Guestbook Access

At present you may post to any guestbook forum without being registered. However this may change and, if you plan on using the guestbook regularly then it may be best to register. At present even if you are a member of the BAHS you need to register.

All posts to the guestbook require moderation and will only appear once they are approved. They will only appear on the website if considered appropriate (i.e. relevant to the forum in which they are posted) and acceptable (i.e. polite and no bad language). In some situations a posting may be moved by the moderator to a more appropriate forum. It is possible the need for approval may be relaxed in the future so that registered users may have their posts approved automatically after their first post has been approved.

If you have previously registered you may ‘Log-in’. If logged-in you may ‘Logout’ or ‘Edit my profile’ using the options below. To register please use the ‘Register’ option below. Finally, if you are not logged in and have forgotten your password please use “Lost password?” which will email with a link.