Recording: The King of the Norfolk Poachers and his life story edited by Lilias Rider Haggard

Charlotte Paton

“I had such a liken for the Game I was past stoppin. Poaching is something like drug taking – once begun no goen back, it get hold of you. The life of a poacher is anything but a happy one, still it is exciting at times, and the excitement go a long way to sothe his concience if it trubble him”

Charlotte Paton became fascinated by this colourful character and set out to uncover the truth about him. The trail of broken hearts, broken laws and the complex family tree of Norfolk’s best loved rogue has taken her years to unravel.

It is the biography of a difficult and unreliable man who came to an unexpected and tragic end. You will want to dislike him, but instead you may suddenly find yourself willing him to win.

During the Q&A the questions cannot be heard but the answers provide enough information to ascertain the nature of the question.