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KeyFormTitle (or brief description)Author/Editor/Compiler/...InitialPub Date
20171701B Beautiful Norfolk Buildings Vol.III
Binham, 4 Walks & 4 Bike Rides
20171703IM Collection of 41 photographsCATLINGPvarious
20171704 History of Salthouse (pt Manuscript)STAGGFNP
20171705DSM 44Allendune/Mallard's Reach, Blakeney various
20171705DSM 44/1Conveyance 1938
20171705DSM 44/2Conveyance 1946
20171705DSM 44/3Conveyance 1951
20171705DSM 44/4Public Auction 1978
20171705DSM 44/5Private Treaty 1977
20171706B Recollections of WellsSTONEJ
20171707B The Baptists in NorfolkJEWSONC1957
20171708B Three GenerationsKETTON-CREMERR1992
20171709B Simple Miracles-Kelling SchoolBROWNA1982
20171710B Requiem for a village-HindringhamWYERS1983
20171711B Aylsham DirectoriesALHS2004
20171712PR Report on Archaeological Monitoring, St. Margaret of Antioch Church, CleyBATESS2016
20171713IM The Ives CollectionIVESI.2017
20171714B Don't tread on the Butterflies – StiffkeySTERNBERGJ2000
20171715B A Century of Faces and PlacesEntwistleK2002
20171716M BDWA & Nature Conservancy Maps
20171716M1Blakeney & District W.A. Shooting GroundsND
20171716M2BDWA Shooting Grounds, 19831983
20171716M3Nature Conservancy Council 1:15000ND
20171716M North Norfolk Coast – West
20171716M North Norfolk Coast – East
20171716M4As 3 but with land not previously notified under Section 23 shadedND
20171716M5Nature Conservancy Council
North Norfolk Coast, Norfolk Maps 4 & 5 Scale 1: 15000
20171716M6As 5 with maps stapled together ND
20171716M7NCC, North Norfolk Coast Map 4 with Shooting areas outlined National Trust Blakeney Point in 1913OLIVERF1913
20171718DSM45Particulars … Business Property, High St Blakeney. Owner Mr A.M.Pond1923
20171719L11Letheringsett Brewery
20161601 DS/M41The Gidney Deposit
20161601M41/1Utility Bills re 7 Stonefield Rd, Baconsthorpe
20161601M41/2War Dept. 5A North St, Langham
20161601 M41/3War Dept. 19 North St, Langham
20161602B NelsonLEWISC2005
20161603B Wrought Ironwork Part 1 IndexRURAL INDUSTRIES BUREAUND
20161604 Photographs of CleyCATLINGVarious
20161605 Dinghy Cruising Magazine, Winter edition
Dinghy Cruising Magazine, Summer edition
20161606B Old BalaclavaBENSON & JEFFERSONS & R2016
20161607DS/M42Morningthorpe Sale2016
20161608RF Disaster recovery (Wiveton)LEWISC2016
20161609DS/M43No.100 High Street, Blakeney
20151501B Wells next the Sea; a small port and a wide worldARGUILER2014
20151502BOnce upon a tideSAYERSG2015
20151503PRLangham Churchwardens Accounts (Trans)1752-1881
20151504DS/M38The Butts, Blakeney; Deeds, writings etc.BURROWSK
20151504M38/1Photographic record x 521915-2011
20151504M38/2Brief, early history
20151504M38/3Country Life, Sale advertisement1956
20151504M38/4Conveyance,Dr.E.S.Reid to Mrs D. Crichton1975
20151504M38/5Conveyance D. Crichton to G.R. Hayward1961
20151504M38/6Conveyance D. Crichton to D. Hobday x 21962
20151504M38/7Abstract in 2 parts1963
20151504M38/8Conversion of 1 house into 3 x 5 1976
20151504M38/9Fences and Hedges x 21985-8
20151504M38/10Repairs to roof for Mr D. A. Raiswell
20151504M38/11Conveyance D.Raiswell to D. Anderson x 3 1990
20151504M38/12Eastern Electricity1990
20151504M38/13Land Registry x 21993
20151504M38/14New House Survey1995
20151504M38/15Sale Particulars for No.2 The Butts1998
20151504M38/16Land Registry search1998
20151504M38/17Erection of Porch at No.1. The Butts1997
20151504M38/18Extensions, Letter and Plan2008
20151504M38/19Kingsway Field, not dated
20151504M38/20No.1 The Butts x 3, not dated
20151504M38/21Pencil sketch, not dated
20151504M38/22Arts and Crafts Houses, not dated
20151505M39Abstract of the Title of Alexander Crundall to Freehold Hereditaments pt. Blakeney Est.1911
20151506Norfolk Rural Schools Survey; CleyWRIGHTJ2009
20151507M40Magavelda, Blakeney; Deeds, writings etc
20151507M40/1Conveyance, 1926
20151507M40/2Conveyance, 1928
20151507M40/3Licence to take water
20151507M40/4 Abstract of the Will, Death and Probate
20151507M40/5Assent to freehold property 1953
20151507M40/6Legal Charge 1979
20151507M40/7Land Search
20151508M40/8Undated photograph
20151508FH The Shepherd FamilyThompsonJ2015
20141401B Stiffkey with CockthorpeSTIFFKEY LOCAL HISTORY GROUP2013
20141402B A Victorian Gentleman's North NorfolkJEFFERSONR2013
20141403 Blakeney Wardrobe Society RecordsBLAKENEY WARDROBE SOCIETY
20141404MBlakeney Harbour Commissioner's Map 1845
20141405MBlakeney Harbour, framed map 1835
20141406Eason's Bridge, tinted etchingCOTMANF
20141407Cley Church, etchingCOTMANF
20141408Newspaper cuttings of 20th century floods
20141409MDutch Coastal Map of Blakeney HavenVan KEULENG
20141410FHLincoln Family History FolderTHOMPSON J2014
20141411BThe Glaven Ports;People and PlacesSHAND KENDALL et alL2014
20141412 Glaven Valley Newsletter Cover photographsCUCKSEYJ
20141413B Life on Two Norfolk FarmsSCOTTB2002
20141414B A stroll through Georgian HoltBENSONS2004
20141415B NIAS 1970-1995
20141416B NIAS Vol 5 No 2 1992
20141417BNIAS Vol 5 No 3 1993
20141418B NIAS Vol 5 No 4 1994
20141419B NIAS Vol 5 No 5 1995
20141420B NIAS Vol 6 No 1 1996
20141421B NIAS Vol 6 No 2 1997
20141422BNIAS Vol 6 No 31998
20141423BNIAS Vol 6 No 41999
20141424BNIAS Vol 7 No 22002
20141425BNIAS Vol 7 No 32003
20141426BNIAS Vol 8 No 52010
20141427BNIAS Vol 9 No 12011
20131302M Sheet TG 04 SW Blakeney/Wiveton/Morston and Langham 6ins to 1 mileORDNANCE SURVEY 1958
20131303M Sheet IX.8 - Wiveton/Cley 25ins to 1 mileORDNANCE SURVEY 1906
20131304B Norfolk Countrywomen's YearNFWI 1982
20131305B Within Living MemoryNFWI 1973
20131306L1 & 2Letheringsett Village
20131306.1L4,5 & 6 Hardy and Cozens-Hardy Album (now split into 3 volumes)
20131306.2L7Cozens-Hardy photographs (tin trunk)
20131306.3L7Cozens-Hardy Vault Renovations, 1996
20131306.4L8The Cley Hall Cozens-Hardy families, Letheringsett Hall gardens and gardeners, Hall Farm, saw-mill, kitchen garden & the Glebe
20131306.5 Letheringsett Hall walled in garden & kitchen gardens 1800-1984
20131306.6 Letheringsett Estate Wages Book for Market garden 1951-1975
20131306.7 Alexandra Satchy of Norwich, Pocket Book 1761
20131306.8 L3Foundry House, Letheringsett 1960-1980
20131306.9 6 magazine articles on Letheringsett/Cley.
