BAHS Membership

You may either complete the online form below or click here to open the membership form for printing and sending to the membership secretary. Alternatively you may join the society at the History Centre or at one of the society’s events

Information on membership, including membership year, categories and rates may be found by clicking here.

Click here for details on paying subscriptions including by standing order.

After completing the online form the membership secretary will enter your membership details into the BAHS membership system. When added to the membership system you will receive emails with your membership details including your membership number. To improve the odds of BAHS emails reaching your InBox please ensure that your email software or spam filter knows to accept emails from the domain or, at the very least, from

When you have your membership number you may pay your subscription. It is possible to pay by standing order but you need your membership number before setting this up. Details on paying subscriptions may be found by clicking here.

As the society is run by volunteers it may be a little while before your membership is added. Please contact the membership secretary if you hear nothing after 10 to 14 days.