Add News Item

Anyone may submit a news item on local history which, if appropriate and relevant to the activities of the BAHS, will be shown in our news feed.

Please only add or comment on news items. Other items may be added using the guestbook forums.

If you wish to create a news item (known as a post) to be shared with members and visitors to this website, please complete the form. If the form is completed successfully then it will be reviewed by one or more members of the BAHS Committee and if acceptable it will be approved. If approved it will be visible to all members and visitors to the website. Any member or visitor may then reply (comment) on the news item (post). In turn a reply may be replied (commented on). Like the original post all replies are also moderated and, if acceptable, approved.

Important: Please read the explanation on how to complete the form that follows the form especially if this is the first time you are adding a news item.

Success? If you are successful with submitting your news item you will see a message say ‘Success! Thank you for your submission. Before it appears on the website it will be submitted for approval by a member of the BAHS Committee.’. Otherwise it hasn’t been successful.

Please complete the required fields.
Please select your image(s) to upload.

Completing Form

Below is an explanation of the fields in the ‘Add News Item’ form. Please read if this is your first submission.

Your Name: Please provide your full name.

Post Title: Please provide a brief explanation of the news items that acts as the title of the news item.

Post Tags: Optionally enter any tags that represent the content of the news item. For example if your news item was about a particular church in a local village you might enter the name of the village and the name of the church. Please separate tags with commas (e.g. Blakeney, St Nicholas’).

Antispam Question: To be able to submit the form you need to answer this question. Apologies for this but without this question the Society is bombarded undesirable automated posts.

Post Category: Please select from the list in the drop-down menu a category that represents the news item being added. Multiple categories may be selected but you may need to select another field then come back to add another category.

Post Content: Enter a description of your news item.

Upload an Image: If desired you may add up to three images with the news item. Images may be jpgs, gif and png files but NOT pdfs. Images may not have a width or height greater than 1500 pixels. IMPORTANT: If submitting images with your news item please mention this at the start of your ‘Post Content‘ so that the approver may link the images to the news item.