1. Lovely Letheringsett( Woman's Weekly 2nd May 1995)
2. Glaven of Peace (EDP Issue 5 Sep 1999)
3. Village Voice (Norfolk Fair Aug 1983)
4. Down by the Stream (The English Garden Feb 2000)
5. Letheringsett Hall (Country Life Jan 5th 1967)
6. A Floating Mirror of Wild Norfolk (Country Life Sep 30th 1976)
20131307Letheringsett, The Garden Collection
20131307.1 No.1 Letheringsett Hall and Estate Gardens, and Hall Cottage, 1961, 1977, 1979 and 1981
20131307.2 No.2 Letheringsett Estate and Hall Cottage 1980-1982
20131307.3 No.3 Letheringsett Estate and Hall Cottage 1982-1985
20131307.4 No.4 Letheringsett Estate Garden 1985-1987
20131307.5 No.5 Letheringsett Estate Garden 1988-1990
20131307.6 No.6 Letheringsett Estate Garden 1991-1998 with gardener's history
20131307.7 No.7 Letheringsett Estate Garden 1996-1999
20131307.8 No.8 The Glebe 1965-2000
20131307.9 No.9 Creating the Glebe Water Garden, 1987
20131307.1 No.10 The Glebe 1966-1978
20131307.11 No.11 The Glebe Collection 1978-1995
20131307.12 No.12 The Glebe Openings 1965-2000
20131308B The Diary of Mary Hardy Vol 1Ed BIRDM2013
20131309B The Diary of Mary Hardy Vol 2Ed BIRDM2013
20131310B The Diary of Mary Hardy Vol 3Ed BIRDM2013
20131311B The Diary of Mary Hardy Vol 4Ed BIRDM2013
20131312B The Remaining Diary of Mary HardyEd BIRDM2013
20131313B The Aviation HistorianSTROUDN2013
20131314B The Loss of the Thetis, 5th April 1799OSLERA2013
20131315B Shifting SandsSTODDARTA2013
20131316B Home for the Holidays: A Norfolk PaintboxHENDERSONJ2013
20131317B Ralph Greneway's CharityPEAKEP2013
20131318L9Letheringsett Water Mill Restoration 1983-1986MAYESD
20131319 The Garden of Norfolk or the Rural Residence (photocopy of part relevant to Letheringsett)STONESW
20131320L101 : Memoranda of certain remarkable events and occurences whether Astronomical, Atmospherical, Political or Domestic. 1833 - 1855. 2 : Diary of William Hardy Cozens- Hardy 1858 - 1895 PhotocopyCOZENSW H1833 - 1895
20131321B Full ThrottleBIRKINH1964
20131322B Letheringsett: The Industrial History of a Norfolk VillageDURSTD2013
20131323 Newspaper Cuttings c.1900-1950s
20131324 "Alfred Storer" Wages of deceased seamenB of T1869
20131325RF15Test Pits at Wiveton, articles plus photographsVARIOUS
20131326DSM36Sale of Plot of land at Newgate Farm, Cley including Abstract of Title 1966
20131327DSM37Ryder Deposit, concerning Langham 1900s
20131327M37/1Estate at Langham property of F B Ryder Esq with annotated notes
20131327M37/2Plans of Langham Hall, location map, ground & first floors
20131327M37/3Langham Hall - Record of Condition of Premises, Fixtures and Fittings Requisitioned by the Air Ministry, as at the Commencement of Occupation Req No REQ/WA7/216 Oct 1940
20131327M37/4Duplicate of 1327.3 but unsigned
20131327M37/5Min Ag & Fisheries, Women's Land Army Jan 1943, June 1943 (x2), Dec 1943
20131327M37/6Langham Norfolk O.S 1 x 6 and 10 part of1906
20131327M37/7Plan of Land Adjoining Mr Faulkner's Cottage and Langham Village cottages
20131327M37/8Part of Langham village and plot to east of Hall
20131327M37/9Proposed Blakeney Feeder Main: Langham to Morston1971
20131327M37/10House at Hollow Lane, Langham, letters x2, preliminary sketches and plans x2
20131327M37/11Cottage at the Green, Langham 1965
20131327M37/12 Particulars and Condition of Sale of freehold Occupation Farm "Orchard Farm" 162 Acres with house, shop and 6 cottages1939
20131327M37/13Extract from White's Norfolk1845
20131327M37/14Motor Fuel Ration Book
20131327M37/15Letter concerning Elizabeth 1st's stockings
20131328PR Who lived where in Cley 1841 (unpub. Mss)DUNNR2013
20131329CDOS Cley Map, Tithe Maps and files for "Who Lived Where in Cley 1841" DUNNR2013
20131330CDThe Hudson Family Story from 1755HUSONW2013
20131331BTracing your House HistoryBLANCHARDG2013
20131332FH Lincoln Family History Folder2013
20131333BBlakeney: A short historyP.F.C.1984
20131334FHRev H A Bishop of Cley3013
20131335CD"Maggie May" Warne and Bicknell buses and lorries Letheringsett to 1936 and United Automobile Services LtdBATTERSBYP2013
20131336"England" & "Robert Hay" (photographs of) KEARNEYP2013
20131337BThe History of Hamilton Acorn: Norfolk Brushmakers since 1746CLARKC1996
20121201B RAF Langham 1940-1958BARTRAML2012
20121202BThe Story of Blacksmith's Forge at CleyLEIGHPNK
20121203BBlakeney Methodist Church 1812-2012 2012
20121204BThe Smiths of RyburghWHARTONB1990
20121205B Blakeney PointHANSON-SMITHC1983
20121206B The Origns of NorfolkWILLIAMSONT1993
20121207B Captain MarryatPOCOCKT2000
20121208B Cley Marsh and its BirdsBISHOPB 1983
20121209B Early Modern EnglandSHARPEJ1997
20121210BThe Icknield WayBULFIELDA1973
20121211B The Paston LettersGAIRDNERJ1986
20121212B Maritime NorfolkMALSTERR2012
20121213B Fair Waved the Corn; Weybourne Remembered 1920-1940NURSEH2011
20121214B Victorian North Norfolk Sailing ShipsSTAMMERSM2012
20121215IM"Yankee" as a houseboat c1947
20121216IMPencil sketch postcards Cley & Blakeney x4JUDGES NK
20121217 Water Colour Blakeney by CarnserPARTNERJNK
