Cley Next The Sea


This page lists information (images AND text) on the village of Cley Next the Sea. This information is provided to assist in deciding whether a visit to the History Centre may benefit your research. However, please do not assume that it is either complete or accurate.

Images (which may be clicked on to enlarge) are provided as they often convey more information than the text that follows . The images may also help with locating information within the History Centre.

Bishop and Brett(s) of Cley and Letheringsett family history

Cadamy family history

The Calthorpe Norfolk Estates (Blakeney, Wiveton, Cley-next-the-Sea and Langham)

Cley Allotments

Cley Burial Register 1908-2000

Cley Marshes

Cley Regatta Cup 

Cley School Infants Class Registers 1912-19

Boys Infants 1912-1913

Boys Infants 1913-1914

2nd Class Mixed 1913-1914

Under 5 years 1914-1915

Girls Infants 1915-1916

Class V Mixed 1916-1917

Girls Infants 1917-1918

Under 5 years 1918-1919

Pinchen of Cley & Blakeney family history

Plan of an Estate at Blakeney, Wiveton and Langham, Auction 18 July 1906

Cley New Hall & Cley Old Hall: Conveyances, Auctions, Sales etc

Sale of Cley Estates 1839

Coloured Plan of Marshes & Building Sites at Cley-next-the-sea, 1926

FOX, Captain James 1831-1906 family history

How the (Second World) War came to Cley by Ian Massingham (A memory)

Jefferson Collection, Cley, Weybourne and elsewhere

St. Margaret’s Church, Cley next the Sea

Vintage Cottage, Hill Top, Cley next the sea