Care Centre BlakeneyStarr1990
02134LH04 Blakeney booklet boxThe Glaven Valley, Historical JottingsMellor1989
02133LH04 Blakeney booklet boxThe Glaven Valley, More Historical JottingsMellor1992
02132LB04 Mellor boxIn Celebration of the Millenium, 2000 A History of the Building of St Margaret's Church, Cley. Draft copyMellor2000
02131LB09 ShelfBlakeney Village Design StatementBlakeney Village Design Group1998
02130LB04 ShelfWiveton Village Design StatementWiveton Village Design Group
02129MC04 Misc booklet boxMemories of old JoysFranklin1992
02128LH09 ShelfKelly's Directory of Norfolk, 1937Kelly1937
02127.03PR11 M/film box D2South Wootton Parish RegistersNRO MF 1410/19-23
02127.02PR11 M/film box D2Weybourne Parish RegistersNRO MF 1410/11-18
02127.01PR11 M/film box D2Beeston next Mileham Parish RegistersNRO MF 1410/1-10
02126.05PR11 M/film box C4Denver Parish RegistersNRO MF 1004/20-21
02126.04PR11 M/film box C4East Winch Parish RecordsNRO MF 1004/12-19
02126.03PR11 M/film box C4Worstead Parish RecordsNRO MF 1004/11
02126.02PR11 M/film box C4Blakeney Parish RecordsNRO MF 1004/2-10
02126.01PR11 M/film box C4Bio Norton Parish RecordsNRO MF 1004/1
02125PR11 M/film box B2Blakeney Parish RecordsNRO MF 714/1-10
02124.04PR11 M/film box B1Blakeney Parish RecordsNRO MF 713/12-14
02124.03PR11 M/film box B1East Barsham Parish RegistersNRO MF 713/11
02124.02PR11 M/film box B1Cawston Parish RecordsNRO MF 713/3-10
02124.01PR11 M/film box B1Aldbourgh Parish RecordsNRO MF 713/1-2
02123PR11 M/fiche boxLand Tax Holt Division, 1767-1831 (13 fiches)NRO1767-1831
02122PR11 M/fiche box (12)Langham Parish Registers (7 fiches)NRO
02121PR11 M/fiche box (17)Stiffkey Parish Registers (14 fiches)NRO
02120PR11 M/fiche box (4)Cockthorpe Parish Registers (5 fiches)NRO
02119LB09 ShelfRoads and TracksRobinson & Rose1983
02118LH09 ShelfThe North FolkBond et al1990
02117LB 09 ShelfDeserted Villages in NorfolkDavison1996
02116LH09 ShelfDiscovering Old HandwritingBarrett & Iredale2001
02115LH09 ShelfThe Origns of NorfolkWilliamsom1993
02114LH09 ShelfThe Papers of Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey Vol 5Morgan et al2000
02113PR11 M/fiche box (14)Morston Parish Registers (5 fiches)NRO
02112PR11 M/fiche box (16)Saxlingham By Holt Parish Registers (7 fiches)NRO
02111PR11 M/fiche box (6-11)Holt Parish Registers (37 fiches)NRO
02110PR11 M/fiche box (15)Salthouse Archdeacon’s Transcripts (3 fiches)NRO
02109PR11 M/fiche box (19)Weybourne Register Transcript (2 fiches)NRO
02108PR11 M/fiche box (2)Binham Register Transcript (6 fiches)NRO
02107PR11 M/fiche box (13)Morston Register Transcript (1 fiche)NRO
02106PR11 M/fiche box (3)Cley Register Transcript (1 fiche)NRO
02105PR11 M/film box 1741881 Census Reg Sub District 3B Holt, Reg Sub District 3A WellsTNA RG11 1927 and 19871881
02104PR11 M/film box 1731871 Census Reg Sub District 3 Holt. Reg Sub District 3A WellsTNA RG10 1800 and 18541871