20121218IMPhotographs Samphire Close, Blakeney x5FERROUSSATM2010/11
20121219 Norfolk Education Committee Return of School Staff Engaged on Sep 30th, 1903NRO 1903
20121220 "Boy John" Registration Records SearchWRIGHTJ1998
20121221DSM 32The Morston Estate Sale ParticularsANDREWS & DEWING 1936
20121222DSM 33Family Residence (Manor Farm House) Blakeney, Sale ParticularsSTANGROOME1929
20121223DSM 34The Friary, Blakeney; Draft Sale ParticularsJACKSON-STOPS 2012
20121224DSM 35Sale Particulars of Estates in Blakeney and WivetonWALLERJ1839
20121225 Memories of a Norfolk ChildhoodSIMONDSM1991
20121226 Our Second Trip; a holiday in MorstonANON 1939
20121227 Survey of Wiveton Churchyard and Church Monumental InscriptionsWOMEN"S INSTITUTE NK
20121228 Memories of Cley, from Arthur Coe HUNT RevG2012
20121229 Watermills on the GlavenBENTLEYL2012
20121230 Norfolk Newspaper cuttings and transcripts,mostly shipping, some property 1786-1856, x 15 1786-1856
20121231 FHNurse Family History Folder 2012
20121232 FHTemples of Morston Family History Folder 2012
20121233PRLetheringsett WI Village Notes: Vols 1 & 2WI1937
20121234PRLetheringsett WI Jubilee Year ScrapbookWI1965
20121235PRLetheringsett WI Minute Book 1920-1925WI1920s
20121236PRLetheringsett WI 40th Birthday Party, 1960WI1960
20121237PRLetheringset & Little Thornage Cricket Club, 15th March 1922 to 25th April 19521922/52
20121238PRLetheringsett Hall & Estate Gardener's Diaries, 1872-1876WOODHOUSEA1870s
20121239MLetheringsett Estate Map late 1800s, copyNK
20121240MNorfolk County Map, copySAXTONC
20121241MOrdnance Survey 2nd ed. 6 ins to mile, Norfolk Sheets: XI.S.W Aylmerton, IV.S.W. Warham Hole-Blakeney Point, IVA SW and X NW Salthouse1907
20121242FHMallett Family History Folder2012
20121245FHBlakeney Pilots and their families: 1800 onwards2012
20121246FHNorth Norfolk Coastguards, 19th century2012
20121247Blakeney Festival Exhibition1951
20121250 1,2 & 3Letheringsett Village Scenes & History, presented in three volumes1800-2000
20111101IMPhotographs of the Wiveton DigCUCKSEYJ
20111102BBrancaster StaitheSOISSONSM1993
20111103BSheringham Preservation Society;Town WalkAYERSMND
20111104The Hardys and Cozens-Hardys and the Industrial Archaeology of LetheringsettBIRDM1996
20111105IMPhotograph of Cruizer and a wreck x 3THOMPSONR
20111106 Blakeney Women's Institute Programs x 8, 1878-1990
20111107 M26Conveyance for Stonecutters Cottage, Cley 1930
20111108M27Plan of an Estate at Blakeney, Wiveton and Langham for sale by Auction 18 July 1906 1906
20111109M28Poster: Auction details of Residence and Garden also Maltings, Brewery and Public House on the Quay, Accommodation Lands etc., 4 August, 1915 1915
20111110Cley-next-the-Sea Tithe Map, portions of Part 1 X 6
20111111 Guildhall Blakeney: Ministry of Works Survey X 3, 1958 1958
20111112M29Plan of Marshes and Building Sites at Cley-next-the-Sea for sale by Auction, 1926 1926
20111113 Ordnance Survey Sheet, second edition 25.344 ins to a statute mile, 4 sections ( 2 with trimmed edges). An estate oulined in red (believed to be Harrison). Sections are; IX.I, IX.2, IX..6 and IX.7. 1906
20111114 Blakeney Wildfowlers Records
20111115M 30Vintage Cottage, Cley; Copies and Transcript of Deeds, 1945 -1991
20111116BMorston : Its History, Wildlife and PeopleMORSTON PARISH COUNCIL 2005
20111117BThe Parish ChestTATEW E1983
20111118BShipbulding at Wells in the 18th and 19th CenturiesSTAMMERSM2011
20111119B30 Years of BlakeneyHAYWARDB1978
20111120 The Pond Family MSS
20111121B Cooke Cameos 1911-2011COOKED2011
20111122 The Life of the Hon. Beryl Gladys Cozens-Hardy, OBE an ObituaryBIRDM2011
20111123BAdvice for FindersPORTABLE ANTIQUITIES SCHEME 2006
20111124B Conservation Advice NotesPORTABLE ANTIQUITIES SCHEME 2005
20111125B Wildfowling at WellsTHATCHER ET ALK2011
20111126IM Displaces persons camp Cley BeachTANSLEYH H1946
20111127 Blakeney Carpet Bowls early records 2011
20111128B The Book of the BurnhamsTHE BURNHAMS SOC HISTORY GROUP2011
20111129M31Auction Former Ship Inn, Blakeney1968
20111130B The Papers of Nathaniel Bacon Vol 1SMITH et alH1979
20111131B The Papers of Nathaniel Bacon Vol 2SMITH et alH1983
20111132BEast Anglian Society and the Political Community of Late Medieval EnglandVIRGOER1997
20111133BThe Trials of Wells HarbourBARNEYJ2000
20111135BEast Anglia CLARKER1960
20101001BBlakeney and Cley Golf Club Minute Book
20101002BThe Papers of Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey Vol 5 1603-1607MORGAN V et al2010
20101003BSources for the History of Medicine in Late Medieval EnglandRAWCLIFFEC1998
20101004BChange and Continuity in the Cottage Hospitals c.1859-1948CHERRYS1992
20101005BThe Rebirth of Norfolk and Norwich Hospital 1874-1883TAYLORJ2000
20101006Blakeney Regatta 1863-19631963
20101007Memories of Blakeney in the Twenties and ThirtiesPAGEP2010
20101008A Funny Thing Happened to me on the Way to the Flight DeckPAGEP2010
20101009Blakeney Golf Course and Club HousePAGEPND
20101010Early Memories of BlakeneyFERROUSSATM2010
20101011Blakeney Hotel (brochure)ND
20101012IMThe Hill CollectionHILLK2010
