Heaving Posts

A year or so ago, Neil Thompson pulled the remnants of a heaving post out from the side of the new cut in Blakeney as it was becoming a risk to boats using the cut. What was left of the heaving post was what had been sunk into the ground as the rest had rotted away.

There were heaving posts all the way along the cut to be used to ‘heave’ boats in and out of the quay. They were quite substantial as can be seen from the picture below:

Remember, the picture just shows the part below ground which is over six feet. At the base there is the remains of a wedge . There would have been another wedge on the other side and it is thought they helped stop the post being pulled out when under stress. The heaving post may be seen in the car park at Neil Thompson Boats at Wells-Next-the-Sea.

There are plans to create a replica of the heaving post and position it by the quay in Blakeney along with an information board providing background on the use of heaving posts.

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