02103PR11 M/film box 1721861 Census Reg Sub District 3 Holt, Reg Sub District 3 WellsTNA RG9 1203 and 12471861
02102PR11 M/film box 1711851 Census District WalsinghamTNA HO/107/1825 F624 - end1851
02101PR11 M/film box 1701851 Census District WalsinghamTNA HO/107/1826 F268 -6241851
02100PR11 M/film box 1691851 Census District WalsinghamTNA HO/107/1826 F1 - 2681851
02099PR11 M/film box 1681851 Census District ErpinghamTNA HO/107/1809 F758 - end1851
02098PR11 M/film box 1671851 Census District ErpinghamTNA HO/107/1809 F268-7581851
02097PR11 M/film box 1661851 Census District ErpinghamTNA HO/107/1809 F1 -2681851
02096PR11 M/film box 1651841 Census Holt HundredTNA HO/107/7761841
02095PR11 M/film box D7Letheringsett Register TranscriptNNAS 894719
02094PR11 M/film box D4Glandford Parish RegisterNRO MF/RO 531/1
02093.03PR11 M/film box D3DN/INV/14 Nos 1-223 (Inventories)NRO MF/RO 487/3
02093.02PR11 M/film box D3DN/INV/13 (Inventories)NRO MF/RO 487/2
02093.01PR11 M/film box D3Stiffkey Parish RegisterNRO MF/RO 487/1
02092.04PR11 M/film box D1Starston Parish RegistersNRO MF 1404/23
02092.03PR11 M/film box D1Salthouse Parish RegistersNRO MF 1404/19-22
02092.02PR11 M/film box D1Oxwick Parish RecordsNRO MF 1404/8-18
02092.01PR11 M/film box D1Oxwick Parish RegistersNRO MF 1404/1-7
02091.04PR11 M/film box C6Oxwick Parish RegistersNRO MF 1403/19-21
02091.03PR11 M/film box C6Colkirk Parish RegistersNRO MF 1403/9-18
02091.02PR11 M/film box C6West Lexham Parish RegistersNRO MF 1403/3-8
02091.01PR11 M/film box C6Kelling Parish RegistersNRO MF 1403/1-2
02090.03PR11 M/film box C5Kelling Parish RegistersNRO MF 1402/11-14
02090.02PR11 M/film box C5Bio Norton Parish RecordsNRO MF 1402/7-10
02090.01PR11 M/film box C5Bio Norton Parish RegistersNRO MF 1402/1-6
02089.05PR11 M/film box C2Morston Parish RegistersNRO MF 1000/11-12
02089.04PR11 M/film box C2Lowestoft St. Margaret Parish RecordsNRO MF 1000/8-10
02089.03PR11 M/film box C2Bradwell Parish RecordsNRO MF 1000/7
02089.02PR11 M/film box C2Thomham Parish RecordsNRO MF 1000/4-6
02089.01PR11 M/film box C2Loddon Parish RecordsNRO MF 1000/1-3
02088.08PR11 M/film box C1Sedgeford Parish RecordsNRO MF 908/13
02088.07PR11 M/film box C1Langham Parish RegisterNRO MF 908/12
02088.06PR11 M/film box C1Burnham Thorpe Parish RegisterNRO MF 908/11
02088.05PR11 M/film box C1Letheringsett Parish RegisterNRO MF 908/10
02088.04PR11 M/film box C1Great Walsingham, Parish recordsNRO MF 908/8-9
02088.03PR11 M/film box C1Saxlingham by Holt Parish RegistersNRO MF 908/6-7
02088.02PR11 M/film box C1Houghton St. Giles Parish RegistersNRO MF 908/4-5
02088.01PR11 M/film box C1Roydon (near Diss) Parish RegistersNRO MF 908/1-3
02087.02PR11 M/film box A6Letheringsett Parish RegistersNRO MF 700/11-16
02087.01PR11 M/film box A6Litcham Parish RegistersNRO MF 700/1-10
02086.04PR11 M/film box A5Litcham Parish RegistersNRO MF 699/15-19
02086.03PR11 M/film box A5Burgh next Aylsham Parish RegistersNRO MF 699/11-14
02086.02PR11 M/film box A5Wiveton Parish RegistersNRO MF 699/3-10
