Searching BAHS Website

It is possible to do text searches across the whole website. When using the search option (at the bottom of most pages) you might wish to use more than one word, such as the term Spring Outing or John Page. If so, the best approach is to include the words in speech marks (i.e. double quotes). This technique works in most search engines such as Google.

So to search for the words Spring Outing enter the search “spring outing”. Similarly for the search John Page enter the search “john page”. The text search is not case sensitive, that is, it does matter whether you type a capital capital (upper-case) or lower-case letter. So searching for “john page”, “John Page” or “JOHN PAGE” should (rather than will as things are always changing) give the same results.

If you just search for john page without using the speech marks the results will include all web pages which just include john and all web pages that just include page as well as all web pages that include john page.

Warning: The content of pdf files will not be searched. Neither will the content of image files, even if these image files appear to contain words.

The text search, as described above, doesn’t include pdfs (such as the Glaven Historian) in its results. So to find text in pdfs, open the relevant pdf and perform the search using the pdf reader.

A more comprehensive search technique is to use the google advanced search. Click here for further details.