20101014The Lifeboat AugustaBLAKEWND
20101015IMTaffy, 2 photographs
20101016IMBlakeney Quay, 2 photographs
20101017BAn Act For Improving the Harbour of Blakeney, within the Port of Blakeney and Clay.1817
20101018IMBlakeney Quay, watercolourBENSLEYM1989
20101019SBBlakeney Area Scrap BookFERROUSSATM2008-9
20101020The Mary Dowell Sampler (16 postcards)2010
20101021M 24Deeds for Hilldrop Cottage, Wiveton
20101022M 25Deeds for Westgate St properties
20101023BWilliam Faden and Norfolk's 18th C LandscapeMACNAIR & WILLIAMSONA&T2010
20101024BThe North Norfolk CoastMEERESF2010
20101025Will of William Laurence of Wiveton1839
2009901RSKelling and Weybourne MA dissertationWORTONB
2009902IM2 Cley postcard copies
2009903East Anglia Fair, 3 copies (Cley articles)
2009904BDecoy SitesFAIRHEADH1996
2009905BBlakeney in the eighteenth centuryBLAKENEY HISTORY GP1991
2009906BPlanning and Design Guide, Nth NfkNORTH NORFOLK DISTRICT COUNCIL1989
2009907Inside Norfolk Churches with Mr BulwerNORFOLK MUSEUMS SERVICE1995
2009908BNorwich the growth of a cityGREEN ET ALLB1981
2009909BBlakeney Village Design Statement1998
2009910BSHARP Report No 4SHARP1999
2009911BCley Village MemoriesSTARRF1989
2009912PRThe MIs of All Saints ThornageSEMPLEJ2007
2009913.1PRMFSalthouse Parish Register
2009913.2PRMFBeechamwell Parish Registers
2009914PRMFThornage Parish Registers
2009915BThe Book of HindringhamHINDRINGHAM HG2009
2009916BThe Country Houses of NorfolkWINKLEYG1986
2009917BThe Banville DiariesVIRGOE & YAXLEYN&S1986
2009918BBrackles Memoirs of a Pioneer of Civil AviationBRACKLEYF1952
2009919BAn Autobiography and Family HistoryCHAPMANR2009
2009920DS M21Deeds of Mariners Cottage, Morston Rd2009
2009921DS M23Cley Hall Estate, Public Enquiry Maps2009
2009922CDConservation Statement for former Lifeboat House on Blakeney Point2009
2009923Morston Hall Sale of Dairy and Brewing Utensils etc.1838
2009924DS M13/24Obituaries for Mrs H M Knott
2009925BNHS 5th Report and Accounts1951
2009926Correspondence re Guildhall1985
2009928MMap of Norfolk with Railways shownJARROLDSND
2009929BEast Anglia WALLACED1942
2009930BNorfolk Airfields Pt INFK & SFK AVIATION1987
2009931 Restoration of the Blakeney Cope1998
2009932BThe Eagle has FlownHIGGINSJ1998
2009933BCoast Protection Bill1948
2009934BA Guide to Local Studies in East YorkshireDYSONB1985
2009935BThe Bath House HotelHARBORD & BOYCER & A2001
2009936BThe Quest of a PilgrimANONND
2009937BThe Workhouse CookbookHIGGINBOTHAMP2008
2009938BManaging the Coast . North Norfolk Shoreline Managemet Plan2009
2009939BNorfolk Country Churches & the FutureHARRODW1972
2009940BSculptured Monuments in Norfolk ChurchesSPENCERN 1977
2009941BThe Brasses of Norfolk ChurchesGREENWOOD & NORRISR & M1976
2009942BThe Wesleyan Methodist Historic RollRATCLIFFER2005
2009943BNelson's Navy 1793-1815GREGSONK2006
2009944BLunatics in England & Wales for Family HistoriansFAITHFULLP2002
2009945BTracing your Catholic Ancestry in EnglandGANDYM2002
2009946BThe Protestation Returns 1641-42GIBSON & DELLJ & A2004
2008801DS M/22 Richard Jefferson deposit of papersVARIOUS
2008802A funny thing happened on the way to the flight deck or Philip's Wartime MemoriesPAGEP2008
2008803We lived by the Sea. Norfolk Fair JanuaryJENNIS'1974
2008803A Norfolk village before the change. Norfolk Fair NovemberJENNIS'1974
2008803Our village has changed. Norfolk Fair DecemberJENNIS'1974
2008803W J J Bolding. Norfolk Fair September 1977MIDDLETONC1977
2008803The country Portraits of William Bolding. Norfolk Fair OctoberMIDDLETONC1977
2008804DS/ M20Schedule of the Title Deeds and Documents relating to 130 High Street, Blakeney, 11 papers
2008805MEngland East Coast, Orfordness to BlakeneyADMIRALTY1941
2008806IMPhotocopies of coastal photographs, 1953,1980REESER2008
2008807List of Wells Vessels compiled by Mrs Groom 1850-1900. Transcript and listBUNTINGS2008
2008808Philip Page remembers when-Blakeney in the twenties and thirtiesPAGEP2008
2008809BBeach House/Marine ViewBOYCEA2001
2008810BShipwreck Index of Ireland and Index to Volumes 1-6LARN AND LARNR/B2002
2008811BThe Wells Murder of 1817WELLANDM2005
2008812BThe Vernacular Architecture of BrecklandMASONA2007
2008813BNorfolk LifeHAGGARDL1943
2008814BConservation Management Plan for a Walled Kitchen Garden at Wiveton HallCECILC2007
2008815BMore sources of WWI Army AncestryHOLDINGN1998
2008816BWorld War I Army AncestryHOLDINGN2003
2008817BTracing your First World War AncestorsFOWLERS2003
2008818BPoor Law Union Records, SE and East AngliaGIBSONJ2005
2008819BFriendly Society RecordsLOGANR2000
2008820BLand and Window Tax AssessmentsGIBSONJ2004
2008821BNorfolk, A Genealogical BibliographyRAYMONDS1996
2007701PRCDBlakeney RecordsNFHS2006
2007702BThe English Mediaeval HouseWOODM1983
2007703BPeriod House Fixtures and Fittings, 1300-1900HALLL2005
2007704B1946-2006, Sixty Years of Village Housing and Conservation. The story of Blakeney Neighbourhood Housing SocietyGROVED2006
2007705DSM 12Copy of Deed for Shipley House, Blakeney
2007706PRRoll of Honour2007