02086.01PR11 M/film box A5Geldeston Parish RegistersNRO MF 699/1-2
02085.02PR11 M/film box A4Kenninghall Parish RegistersNRO MF 695/6-13
02085.01PR11 M/film box A4Cley next the Sea Parish RegistersNRO MF 695/1-5
02084.05PR11 M/film box A3Cley next the Sea Parish RegistersNRO MF 694/17-25
02084.04PR11 M/film box A3Brampton Parish RegistersNRO MF 694/13-16
02084.03PR11 M/film box A3Didlington Parish RegistersNRO MF 694/10-12
02084.02PR11 M/film box A3Bodney Parish RegistersNRO MF 694/6-9
02084.01PR11 M/film box A3Little Cressingham Parish RegistersNRO MF 694/1-5
02083.02PR11 M/film box A2Hillborough Parish RegistersNRO MF 692/11-15
02083.01PR11 M/film box A2Blakeney Parish RegistersNRO MF 692/1-10
02082.02PR11 M/film box A1Blakeney Parish RegistersNRO MF 691/25-30
02082.01PR11 M/film box A1Society of Friends' RegistersNRO MF 691/1-24
02082PR11 M/fiche box (15)Salthouse Archdeacons Transcripts (3 fiches)NRO
02081PR11 M/fiche box (16)Saxlingham By Holt Parish Registers (7 fiches)NRO
02080PR11 M/fiche box (14)Morston Parish Registers (5 fiches)NRO
02079PR11 M/fiche box1901 Census, Erpingham Wells RG (13/1878 2 fiches)NRO1901
02078PR11 M/fiche box1901 Census, Erpingham Holt RG (13/1827 4 fiches)NRO1901
02077PR11 M/fiche box1891 Census, Erpingham Wells RG (12/1560 4 fiches)NRO1891
02076PR11 M/fiche box1891 Census, Erpingham Holt RG (12/1512 4 fiches)NRO1891
02075PR11 CD box1881 British Census and National IndexChurch of Latter-day Saints1881
02074PR11 CD box1851 British Census, Devon, Norfolk and WarwickChurch of Latter-day Saints1851
02073LH11 CD boxKelly's Directory, Norfolk 19331933
02072LH11 CD boxKelly's Directory, Norfolk 19161916
02071LH11 CD boxKelly's Directory, Norfolk 18961896
02070LH11 CD boxKelly's Directory, Norfolk 18791879
02069LH11 CD boxWhite's History, Gazetteer & Directory of Norfolk, 1883White1883
02068LH11 CD boxWhite's History, Gazetteer & Directory of Norfolk, 1854White1854
02067LH11 CD boxWhite's History, Directory & Gazetteeer of Norfolk, 1845White1845
02066LH11 CD boxPigot's Norfolk 1830Pigot
02064LB11 CD boxGazetteer of the British IslesCassell1901
02063LB04 ShelfThe Trials of Wells HarbourBarney2000
02062LH09 ShelfThe Defence of Norfolk 1793-1815Barney2000
02061LH08 FH Box 3How to Locate and Use Manorial RecordsPalgrave-Moore1993
02060LH08 FH Box 3An Introduction To Reading Old Title DeedsCornwall1997
02059LH08 FH Box 3An Introduction To Poor Law Documents Before 1834Cole
02058FH08 FH Box 1An Introduction To British Civil RegistrationWood2000
02057FH07 ShelfIdentifying your World War I Soldier from Badges and PhotographsSwinnerton2001
02056LB09 ShelfClassic Landforms of the North Norfolk CoastBridges1998
02055LB09 ShelfInside Churches, a Guide to Church FurnishingsDirsztay [NADFAS]1993
02054MC04 Cley booklet boxSir Alfred Jodrell 1847 - 1929Warwick James et al1996
02053MC04 Misc booklet boxWalter Rye 1843 -1929Rye1996
02052LB09 ShelfFlint Architecture of East AngliaHart2000
