Standing Orders & Bank Transfers

Note: When paying by standing order of bank transfer please use your last name and membership number as the reference. New members may not have their membership number. If so, please send in your application form to the membership secretary or use the online form to register your membership. The membership secretary will, on receipt of the membership details, add them to the membership system. An email will then be automatically sent containing the membership number. At that point the bank transfer or standing order may be completed.

Bank Transfer

Members may now pay their subscriptions by bank transfer (faster payments). Please follow use the same information provided below for standing orders. The bank details to use may be found on the standing order form.

Standing Order

Members may now pay their subscription by standing order. After completing the form please send it or take it your bank. Please do not send the form to the BAHS.

Click here for the standing order form.

If you use a bank app or Internet banking (e.g. HSBC Internet banking) you may be able to set up a standing order without needing to complete and send off the form to your bank. If so, the information needed to set up the standing order may be found above on the standing order form.


  1. Please ensure you use your membership number and surname as the standing order reference. Otherwise we may not be able to associate your payment with your membership. If you are not sure of your membership number please contact the membership secretary.
  2. Please send to your bank not to the BAHS.