2007707FHPinchen Family History (Folder)THOMPSONJ2007
2007708PRCDThe Salthouse Buried Records, 1538-17132007
2007709Instructions for keeping Blakeney ClockWALLACEJ
2007710DSM 13Cley Hall Estate and related papers
2007710.1DSM 13/1The Cley Hall Estate, Auction detailsHORNERF1945
2007710.2DSM 13/2Cley Hall STRUTT & PARKER1991
2007710.3DSM 13/3The Old Hall Cley next the Sea, Sale ofBROWNW1985
2007710.4DSM 13/4Wild Fowling Marshes, Cley Hall Estate, SaleHORNERF1926
2007710.5DSM 13/5Conveyance between Cozens-Hardy and RDC of Erpingham - Council House Land1936
2007710.6DSM 13/6Conveyance between Cozens-Hardy and NCC1939
2007710.7DSM 13/7Cley Land SaleCARTERR1900
2007710.8DSM 13/8Sale of former Allotment LandHORNOR BROWN F2000
2007710.9DSM 13/9An Inspection of Cley Allotments, ReportEBDONJ2005
2007711.1DSM 13/10Aerial photograph of Cley1964
2007711.2DSM 13/11Some Norfolk Halls, 1 pageCOZENS-HARDYB
2007711.3DSM 13/13Valuable Estate, Cley etc, Sale ofCLOWES & FLOWERDEW1860
2007711.4DSM 13/12The LodgeHURSTJ
2007711.5DSM 13/14Aspects of Aristocracy (part)CANNADINED1994
2007711.6DSM 13/15Sale of Cley Estates 1839, NRO refsEBDONJ2007
2007712The Norfolk Ancestor (part series)NFHS
2007713DSM 14Salt Marsh Cott Cley, Abstract of Title
2007714BFamily History and Local History in EnglandHEYD1987
2007715BPoverty and Vagrancy in Tudor EnglandPOUNDJ1971
2007716BThe Country Priest in English HistoryHARTT1959
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2007723.3DSM 13/18Catalogue of the Contents of the Residence of Cley Hall (New Hall) for sale by auctionDRAPERJ1961
2007723.4DSM 13/19Will of Mary Cozens Hardy1936
2007723.5DSM 13/20Epitome of Will of Mary Cozens-Hardy1936
2007723.6DSM 13/21Will of Arthur Wrigley Cozens-Hardy1918
2007723.7DSM 13/22Will of Helen Maguire Knott1957
2007723.8DSM 13/23Will of Walter Kenneth Knott of Cley Hall1949
2007724CDSt Margaret's Cley NTS The medieval Building HistoryRANDALLG2007
2007725BThe Troublesome Priest, Harold Davidson Rector of StiffkeyTUCKERJ2007
2007726PRCDBale RecordsNFHS2007
2007727PRCDBayfield RecordsNFHS2007
2007728PRCDCley RecordsNFHS2007
2007729PRCDHolt RecordsNFHS2007
2007730PRCDLangham RecordsNFHS2007
2007731PRCDMorston RecordsNFHS2007
2007732PRCDSalthouse RecordsNFHS2007
2007733PRCDWells RecordsNFHS2007
2007734PRCDWiveton RecordsNFHS2007
2007735CDWhen the Words SpinHARCOURTJ2006
2007736BYour UnclesCOOKER and A1950
2007737FHRamm Family History FolderDOBSONS2007
2007738PRCDCley, photographs of postcards 1VARIOUS
2007739PRCDCley, photographs of postcards 2VARIOUS
2007740PRCDCley, photographs of postcards 3VARIOUS
2007741IMCDBolding Family photographs
2007742IMCDBolding Family photographs
2007743DSM 15 3 Indentures, Wiveton, re millers (transcripts)
2007744DSM 16 History of Blakeney Hotel 1920-1928VARIOUS
2007744DSM 16/1History Blakeney Hotel, Part One 1920-1924
2007744DSM 16/2History Blakeney Hotel, Part Two 1925-1928
2007744DSM 16/3Blakeney Hotel, Contractors Instructions
2007745DSM 17 Burroughes Deeds and Writings, CleyVARIOUS1831-1943
2007745DSM 17/1List of 'Bundle of Old Deeds' (Bundle 1)1943
2007745DSM 17/2Mortgage (Bundle 1)1924
2007745DSM 17/3Conveyance (Bundle 1)1924
2007745DSM 17/4Enfranchisement (Bundle 1)1923
2007745DSM 17/5Bills, Mrs Burroughes to Wilkinson Davies, and Bridgwater (Bundle 1)1923-1924
2007745DSM 17/6Letter concerning Enfranchisement (Bundle 1)
2007745DSM 17/7Bill, E A Stangroom to Oddfellows Club, Holt (Bundle 1)1923
2007745DSM 17/8 Admission of Messrs S L Gooch, B A Woodhouse and A Burrell (Bundle 1)1923
2007745DSM 17/9 Correspondence x3 (Bundle 1)1923-1924
2007745DSM 17/10Auction Poster (Bundle 1)1923
2007745DSM 17/112 letters concerning preparation of property for sale (Bundle 1)1923
2007745DSM 17/12Letter concerning Auction (Bundle 1)1923
2007745DSM 17/13Estimate of enfranchisement fees (Bundle 1)1920
2007745DSM 17/14Handwritten pencil note with 2 Will dates (Bundle 1)
2007745DSM 17/15North British and Merchantile Insurance Company - Fire Policy 3607106 Loyal Alexander Lodge Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows (Bundle 1)1913
2007745DSM 17/16Admission of John Truscott Skrimshore, William Holmes Burrell and Charles John Knowles (Bundle 1)1901
2007745DSM 17/17Warrant to enter satisfaction upon Conditional Surrender passed by John Twiddy to the late Mr Clarke Painter, deceased (Bundle 2)1883
2007745DSM 17/18Covenant Mr John Twiddy to the Trustees of the Alexander Lodge of Odd Fellows (Bundle 2)1883
2007745DSM 17/19Copy Conditional Surrender of Mr John Twiddy to the Trustees of the Alexander Lodge of Odd Fellows (Bundle 2)1883
2007745DSM 17/20Notice to Mr John Twiddy of Cley to pay off Mortgage (Bundle 2)1877
2007745DSM 17/21Copy Conditional Surrender Mr John Twiddy to Mr Clarke Painter (Bundle 2)1865
2007745DSM 17/22Copy Admission of John Twiddy on the surrender of Dorothy Farthing (Bundle 2)1864
2007745DSM 17/23Copy Admission of John Twiddy on the Surrender of John Raven Richardson (Bundle 2)1863
2007745DSM 17/24 Copy Absolute Surrender Mr John Raven Richardson to Mr John Twiddy (Bundle 2)1861