02051LB09 ShelfTracing The History Of HousesBreckon et al2000
02050LB09 ShelfDiscovering Your Old HouseIredale et al 2002
02049LB09 ShelfDiscovering Timber-Framed BuildingsHarris2001
02048FH08 FH Box 1Discovering Your Family TreeIredale & Barret 2002
02047LH09 ShelfDiscovering Local HistoryIredale et al 1999
02046LB(D4) Framed1586 Map of the Haven (redrawn)Sayers1586
02045LH09 ShelfOral HistoryHowarth1999
02044LB03 Round Tower BoxRound Tower Churches SocietyRound Tower Churches Soc2002
02043LH09 ShelfCoins of England and the United KingdomSpink2002
02042LB09 ShelfBlakeney Point Norfolk An Ecological StudyRose1955-1957
02041LB02 Archaeology boxCBA Bulletin No. 32Regional Group 6, Norfolk/Suffolk1987
02040LB04 ShelfWiveton Village Design StatementWiveton Village Design Group
02039LH09 ShelfNorwich - a Fine CityTaylor1991
02037LH04 Binham booklet boxAspects of Langham, a Norfolk VillageVan Damme et al1987
02036MT02 ShelfDiscovering Life-BoatsMiddleton1969
02035LB09 ShelfDiscovering Archaeology in England and WalesDyer1976
02034LB09 ShelfDiscovering Archaeology in England and WalesDyer1969
02033MC09 ShelfAgainst the LawGoldsmith et al1982
02032LB09 ShelfGeology: Teach Yourself BooksRaistrick1963
02031MC04 Misc booklet boxThe Reminiscences of a Norfolk ParsonMarcon1933
02030LB09 ShelfRayment's Notes on Recording Monumental InscriptionsPattinson1992
02029FH08 FH Box 2Members' Interests 1994Norfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1994
02028FH08 FH Box 2Members' Interests 1993Norfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society1993
02027LH09 ShelfA Handbook of DatesCheney et al2000
02026FH08 ShelfAncestral TrailsHerber2000
02025LH09 ShelfThe Local Historians Glossary of Words and TermsBristow2001
02024LB09 ShelfNorfolk 1: Norwich and North EastPevsner et al1962
02023LB09 ShelfBryant's Map of NorfolkBarringer1998
02022LB09 ShelfFaden's Map of NorfolkBarringer2001
02021LB05 ShelfAA Road AtlasAutomobile Association1998
02020LB09 ShelfNorfolk and the BroadsHammond1973
02019LB09 ShelfEnglish LandscapesHoskins1973
02016LH11 Newspapers box 2Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper Oct 26th 1902 (fragile)Lloyd1902
02015LH04 Misc booklet boxSalthouseBrooks1984
02014LH04 Misc booklet boxHoltBrooks2001
02013LH04 Cley booklet boxCley, Living with Memories of GreatnessBrooks1998
02012LH04 Cley booklet boxCley, Living with Memories of GreatnessBrooks1984
02011LH04 Misc booklet boxEast and West RuntonLeake1988
02010LH04 Misc booklet boxCromerWarren1988
02008LB03 RS 6Finds from field walking course at Field DallingRogerson et al2002
02007LH01 ShelfEDP and other newspaper extractsBolton
02006MC02 Letheringsett PapersSchool books of Ada Woodhouse 1897-8 (x3)Woodhouse1897-1898
02005FH08 FH Box 2Guide to Genealogical SourcesNRO1993
02003LB04 ShelfWiveton Village Design StatementWiveton Village Design Group
02002EV04 PR Blakeney ChurchSong, composed for retirement of Canon GatesAnon1974