Website Tips

  • The website works like most modern websites and uses nested menus to make navigating around the content easier. However be careful as it is easy to not realise there is information on web pages which have sub-menus, such as Home and History Centre. History Centre, for example, has a sub-menu History Centre Content, Visits and Open Days, …) and it easy to miss that History Centre is also a web page with content. Likewise, ‘History Centre Content’ has a sub-menu and it too has its own information.
  • An advantage of this website is that it is possible to do text searches across the whole website. When using the search option (at the bottom of every page) typing in spring out or “spring outing” will give different results spring and outing not enclosed in speech marks will find every occurrence of spring and outing. So outing appearing on a page on its own will be shown in the search results.  Where “spring outing” will be treated as if it was a single word so the only results shown will be where the two words are next to one another.

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