2007745DSM 17/25Abstract of Title of John R Richardson (Bundle 2)1861
2007745DSM 17/26Conditions of Sale (Bundle 2)1861
2007745DSM 17/27Copy Admission J R Richardson under Will of Sarah Richardson (Bundle 2)1861
2007745DSM 17/28Copy Admission of Mrs S Richardson (Bundle 2)1849
2007745DSM 17/29Agreement between T Dew and Wm Richardson (Bundle 2)1847
2007745DSM 17/30Copy Admission W Richardson on the Surrender of John Currie and Mary Elizabeth his wife and Charlotte Ann Legge (Bundle 2)1845
2007745DSM 17/31Deed of Covenants to Mr Wm Richardson (Bundle 2)1845
2007745DSM 17/32Copy Absolute Surrender John Currie Esq etc to Mr Wm Richardson (Bundle 2)1845
2007745DSM 17/33Purchase of the Messuage and ground (Bundle 2)1844
2007745DSM 17/34Copy Admission of John Twiddy on the Surrender of George Dew (Bundle 3)1855
2007745DSM 17/35Copy Absolute Surrender G Dew to J Twiddy (Bundle 3)1855
2007745DSM 17/36Copy Admission G Dew as heir at law of Thomas Dew, decd (Bundle 3)1852
2007745DSM 17/37Copy Conditional Surrd for securing 44 pounds and interest T Dew to J Waller In Trust for the Cley benefit Society (Bundle 3)1843
2007745DSM 17/38Abstract of Title of Fredk Robt Bevan Esq. (Bundle 3)1855
2007745DSM 17/39Copy Admission of J Twiddy on the Surrender of Frederick Robert Bevan (Bundle 3)1855
2007745DSM 17/40 (Bundle 3)1855
2007745DSM 17/41Copy Admission of Frederick Robert Bevan Esq. (Bundle 3)1846
2007745DSM 17/42Acknowledgment of Satisfaction upon Mr Thos Dew condl Surrender to Robt Bevan Esq x2 (Bundle 3)1831
2007745DSM 17/43Copy Conditional Surrender Mr Thomas Dew to Robert Bevan Esq. (Bundle 3)1831
2007746DSM 18Burroughes Deeds and Writings, HoltVARIOUS1834-1867
2007746DSM 18/1Appointment and Conveyance from R Nurse to use of W Clipperton1834
2007746DSM 18/2Mortgage of an Estate Harris to Ellis1835
2007746DSM 18/3Transfer of Mortgage Ellis and others to G Bird Senr1862
2007746DSM 18/4Conveyance of Freehold Estate, G Bird Senr. to John Ward1867
2007746DSM 18/5Mortgage in Fee of an Estate at Holt, J Ward to S Bird1867
2007746DSM 18/6 Probate of Will John Balls late of Burnham Overy, Norfolk Yeoman deceased1858
2007747A History of the Thompson-Pyman FamilySTORRIERC S 1978
2007748RS13Local Churches
2007749BReader's Digest Complete Atlas of the British Isles1965
2007750PRBlakeney Parish Council
2007751Social Dancing and Local Musicians2007
2007752IMPeter Catling Collection of PhotographsCATLINGP
2007753PRHow to trace your WWI and WWII relatives
2006600DS/MIndenture of Well Cottage, Newgate Green, Cley
2006601.1SBScrapbook/Blakeney Jan 1977 - Jan 1978LOOSEM
2006601.2SBScrapbook/Blakeney Oct 1979 - Apr 1980LOOSEM
2006601.3SBScrapbook/Blakeney May 1981 - Dec 1981LOOSEM
2006601.4SBScrapbook/Blakeney Jan 1983 - Jul 1983LOOSEM
2006601.5SBScrapbook/Blakeney Jul 1983 - Apr 1984LOOSEM
2006601.6SBScrapbook/Blakeney Sep 1984 - Aug 1985LOOSEM
2006601.7SBScrapbook/Blakeney Sep 1985 - Sep 1986LOOSEM
2006601.8SBScrapbook/Blakeney Nov 1987 - Dec 1988LOOSEM
2006601.9SBScrapbook/Blakeney Jan 1989 - Nov 1989LOOSEM
2006602MAerial photograph of Blakeney
2006603MCCollection of newspapers relating to local floods
2006604MCCollection of Norfolk Church Guides
2006605PRCley Burial Register 1908 - 2000 (photocopy)
2006606PRTranscript of Cley Burial Register 1908 - 2000JEFFERSONR2006
2006607IMCollection of Cley postcards (copies)
2006608MC5 Blakeney Garage Motor Log Books
2006609IMPhotograph of Coronation Committee Members
2006610PRTranscript of Harton Cemetery, Westoe/Glaven people
2006611MCCatalogue Sale of Livestock Morston Hall1865
2006612BMSSHeraldry in BlakeneyBURROWSH S1936
2006613IM10 photographs of ship paintings, all mountedKEARNEYPvar
2006614IMCollection of postcard copies of Cleyvar
2006615MCCatalogue of Furniture Sale late John WallaceLONG and BECK1985
2006616PRWar Census of BlakeneyW V S1942
2006617MCley ORDNANCE SURVEY1906
2006618IMHills Home Supplies, photographs of shop refitHILLS1950s
2006619MCTwo Southgate wills
2006620PRCDNorfolk Marriages 1801-1837NFHS2003
2006621BLittle MeltonCARTERA2003
2006622BDon't Hassle Me, I'm LocalVAUGHN2006
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2006629PRMFNorth Greenhoe Land Tax (selected 1782-1832)NRO 12 Fiche
2006630PRMFBlakeney Poor rate book 1847 - 1854NRO MF 715
2006631PRMFBlakeney Poor rate book contd NRO MF 716
2006632PRMFBlakeney Poor rate book contd NRO MF 717
2006633PRMFCley Churchwardens accounts 1836-1856
Cley Overseers 1838
Cley Poor RatePoor Rate 1823-1832
Cley Poor Rate 1842-1845
NRO MF 722
2006634PR MFCley Poor Rate 1845-1853NRO MF 723
2006635PRMFBale Parish RegistersNRO 12 Fiche
2006636PRMFField Dalling Parish RegistersNRO 10 Fiche
2006637.1PRMFStiffkey Parish Register Banns 1834-1900NRO MF 1001/1
2006637.2PRMFCockthorpe Parish Registers Baptisms 1813-1989NRO MF 1001/2
2006637.3PRMFCockthorpe Parish Registers Burials 1813-1996NRO MF 1001/3
2006637.4PRMFField Dalling Parish Registers Banns 1823-1900NRO MF 1001/4
2006637.5PRMFSharrington Parish Register Burials 1813-1900NRO MF 1001/5
