History Centre Collection

The pages about the History Centre collection cover many subjects including the accession records (of gifts made or items loaned to the History centre), local areas (such as Blakeney point), local villages and townslocal people, shipping, specific collections (such as the Kenneth Allen Papers and the Jefferson Collection) family histories, willshouse histories, school registers, Parish records, Burial records, Census returns, Tithe records, newspaper cuttings, sales particulars, scrap books, photos, postcards, local publications (such as the Glaven Valley newsletter and the Local Lynx), local groups and organisations and more.

These listings represent an informal incomplete index to the History Centre collection and should not be thought of as a complete catalogue. In many cases the information has been put together by volunteers and then transcribed or automatically processed using optical character recognition (OCR) so it is possible for error to creep in and remain undetected – despite our best efforts!

Many of the pages show images as they often convey more information than the text that follows the images. The images may help with locating information within the History Centre.

Our acknowledgement and thanks go to the myriad of History Centre volunteers who have indexed and catalogues much of the History Centre Collection. Without their efforts these pages would not exist.

  • Photos, postcards