2006637.6PRMFGunthorpe Parish Register Burials 1813-1900NRO MF 1001/6
2006637.7PRMFBale Parish Registers Burials 1813-1900NRO MF 1001/7
2006637.8-10PRMFBurnham Westgate Churchwardens Accounts 1747-1861NRO MF 1001/8-10
2006637.11PRMFBurnham Thorpe Churchwardens Accounts 1788-1828NRO MF 1001/11
2006637.12PRMFOvington Churchwardens AccountsNRO MF 1001/12
2006637.13PRMFLangham Churchwardns Accounts 1752-1861NRO MF 1001/13
2006637.14PRMFSomerleyton, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/14-15
2006637.16PRMFGreat Walsingham, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/16
2006637.17PRMFHoughton St Giles, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/17
2006637.18PRMFStibbard, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/18
2006637.19PRMFNorth Pickenham, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/19
2006637.2PRMFKettleston, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/20
2006637.21PRMFWestwick, Parish recordsNRO MF 1001/21
2006638BKelling Hospital Centenary BookSIMEONSC2004
2006639PRCley Burials 1908-2000 Transcript A-ZJEFFERSONR2006
2006640IMBlakeney Church and Wiveton Hall framed engraving of drawing y J S Cotman. 1819
2006641Photograph of Cley Regatta tankard dated July 3rd 18681868
2006642Collection of Village and Church guides
2006643BThe Quarterly Volumes 1-59, some early nos missingNAHRG
2006644BTransformation and Tradition, Aspects of the VictorianEVERITTA M1984
2006645BNorfolk YearHALESJ1970
2006646BThe east windHALESJ1972
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2006650BWomen in England 1500-1760 A social historyLAURENCEA1999
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2006653Shipowners in Rural British Ports in the nineteenth century (Reprint)STAMMERSM K
2006654The Handmaiden and Victim of Agriculture, The Port of Wells-n-t-Sea, Norfolk in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (Reprint)STAMMERSM K2000
2006655PRMFSalthouse Parish Register
2006656BPeerless PowditchALGARJ
2006657BThe Bishops' Register of Confirmations in the Midland District of the Catholic Church in England 1768-1811 and 1816CFHS1999
2006658.1BNorfolk Genealogy Vol 1 Norfolk Index Part 1, A to MNNGS1969
2006658.2BNorfolk Genealogy Vol 2 Norfolk Index Part 2, N to ZNNGS1970
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2006671SBScrapbook 2001 - 2003FERROUSSATM2003
2006672SBScrapbook 2004 - 2006FERROUSSATM2006
2006673RS 9Field Boundaries of Manor Farm Field DallingMEDLARM1997
2006674RS 9The Village in the Landscape, Trunch, Edingthorpe and Field DallingMEDLARM1996
2006675Blakeney Regatta Programmes from 1925 - 2006
2006676BHorsham St. Faith a HistoryEVEJ1994
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2006679RS 12North Norfolk Vernacular Buildings 1990-1991MEDLARM1991
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2006681RS 10CockthorpeBAHS
2005499MCKenneth Allen Papers 30 VolsALLENKNP
2005500BMedieval NorwichRAWCLIFFE et alC2004
2005501BNorwich since 1550RAWCLIFFE et alC2004
2005502BA Miscellany Vol LVI 1991NRS1993
2005503BThe Farming Journal of Randall BurroughesNRS1995
2005(1794-1799) Vol LVIII 1993
2005504BThe Letters of Philip Stannard, Norwich
Textile Manufacturer (1751-1763)
Vol LVII 1992
2005505BThe Register of Thetford Priory Part INRS1995
20051482-1517 Vol LIX 1994
2005506BThe Register of Thetford Priory Part 2
1518- 1540 Vol LX 1995 and 1996
2005507BFarming and Gardening in Late Medieval
Norfolk Vol LXI 1997
2005508B1851 Census of Religious Worship for
Norfolk Vol LXII 1998
2005509BNorwich Landgable Assessment 1568-1570
Vol LXIII 1999
2005510BWilliam Windham's Green Book 1673-1688
2005511IMPhotograph of Blakeney Mill, 1960SMITHB1960
2005512.1IMPhotograph of SkylarkWILLIAMSOND1966
2005512.2IMJ Wallace and 2 othersWILLIAMSOND1966
2005512.3IMSnow Goose, White Swan, SkylarkWILLIAMSOND1966
2005512.4IMWhite SwanWILLIAMSOND1966
2005513IMAerial photograph of Blakeney, southNCC1987
2005514IM7 photographs opening of the HCCUCKSEYJ2003
2005515IMNegatives of High Street Nos 145 and 147FERROUSSATM1990s
2005516MCAuction details of a small estate lying at Morston and Hindringham1852
2005517MC2 letters concerning 1953 floodSPURRELLM1953
2005518MCThe River Glaven and its Riverside VillagesCOUCHPND
2005519PRCDOddments of Blakeney Wills/marriages etc
2005520BVictorian Lynn, True's Yard Study PackFRAME-STARKEDND
2005521BThe Archaeology Handbook 2003-3
2005522BThe Great Tour of John Patterson 1778-1779 NRS Vol LXVIICUBITT et alD2003
2005523B Wartime Norfolk The Diary of Rachel Dhonau 1941-1942 NRS Vol LXVIIIMALCOLMSON et alR2004
2005524B150th Anniversary Celebrations NNAS 1846-19961996
2005525M Explorer 251 Norfolk Coast CentralORDNANCE SURVEY2002
2005526MExplorer 250 Norfolk Coast WestORDNANCE SURVEY2002
2005527MExplorer 252 Norfolk Coast EastORDNANCE SURVEY2002
2005528MPlan of Cley and Blakeney (copy)PALMER1835
2005529MEastern and Midlands Railway Route
2005530MM and GN Railway Route
2005531MN W Norfolk 1897-1906ORDNANCE SURVEY
2005532MCromer 1908ORDNANCE SURVEY
2005533IMCley High St. Copy of postcard
2005534IMCurry Smith family photographs
2005535PRRev P Norwood's Last ServiceDEANERY OF HOLT2005
2005536PRTranscript of Blakeney/Wiveton Visitations 1597-1640GRACEM
2005537MC3 Biller Family of Holkham Wills & Adm 1860/1870/1883
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2005552BEast Anglia from AboveWARREN & SASITORNA & D2004
2005553IMEast Anglia from the AirSNELLINGR2003
2005554IM4 Photographs of Blakeney, early 1900s
2005555PRBlakeney Methodist Church Minute Book May 1937 to Oct 1971
2005556PRBlakeney Methodist Church, Two Attendance Register Books covering dates 1903-1940
2005557Gant Family Papers1800/1900
2005558BCley-Next-The-Sea and its MarshesCOZENS-HARDYB1926
2005559IMBlakeney and Blakeney Eye photographsLUBBOCKG2005
2005560BExploring the Norfolk VillageBARRINGERC2005
2005561BAn Historical Atlas of NorfolkASHWIN & DAVISONT & A2005
2004No accessions recorded in 2004
2003300MCGlaven Shipping A to Z
2003301MCSources for Glaven ships and merchant seamen
2003302BSalthouse, the story of a Norfolk VillageFIDDIANV2003
2003303BSalthouse, the story of a Norfolk VillageFIDDIANV2003
2003304IMBlakeney Football Team1902
2003305MCThe Royal British Legion HutPAGEL2002
2003307.1MBlakeney & Morston Sewage (2)1960
2003307.2MBlakeney Sewage Plans (3)1964
2003307.3MMorston Sewage Plans (1)1964
2003307.4MWiveton Sewage Plans (1)1964
2003307.5MBinham & Langham Sewage (2)1962
2003307.6MHindringham Sewage (1)1970
2003307.7MGreat Snoring Sewage (1)1966
2003308MCTemple auction details with mapANDREWSG1906
2003309MCSelection of newspaper cuttings
2003310IMSelection of postcards
2003311IMSelection of Morston photos
2003312IMWoodhouse family photos
2003313IMSnap-Shots of CleyHUDSONE
2003314Barsted Family Tree
2003315BA Bibliography of Norfolk History II, 1974- 1988TAYLORB1991
2003316BRandom Reflections of BlakeneyLOOSE1994
2003317BBlakeney Freshes Stage 3ENVIRONMENT AGENCYM2002
2003318BWash and North Norfolk Coast
European Marine Site
2003319IM2 photographs of John Bone
2003320Will of John Armiger1815
2003321IMPhotograph of Blakeney Quay
2003322BEnglish Place-Name Society Journal 23ANON1990
2003323BWard, Lock and Co Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Sheringham, The Runtons, Cromer and North1929
2003324IMCDSalthouse Exhibition2003
2003325BA Researcher's Glossary of words found in historical documents of East AngliaYAXLEYD2003
2003326BIndex to Census Registration DistrictsBRIANT ROSIERM1993
2003327BAn Introduction to Church RegistersGIBBENSL1997
2003328BDates and Calendars for the GenealogistWEBBC1994
2003329IMCDGlaven Caring Calendar 2004ANON2003
2003330BCDNorwich City2002
2003331RFField Walking at Field DallingHOTBLACKE2003
2003332History of the Parish of Salthouse in the County of Norfolk from the Earliest Ages to 1840STAGGF
2003333PR4 illustrations of Cley ChurchD1992
2003334BComputers for Family HistoryHAWGOODJ Peake
2003335BComputers for Family HistoryHAWGOODD1994
2003336BGenealogy Computer PackagesHAWGOODD1993
2003337BGedcom Data TransferHAWGOODD1991
2003338BFamily Tree Computer Magazine No. 7HAWGOODD1993
2003339BFamily Tree Computer Magazine No. 8HAWGOODD1994
2003340MCWJJ Bolding ReprintJEFFERSONR2003
2003341IMCDCopies of Cley photographs approximately 50
2003342IMPhotograph of Blakeney Quay1931
2003343IM2 copies of Blakeney Buses1920
2003344IMCopies of Blakeney photographs
2003345MCThe Bayfield Estate
2003347MCNorfolk Admirals and Seafarers
2003348MCFamily History Articles
2003349MF836Shipping Register NRO P/SH/L 8/9/10/11
2003350BAn Historical Atlas of NorfolkWADE-MARTINSP1993
20033512 glass negativesBARSTEDW
2003352PRIndex to 1851 Census South Tyneside, Vol 11996
2003353PRIndex to 1851 Census South Tyneside, Vol 21996
2003354BAll T'githor Like the Folk O'ShieldsBLOWERJ1995
2003355BHarold Francis DavidsonCOLLIERK2004
2003356BNorfolk Country Houses from the airEDWARDS ET ALD2000
2003358BNorfolk Archaeological Unit
Report No. 808 Report on an Archaeological Evaluation at Blakeney Freshes, Cley next the Sea
2003359BBinham, A social Survey by the Binham WEA Student Group Session 1942-43BLHS2003
2003360BVillage and FarmsteadTAYLORC1983
2003361BThe Parish ChestTATEW E1983
2003362Blakeney Traffic SurveyDEAVINP1970
2003363MCSchedule of the Deeds and writings relating to estates in Norfolk re WJJ Bolding, NRS 20515 37 C 6
2003364MCDraft Report..Blakeney QuayAGC2002
2003365MCThe Blakeney Esker ProjectBLAKENEY ESKER GROUP1998
2003366DSCDSmith Papers/Deeds Disc 1, summary is to be found in DS/ M1
2003367DSCDSmith Papers/Deeds Disc 2, summary in DS/M1
2003368BCDBlakeney Parish Council Minutes
2003369BCDBlakeney FreshesHALCROW2003
2003370BCDButcher Diary, Burnham OveryBUTCHER1822
2003371DSCDGlauert Property Deeds and Papers
2003380BCDSt Margarets Church, CleyRANDALLG2004
2003381DSFDBlakeney School Admission Register 1864-1912 IndexWRIGHTJ2004
BGolden Jubilee 'Crowning Glory': photographic record in A5 folder MCHillK
2002MC Song, composed for retirement of Canon GatesAnon
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